Even Tottenham have a better squad than lucky Man Utd

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Even Tottenham have a better squad than lucky Man Utd

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Man Utd pessimism
Been reading your content for a few years and just wanted to share my opinions or worries if you would call them that.Manchester United finished 3rd this season,which is a big thing.Now honestly the next thing any optimist would think is “Wow.Brilliant comeback compared to where we were during the New Year. ” But as a pessimist , if I look back at the season,we got lucky and that’s all.Leicester were the 3rd best team (until injuries and suspensions hit them hard),Chelsea 4th(Pulisic’s form after restart would move have them up to 3rd), and Arsenal & Tottenham close behind .Squad quality wise i would say even Tottenham have a better squad than us if they are all fit.So my major worry is if these teams and players finally start gelling well,the performances and results will reflect that.The recruitment of the big clubs who finished under United this season ,barring Leicester,have been smart till date.Arsenal are selling well and recruiting well. Tottenham especially under Mourinho’s second season woodoo clubbed with the Best striker in the world won’t be an easy team to beat.Doherty and Hojberg are best value for money deals of this transfer market. Chelsea have bought like crazy and later will sell like crazy and still wont have spent more than a 100 mil.Brilliant.

But of course ,as a United fan you can never expect that.For me,United have to first finish 3rd convincingly, rather than have any title aspirations.They should be looking at improving their points total and finish close to 80 points.That won’t be possible unless they have 3-4 positions upgrades in the first team ,or else i think we would again be at the mercy of the teams that faltered this season to do the same next season.And with Woodward at the fore of our recruitment, this can be the make or break season for Ole.
Priyank (If Chelsea can get Chilwell for 50m rather than 80m,why can’t United get Grealish for 45-50m,rather than 75m)


City actually have the best defence
Just following up the screeching from DD MUFC about how “utterly shite” City’s defence is. It’s interesting how this narrative developed, given the stats show pretty convincingly that it’s actually as good, if not better, than the rest of the top 4.

Looking at last season, City conceded 35 in the league, a whopping 2 (that’s two) more than the Liverpool back four that’s generally lauded – which contained the world record amounts paid for a goalkeeper and a defender at the time. This was without Laporte for the most part.

United conceded one more after also breaking transfer records for a defender and the narrative being that they’re good at the back – it’s going forward they need to sort.

Chelsea conceded 19 more, Leicester 6 more and yet their defences aren’t pointed at in a shrill voice as being suspect.

If you look at goals per game in just the league and then again across the season (all comps, except the fancy friendlies like the charity shield and world club thing), it’s quite telling:

Liverpool 0.86 (1.11 all comps)
Man City 0.92 (0.90 all comps)
Man Utd 0.95 (0.84 all comps)
Chelsea 1.42 (1.43 all comps)
Leicester 1.08 (0.98 all comps)

I’m wary of the all comps number a little as it’s not comparing like with like, so Chelsea suffer from playing two games against Bayern against United’s games against LASK and teams in the cup competitions often don’t reflect the first choice defence.

Anyway, even just taking the league numbers in isolation why is City’s defence “shite”? It’s expensive yes, but the others are hardly cheap. But why is an expensive defence “shite” when a cheaper, yet still expensive defence wonderful when it concedes the same number of goals? It’s either “shite” or not, regardless of cost?

Is it “shite” because it could be better? Maybe, but there’s not that much room for improvement, two goals over the course of a season would have made it magnificent on the Liverpool scale.

Is it because a number of goals were caused by individual errors or the high line? Maybe, and maybe that high line, goalkeeper included, has been responsible for a few goals – but surely that system and those individuals are also responsible for only conceding 35 goals? Pep considers the defence as the responsibility of the whole team anyway, hence the press etc, the system covers the eleven on the pitch, up to and including Aguero, Sterling, Mahrez etc, it clearly isn’t “shite” if this system rarely concedes?

Anyway, I’ll put the calculator away for now
Gav, Edinburgh 


Net spend, Schnet spend
Who gives a **** about net spend? Why? Its not the only source of income or expenditure in a club so why the emphasis?

What do you care if your club has a differing net spend to another?

I’m not an accountant, but from what I’ve heard Abramovich put £247m of his personal fortune into Chelsea in the last year. So we’re not yet a sustainable business, and it makes a mockery of us having a positive net spend on transfers.

Yet I prefer it this way rather than no debt and no signings. Maybe that’s a sign of the times and me being part of the problem.

