Early Endgame Credit Sequence Reveals Alternate Farewell To Iron Man

Design firm Exception Perception shares some early designs for Robert Downey Jr.'s Iron Man send-off in Avengers: Endgame's credit sequence.

Early Endgame Credit Sequence Reveals Alternate Farewell To Iron Man

Alternate credits scenes for Tony Stark/Iron Man are revealed. Kicking off the MCU via Jon Favreau's from 2008, Robert Downey Jr. continued to play the part of the franchise's billionaire, genius for 11 more years until his character met his end in Endgame. The final film in the Infinity Saga, Stark's death marked the end of an era for Marvel Studios as they crafted a poetic, albeit sad send off for their inaugural hero.

Throughout the MCU's history, Downey had been a permanent fixture with appearances in his own trilogy series, the sub-franchise, as well as   as supporting roles in films like Captain America: Civil War and Spider-Man: Homecoming. Directors Joe and Anthony Russo crafted a swan song for Stark - starting as a selfish industrialist, he sacrificed his own life for the greater good of the universe in Endgame, completing his personal arc.

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Outside of the MCU canon, Marvel Studios celebrated Downey alongside the franchise's founding actors 's credit scene. More than a year after the movie was released, design firm Exception Perception which helped create the movie's credit sequence reveals alternate design for the final part of the blockbuster, particularly for Downey's Iron Man. In their website, they revealed that "the title sequence had three distinct sections, the Crew, the Cast, and the 'Hero 6'" - referring to the original six Avengers. "It was important to everyone involved that each section should feel unique but part of a greater whole. They decided to use film footage in a progressive way, beginning with abstract light rays and becoming more distinct as the sequence goes on." You can take a look at early concepts in the space below:

Coupled with Alan Silvestri's brilliant "Main on End" track from 's official soundtrack and even the film's credit scene was a treat to watch for many fans. The rundown of actors ended with a list of the original six Avengers, with Downey the final one. As mentioned by Exception Perception, Marvel Studios opted to use various footage from previous films, particularly from Iron Man to further emphasize on nostalgia. It ended with Stark's Iron Man suit helmet closing on his face from his first film. Looking at the alternate designs for the said scene, it seemed like the filmmakers looked at a lot of possibilities, but after deciding on the specific look and feel, they just kept on improving with it.

Aside from wrapping up the Infinity Saga, Avengers: Endgame also needed to make sure that the film ended on a satisfying note for Tony Stark. Granted that it wasn't a happy ever after for the character, every creative choice Marvel Studios made in relation to him set up his heroic death in the film's final moments. With his death, people didn't only say goodbye to Iron Man, but to Downey as well who was primarily the reason why the character was so beloved in the first place.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons - 10 Daily Tasks To Complete Every Day

With so much for players to do in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, it can be difficult to know what should be done each day for island upkeep. It's also easy to miss some things when trying to cover the whole island or complete specific tasks. Thanks to the real-time game mechanism, players can get immersed in island life and feel like they are really part of the action.

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When players log into the game each day, they will receive several general tasks to complete through their Nook Miles app. Finishing these tasks will award players with bonus Nook Miles. Nook Miles can be cashed in for Nook Miles Tickets to go on Mystery Tours and find other resources. This is also a good way to recruit new villagers to the island.

Players should spend a little time every day speaking with their villager neighbors. Even inadvertently, if a player does not speak to villagers, they may feel neglected. When villagers feel neglected or ignored by the player, they may decide it is time to pack up and move away from the island. To avoid this, players should always try to speak to villagers or at least say hello to keep their friendship growing.

Players should also take time to speak to special characters who appear on the island, especially those like Lief, Zipper, or Snowboy who only appear during a specific season. This can be as simple as selling collected bugs to Flick for a better price or getting a new DIY from Celeste. These are great avenues to obtain special tasks, crafts, and collection items players can work with each day on the island.

Players can earn a few bells each day in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which they can use to by special or unique items at Nook's Cranny or other shops on the island and complete projects. Players can gather bells in several different ways. Players can most often do this by selling items they have found and collected at Nook's Cranny or to special characters.

