Emily In Paris: 5 Things We Need To See In Season 2 (& 5 We Don't)

Season 1 of Emily in Paris brought plenty of intrigue and fun, but what would audiences like to see more of, and less of?

Emily in Paris was certainly a welcome addition to Netflix, especially while audiences were in quarantine and wanted some escapism. American Emily runs into quite a bit of trouble when she moves to Paris as she encounters hostile Sylvie, romantic entanglements, and a lack of understanding of France and its culture.

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She's cheerful and good at her job, but she makes plenty of mistakes along the way. Some elements to come out of Season 1 were great, but there are other elements like Emily's complicated love life and clichés that Season 2 could do without.

10 Do: More Of Emily's Outfits

Emily's wardrobe choices are certainly memorable, whether they be bright colors or a cacophony of patterns. Her wardrobe isn't necessarily everyone's favorite, but she certainly stands out for it.

What kind of wardrobe will she take on in Season 2? Will she select similar outfits to those she had in Season 1, or will she branch out to another style altogether? Either way, audiences definitely need to see more of Emily's outfits.

9 Don't: Cringeworthy Content

Emily is on a learning curve moving from one country to another, and trying to take on a new job with it. Granted, there's going to be some tension and awkward moments as she adapts and learns from experience.

However, some storylines went too far into cringeworthy territory; notably when Emily slept with Camille's younger brother, Timothée. Emily was already feeling bad about her actions with Gabriel, Camille's boyfriend, and then she goes and sleeps with her brother? Season 2 could benefit from storylines that don't delve so far into cringeworthy.

8 Do: More Characters

The first season certainly introduced a wide range of memorable and eccentric characters. Plus, fun dynamics between characters like Luc and Julien certainly added to the show, given their sense of humor and witticisms.

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Season 2 has the chance to introduce more characters into Emily's life; she could make new friends while walking around Paris, she could get a new co-worker, or she could meet another unforgettable client like Pierre. Whatever the circumstance, the opportunities to introduce more fun and quirky characters are limitless.

7 Don't: More Romantic Entanglements

Emily in Paris isn't short on romance. Romantic tension, entanglements, and otherwise have been prominently featured. However, so many at once, especially for one person like Emily, grows unrealistic after a while, especially since she's still a newcomer to Paris. Gabriel is also making his love life complicated between Emily and Camille.

Season 2 should find these characters untangling their love lives and embarking on more serious romances. However, erasing romantic entanglements altogether would be a loss for the show, so just taking out a few would work.

6 Do: More Of France

Emily's apartment is a familiar setting in the show, but audiences definitely want to see more of Emily's new city and country, especially if they're not French natives. Emily lives in a city rich with culture and history; showcasing more of Paris would be a welcome addition to the show.

More museums and views of the French countryside would certainly be welcome; even more of Paris would be a delight. Even better, if Emily were to travel to another nearby country for either work or a quick weekend getaway, it would be fun to see a bit more of Europe as well.

5 Don't: More Hostility Between Sylvie and Emily

No one went out of their way to make Emily feel particularly welcome when she arrived in Paris, especially Sylvie. From moment one, Sylvie was frosty towards Emily, and she's been quite hard on her.

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While that's a realistic challenge given Emily is in a new workplace, it's also feasible that such hostility wouldn't remain at the same level that it started with. That said, Season 2 should find Sylvie and Emily finding more common ground, if only a little bit.

4 Do: Mindy's Singing Career

Mindy is a good friend to Emily, helping her adjust to living life in a foreign country, as she's been through the same experience herself.

However, roles switch at the end of Season 1, as she loses her nanny job and moves in with Emily. She's restarting her singing career and embarking on a new chapter in her life. Audiences definitely need to see more of Mindy's story, as well as her friendship with Emily.

3 Don't: More Clichés

Emily in Paris is riddled with clichés left and right. While they do provide memorable storylines, they can also grow stale if too many are in play. The show features several clichés about affairs, culture clashes, and life in Paris.

In Season 2, while some clichés are beneficial to the show given its content, it would be better to eliminate unnecessary ones, or to at least gradually work out some of those clichés before audiences get tired of them.

2 Do: Emily Making A Choice In Her Love Life

Emily is all over the place when it comes to her love life. Gabriel and Mathieu are her love interests, and she's captured the attention of other men as well, including Antoine and Camille's younger brother, Timothée.

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If she keeps going the way she is, her love life is going to get even further out of control and she'll have a hard time keeping everyone and everything organized. She certainly doesn't need any more love interests, but she does need to make a decision regarding who she wants to be with.

1 Don't: Emily's Lack Of Regard For French Culture

From the moment she arrived, Emily expected everything to be exactly like it is back in Chicago. Each time she clashes with French culture, however, she fails to learn her lesson and usually creates another problem for herself.

Plus, Emily doesn't really try to learn the French language, which would certainly help. She tries to push American culture on her coworkers, and is, of course, unsuccessful. She needs to learn from that and act more respectfully when it comes to French culture.

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