Although the real issue isn’t the funds that are spent, but the source of the funds. But that’s a (long) conversation for another email.

But please stop it with the net spend shite.
Dan, CFC

MEDIAWATCH: Chelsea’s ‘nightmare’ and Messi oxygen boost


Who cares about net spend.

Or with the league table posted in this morning’s mailbox is this the new fourth placed trophy? Will there be a new intertwobob cup place.

Why do fans even care what fans of other clubs think of us and how much money we spend. I am a Chelsea fan due to where I grew up and family association. Back in the late 70s and all the 80s (when I was a kid) we were terrible and had a bad reputation for violence and racism. We were poorly run and nearly went bust. In the 90s we were better won some stuff but were poorly run nearly went bust and still had a bad reputation for violence and racism. In the 00s we were bought by a Russian Billionaire won loads of trophies still had a bad reputation for racism (looking at you JT) and were terribly run (looking at you Peter Kenyon). In the 10s we won the European cup and completed the European triple and I still don’t really know if we are a well run club or if we are just one dodgy cup of tea away from going bust again.

And after nearly 50 years I still hold my head in shame every time I see a video of an idiot on the tube being racist because I just know they are probably a Chelsea fan.

TLDR; Stop caring about what fans of other clubs think of your club. Their opinion good or bad really doesn’t matter and the validation you are seeking from them is just a symptom of society’s obsession with likes and follows.

What happened to everyone hates us and we don’t care?
Simon, Woking 


United spoons

Aaron Wan-Bissaka in defensive midfield for England (a mail box last month), Brandon Williams as a left sided CM (this morning)?!

Stop being utter spoons, they’re both playing full back in professional football for a reason.

It’s not Under 9’s where everyone’s just chasing after the ball, until the adults figure out which ones have the clout to hold a position.

Honestly, some of you lot do the rest of us no favours.
Mark Danger Endicott, MUFC


From Stamford…
Last night Grantham Town travelled down the A1 to play a friendly against a Stamford AFC side containing several former Gingerbreads. However, the game was abandoned shortly before half time after a tackle, with mixed opinions as to its spiciness, sparked a mass brawl. Presumably, in the sense of “the T is for twenty one man brawl, which is really an embarrassing scene of pushing and shoving”, as it brought a total of zero red cards. However, it was enough for the Daniels’ manager to ask for the game to be called off, concerned his squad would be depleted ahead of their FA Cup game in a couple of weeks. As it happens, this game was arranged a short notice – Grantham were originally due to play another side with plenty of Town alumni, Newark FC, but they requested to cancel the game after picking up a number of injuries in their previous fixture, which was against Stamford.

This morning the Northern Premier League announced their fixtures, with the season due to kick off on Saturday 19 September, which is a handy reminder that my wedding anniversary is a Friday this year. Pick of the fixtures for the opening day appears to be Basford United v Warrington Town, fourth v third when the 2019-20 season was abandoned, though FC United of Manchester (second) host Nantwich Town (sixth) should also be a good game. At the other end of the table, Stafford Rangers look to put the misery of last season behind them as they host fellow strugglers Ashton United, while Buxton and Radcliffe is a meeting of two sides who ended the season at arm’s length from the relegation zone. Grantham look set to need a strong start to the season as their final three fixtures see them face Nantwich, Basford and FC United.

As the league have decreed the 42-game season will finish on Saturday 8 May, there are likely to be a lot more midweek fixtures than there were last season. The churn of Saturday-Tuesday-Saturday can be a blessing and a curse: get on a good run and you can rack up the points, whereas struggling teams will likely have just one weekly training session in which to address their problems. Either way, there’s going to be plenty of football to watch in the coming months, hopefully others reading this are persuaded to go along to a game too.
Ed Quoththeraven (hearing rumours there’s a new Zweigen fan)


…via the Czech Republic…
Well jeepers. The Czech leagues restarted last week with crowds in attendance (however crowd size was limited depending on the size of the ground and whether the home team allowed away fans to buy tickets). Our mob, Zbrojovka Brno, are back in the 1. league after two years exiled in the bumpkinlike depths of the 2. league, and our first game was at home to hated rivals Sparta Prague.

The club took the decision to not sell away tickets. A club statement said that the decision had been a tough one in light of the fact it was a very big game to begin on, however having no away fans meant we could open that section to home fans, thereby increasing capacity for locals. Fair enough, and I think a lot of teams will be doing this until the rules change.