Players can also seek out the money rock on their island. Each day, at random, one of the rocks on the island will spawn bells that players can gather. Players should hit rocks with a shovel to get the bells. They need to be sure to dig a few holes behind them first, however, as this will allow them to hit the rock more times in a row without being thrown backward by the impact.

Players can create a constant source of bells by planting a money tree or several. Somewhere on the island, a player will find a glowing spot on the ground. If the player digs in that spot, they will come across a bag of bells. They can keep the bells, but they can also decide to bury them. If they do choose to bury the bag, several days later, a tree will grow in that spot and produce three times the initial amount of bells, up to 30,000. If a player does this each day, they will eventually be able to harvest a money tree or two each day, providing a steady source of income.

Players can also check their turnip prices at Nook's Cranny. If they purchased turnips from Daisy Mae, they can sell them, sometimes at a better price than they paid for them. Prices change daily, so it's a good idea to check often. If a player did not have a chance to see Daisy Mae, they can also see if a friend has some turnips to sell. If a friend comes to sell the turnips on a player's island, they have the option of sending some of the profit to the player.

If players are looking to craft new DIY recipes, they should be sure to look for and gather the needed ingredients each day. Players can gather minerals by striking or breaking rocks, gather wood, fruit, and bells by shaking or chopping trees, or gather materials like shells by picking them off the ground. These materials will be useful for improving tools and crafting any item a player might want, so it is always a good idea to take a lap or two around the island to replenish their inventory.

Players should also spend a little time each day searching for fossils that Blathers add to the museum collection or that they can sell for bells. There are usually three to five fossils on a player's island every day, typically on or near the beach. They will be marked by a star shape on the ground.

Because bugs and fish are great sources of bells, players should be sure to grab a net or a line and collect some every day. There are many places to fish, and different fish will spawn in different waters, so players should be sure to check them all. There is always a chance they will come across a new or rare bug or fish to add to their encyclopedia. And, if there aren't any new ones, they can earn quite a few bells by selling what they catch.

While players will often receive letters in their mailbox, as well as orders from the store, it is always a good idea to stop by each day and send a message (possibly with a gift) to a friend. Part of the fun of Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the chance to visit friends and share resources, and sending a gift or just a hello can add to the immersive community feel of the game. It's also possible a friend may have sent something, too!

Each day on the island, players should drop by Resident Services and Nook Stop. They will earn bonus Nook Miles each day they check-in, starting at 50 Miles on the first day and going up to 300 on the seventh consecutive day. Plus, they can get 300 every subsequent day after the seventh. This is a good way to get free Nook Miles, especially if players like traveling to other islands or have larger projects to complete on their island.

While still in Resident Services, players should be sure to look inside the Recycling Bin each day. While there won't always be something worthwhile to find, there will typically be an item or two worth selling for bells. Players also have a chance to find something they can keep to decorate their homes.

Players should be sure to search for bottles by the beach and to shoot balloons to release gift boxes to find new DIY recipes. They can also find new recipes by talking to villagers or special characters, or by walking in on villagers crafting a new item. Players will need DIY recipes to create special seasonal items, tool upgrades, and even wearable accessories, but the same ones won't always be available, so keeping an eye out for new ones daily is always a good idea.

Each shop will rotate their items each day, so it's a good idea to check for new or unique options. There will also often be new K.K. Slider songs to collect from Tom Nook. If players find a good deal or something they want, they should be sure to snap it up, as it may not be available again for a while.

For fans of planting and cross-breeding flowers on their islands, to make sure the blooms grow, they should remember to water their flowers every day. Flowers that need water will appear wilted. Players will need to stand next to the flower to water it, and flowers that have already been watered will appear to sparkle.

Players will need a Watering Can to take care of their flowers. They can craft several versions of the Watering Can using island materials and use it each day. Daily watering not only helps flowers grow and adds to the look of the island, but it also promotes cross-breeding of flowers, which can produce some of the rarer flower colors.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available for the Nintendo Switch.

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