Every Sci-Fi Movie Releasing In 2022 | Screen Rant

2022 includes several superhero movies that are grounded in sci-fi, along with the return of the Transformers. Here's every sci-fi film releasing.

Every Sci-Fi Movie Releasing In 2022 | Screen Rant

Here's every sci-fi movie releasing in 2022. It's a rewarding time to be a sci-fi fan; Star Trek is back on television and (arguably) doing better than ever . Meanwhile, storytellers like Alex Garland continue to churn out original series like Devs and film buffs have the upcoming to look forward to. On top of all that, 2021 is currently loaded with long-awaited sci-fi sequels like The Matrix 4 and what will supposedly be the first of a whopping four followups to James Cameron's 2009 mega-blockbuster Avatar.

With the release calendar being overhauled in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, next year is chock-full with sci-fi movies in general - and their numbers will only grow if Tenet and Dune are unable to hit their current dates in 2020. Even 2022 is quickly filling up with major tentpoles, most of which fall under the jurisdiction of the superhero and/or fantasy genres. At the same time, there are also a number of superhero projects coming out which ground their mythology squarely in sci-fi tropes (be it advanced technology, aliens from another planet, or advanced alien technology from another planet).

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Naturally, there are a few movies coming out in 2022 which blur the line between sci-fi and fantasy (specifically, the as-yet film scheduled to open in December that year). But even leaving a galaxy far, far away out of the discussion, there's still plenty to talk about when it comes to the films sci-fi fantastics can look forward to checking out sometime within the next 20-32 months. So, here's every sci-fi movie currently set to open in 2022.

because of the ongoing pandemic, it was only a matter of time before the film had a domino effect on the remainder of Phase 4. The MCU has long been praised for its interconnected, multi-film narrative, and will only grow more intricate when the upcoming Disney+ Marvel series are woven into the larger tapestry over the next couple years. This adherence to maintaining continuity also makes it impossible for Marvel Studios to simply move one MCU movie ahead of another, which is why they altered their entire Phase 4 slate after Black Widow shuffled back from May to November 2020.

was the sole exception and is still scheduled to open on its pre-coronavirus spot on May 6, 2022. The reason's pretty simple: rather than leaning on Ryan Coogler to hurry up and make the sequel to his Oscar-winning billion dollar hit, Marvel gave the filmmaker the time he needed to both work on other projects (namely, , which he co-wrote) and take his time crafting the next chapter in T'Challa's story, with the intention of beginning production in 2021. Turns out, their plan was even smarter than they realized, and moviegoers can now look forward to further exploring the technologically-advanced country of Wakanda in a couple years.

Another superhero powered by (fictional) science, Ezra Miller's Barry Allen is finally getting a DCEU movie after emerging as one of the standouts in 2017's not-so-beloved Justice League. The project's passed through several hands by this point, with Seth Grahame-Smith, Rick Famuyiwa, and John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein having signed on to direct over the years before stepping down. Even Miller took a turn writing the screenplay at one point. However, it appears the movie's actually going to happen this time, with IT's Andy Muschiett directing from a script by Birds of Prey writer Christina Hodson. Warner Bros. even moved up to June 3, 2022 after changing its release slate post-coronavirus. Only question now is, will Miller's offscreen behavior derail the whole thing at the eleventh hour?

Paramount's alien-robots-in-disguise series has lost some of its box office luster of late, with 2017's Transformers: The Last Knight disappointing financially and the prequel Bumblebee failing to crack $500 million despite strong reviews (easily the best for a Transformers movie yet). Nevertheless, the studio currently has projects in some stage of development; including, a Bumblebee sequel or spinoff, a live-action movie based on the Beast Wars spinoff series, and an animated prequel about Cyberton. All three of these films promise to take audiences deeper into the mythology of the Transformers and their civilization than the Michael Bay installments ever did. And while they may not all see the light of day, at least one of them is slated to arrive on June 24, 2022.

Shapeshifting extraterrestrials infiltrating earth, war-mongering aliens wanting to attack our planet, and a former U.S. Air Force pilot who gains super-human abilities after being exposed to otherworldly tech - Captain Marvel's got all the makings of a '90s sci-fi movie, right down to taking place in the decade. It also made over $1 billion at the box office, so it's little wonder Marvel's moving full-speed ahead with . The sequel was officially scheduled for June 8, 2022 when Disney overhauled its release slate in the aftermath of the pandemic, but it shouldn't start filming for another twelve months or so. That gives fans plenty of time to speculate about its plot, including all the ways the film (which is reportedly set in the present-day) could explore what Carol was even doing around the galaxy for the majority of Avengers: Endgame anyway.

Up until this point, the Spider-Man movies have all been firmly based in sci-fi. That's especially true of 2018's Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, the beloved, Oscar-winning animated flick that opened the door to a literal multiverse of spider-heroes - from otherwise regular teenager Gwen Stacy to the spider-turned radioactive pig bite victim (yes, that's canon) Spider-Ham. The upcoming promises to takes things ever further in that direction by paying off the first movie's credits scene with Oscar Isaac's Miguel O'Hara (aka. Spider-Man 2099). Sony bumped the film back from April 8 to October 7, 2022 as part of its post-coronavirus adjustments - but being an animated project, Spider-Verse 2 should continue to make good progress in the midst of the health crisis and have little trouble hitting its new date.

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