Anyway, to the game. Well… we got thumped. Not unsurprising, and this is not our battle. Poor Jirka Floder, our young and excellent goalkeeper’s first touch of the ball was to pick it out of the net after four minutes, and at half-time it was Zbrojovka 0-4 Sparta. They took their foot off the pedal in the second half and we got a goal back, but hey, it is what it is. Sparta – after three or four seasons of glorious foot-shootery – seem to be worryingly sensible again, and will certainly be challenging for the league title.

The other contenders had similarly easy opening weekends, with Viktoria Plzeň surviving an early scare to run out 3-1 winners against an Opava side that look like they might stink the place out again, and Slavia Prague smacking six past České Budějovice without reply, Stanislav Tecl helping himself to a hat-trick.

Zbrojovka have another home game this Sunday against the kangaroo-fanciers of Bohemians Prague. They showed unexpected flair and confidence by seeing off Mladá Boleslav 4-0 on the opening weekend, but it’s home games like this where we need to be picking up points. We’re prepared to be shellacked by the big boys, but a point here – at least – would be a confidence boost.

We’ve a young, exciting team here at Zbrojovka – striker Antonin Růsek has been attracting attention, as has graceful midfielder Ondřej Pachlopník – but the lack of money for recruitment has led to a summer of 2. League punts and 1. League jobbers joining the ranks. We’ll see what happens. I might even keep you updated occasionally!
David (listen to Zbrojovkast) Szmidt, Brno, Czech Rep.


…to Coleraine
It won’t get much attention outside of our wee country but I’d like to give a mention to Irish League side Coleraine for knocking Maribor out of the Europa League on penalties last night. This is a great result for a part time side especially given two of their players had to miss the game as they couldn’t get the time off work.

With Linfield and Glentoran both putting in good performances and a few notable results over the last few seasons hopefully this is the start of our sides becoming a bit more competitive in Europe.
Sam, Newtownabbey


Is tapping up now OK?
Did I miss something? It seemed like a couple of years back every club was getting fined for looking at another club’s player with “come hither” eyes. Now it seems the clubs don’t even start negotiating with the club until they have a pre-contract with the player.

When did tapping up become legal?
What else have I missed?

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Ozil and Guendouzi could play for Arsenal again

Mesut Ozil and Matteo … The post Ozil and Guendouzi could play for Arsenal again appeared first on Football365.

Ozil and Guendouzi could play for Arsenal again

Arsenal head coach Mikel Arteta has told his ostracised players that they will start the new season with a clean slate.

Matteo Guendouzi did not play in the final 11 games of the previous campaign after an altercation with Brighton striker Neal Maupay following defeat at the AMEX Stadium.

The midfielder ended the season training away from the senior squad, while the club’s highest-paid player Mesut Ozil did not kick a single ball when football resumed after the halt caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Ozil has stressed in a recent interview that he intends to remain at Arsenal despite his lack of game-time and, despite being linked with a move away from the Emirates Stadium, Guendouzi also appears set for a fresh start.

“I have been really clear that everybody starts from zero,” Arteta said ahead of Saturday’s Community Shield meeting with Premier League champions Liverpool.

“All the time in football, what you did two weeks ago or two years ago doesn’t matter. It is what you are able to contribute to the team now so everybody is going to have the same opportunities.

“They have to show with their performance and attitude that they are better than their team-mates or they are somehow contributing to what we want to achieve this season.”

Asked if he had spoken specifically to Guendouzi having publicly questioned his attitude, Arteta replied: “Yes. I told him exactly that, that he is going to be part of the team and at the moment he is like any other player in our squad.

“He deserves, first of all, to be treated exactly the same and I will do that to the best of my capability.”

Guendouzi will not be considered for the Community Shield having recently returned from France, where a mandatory 14-day quarantine period remains in place for anyone entering the UK.

The starting line-up against Liverpool is likely to closely resemble that which played in Tuesday’s 4-1 friendly win over MK Dons.

“We’ve had two training sessions so you can imagine that this game comes straight in the middle of our mini pre-season, but as well we haven’t had much time to lose a lot of the condition,” explained Arteta.

“Obviously it’s not an ideal moment to play in this final but the players are motivated. Obviously it’s another opportunity to win a trophy and we will go for it.”

With the likes of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Bernd Leno and William Saliba all playing some part, it was Mohamed Elneny who opened the scoring at stadium:mk.

The Egypt international spent last season on loan at Besiktas and, despite being brought back into the fold, Arteta could offer no assurances that Elneny will remain in his plans on a more long-term basis.

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