Ethekwini Municipality continues with evictions in informal settlements despite moratorium

Ethekwini Municipality in KwaZulu-Natal continues with its harsh evictions in the informal settlements around the city despite President Cyril Ramaphosa’s moratorium during lockdown.

Ethekwini Municipality continues with evictions in informal settlements despite moratorium

On Wednesday, the municipality’s metro police, land invasion unit and security guards from various security companies evicted 14 families in eKhenana Informal Settlement in Cato Crest.

Shacks destroyed

According to the leader of the informal settlement, Lindo Mnguni, the shacks that were demolished had shack dwellers living in them.

“They had either gone to work as some perform essential services like working in the supermarkets or had gone to collect warm meals from a good Samaritan who delivers them daily near the informal settlement,” said Mnguni.

He condemned the cruelty carried out by the demolishers as they poured shack dwellers food like rice and mielie meal on the ground.

“When the shack dwellers returned from work they discovered that they don’t have shelter nor do they have anything to cook,” said Mnguni.

One of the victims, Sakhile Mtambo (24) said he got a call from other shack dwellers while he was at work informing him that his shack was among those that were being demolished.

“I rushed back to the informal settlement but the demolishers wouldn’t allow me to get anywhere near my shack. They threatened to shoot me if I become arrogant,” said Mtambo.

He said after they have left he discovered that his material was damaged, his groceries were scattered all over the place and the R500 he had left under his mattress was stolen.

“This is painful. The amount of cruelty they show us is just too much,” said Mtambo.

He said he had to make fire from wood in order to sleep warm out in the open. He said he is still clueless on what he should do next because his material was damaged and he has nowhere else to go.

EThekwini Municipality spokesperson, Msawakhe Mayisela denied that they carried out unauthorized evictions.

“We will never carry out any eviction without an eviction order,” said Mayisela.

He said they are only destroying shacks that are unoccupied but shack dwellers dismissed that saying it was a lie.

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