Dynasty: 5 Best And 5 Worst Couples, Ranked | ScreenRant

BBC's reboot of the Dynasty series is full of complicated characters, so it never gets boring. Here are the best and worst couples on the show.

Dynasty: 5 Best And 5 Worst Couples, Ranked | ScreenRant

The BBC's reboot of Dynasty has become quite popular, despite the decision to take the show in a different direction rather than its original. One of the more innovative sides of the reboot is the introduction of new characters, such as Liam Ridley, and how they handled and rewrote the pre-existing relationships of the show.

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The way the characters interact with one another never gets boring, which is why their relationships are always entertaining to watch. The series has, indeed, plenty of new and interesting relationships, some being healthy and others being quite toxic. Keep reading below to find out more about the best and worst couples of the show.

10 Worst: Blake And Cristal Flores

In the first season, Blake Carrington and Cristal Flores used to be iconic and pivotal. They started as a happily married couple. The two of them, however, differ too much in morals and behavior, as Cristal wanted justice for Culhane's father, but Blake only cared about saving his face and making money.

She eventually asked for a divorce, but he always refused to sign. Introducing her to the Carringtons led to her death, therefore, he ruined her life.

9 Best: Blake And Cristal Jennings

At the start of season 2, the second Cristal seems to be similar to Flores and, therefore, incompatible with Blake. Nevertheless, as Cristal tries to help him get over his previous wife's death and become a better person, they fall in love with each other.

This Cristal goes along with Blake's evil schemes and stratagems: even her family can't impede their relationship, as she chooses Blake over anyone else, every time. They might be terrible people, but they're a strong and lasting couple.

8 Worst: Fallon And Culhane

Although he used to be her first love and main love interest, Fallon and Culhane managed their relationship in a bad way. They started with a strong physical attraction and went through many problems before starting to officially date. Culhane has been mean to Fallon: he dated her best friend out of a whim, gave her a hard time even when she kept apologizing for not yet defining him her boyfriend, and lied to her as he started working for Ada Stone.

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They did care and love each other, but their relationship was consumed and wasted. Perhaps because of their differences, it wasn't real love.

7 Best: Kirby And Adam

Even though their relationship is new and Adam hides a dark past that no one yet knows about, Kirby Anders and Adam Carrington are an unexpected but interesting couple.

They have both had troubles integrating with the Carringtons and they were almost like two outcasts. Now that their situations have improved, their chemistry seems genuine and true. Moreover, they haven't been toxic to each other - unlike many other couples on the show.

6 Worst: Alexis And Jeff

Although their marriage started as a business deal and an alliance against Blake, Alexis eventually developed real feelings for Jeff.

The creepiest thing about their relationship is that Jeff Colby, before becoming Alexis' husband, used to be her niece and her daughter's ex-fianceè. She partially raised him, taking care of him as her son. It's the second time that she gets in a relationship that's close to incest. Jeff doesn't even seem to reciprocate her feelings.

5 Best: Cristal And Matthew

Their relationship wasn't fully displayed in the show, nevertheless, in the first season, the most romantic and true relationship was Cristal Flores and Matthew Blaisdel's. Matthew cheated on his wife to date Cristal, however, he was planning on leaving Claudia until she faked a mental health problem that convinced him to stay by her side.

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Things did not end well for them, but Cristal was happier with Matthew than Blake, and Matthew was happier with Cristal than Claudia.

4 Worst: Fallon And Jeff

Fallon Carrington and Jeff Colby's relationship was wrong on all levels. At first, they had chemistry, shared the same interests, and the fact that Jeff liked her since his teenage years made it sweeter. However, it is later revealed that he was planning on marrying her to obtain the company they had built together and get revenge for the past actions of the Carringtons.

Fallon reciprocally and successfully tried to use their marriage as a business move. In the end, Blake confessed they are cousins, making it the most disgusting relationship on the show.

3 Best: Fallon And Liam

Liam Ridley is a new character in the Dynasty world, however, he's managed to get the public's approval and win Fallon's heart in a way Culhane never could. He is, indeed, one of the biggest reasons they split up before the wedding (besides the aforementioned problems).

Once they've officially started dating, Liam and Fallon became the happiest and probably healthiest couple on the show, quickly rushing into a marriage proposal. They always respect and support each other.

2 Worst: Steven And Ted

Steven Carrington and Ted Tinard's relationship was quite toxic and harmful: the two of them shared a passion for heavy drugs and, instead of helping each other quit and get better, they progressively nourished each other's addiction.

Their early relationship wasn't displayed in the show, but they unsuccessfully try getting back together a couple of times until Steven settles down with Sam.

1 Best: Steven And Sam

Sammy Jo and Steven had the most iconic and genuine relationship of the whole series. Due to the exit of James Mackay, the actor that portrays Steven, the show had to move on from their love story, since the Carrington boy no longer is one of the main characters of the show.

Nevertheless, their relationship was the sweetest and most loved by the public among all: their love used to be pure and genuine, indeed, they used to have big plans for the future. Their break-up (and losing Steven) certainly was one of the show's biggest losses.

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