Evolutionary Psych: 3 Surprising Reasons She’ll Say “Yes” to a One Night Stand

How To Be Attractive to Women, Whether You Want a One Night Stand or Something More–Discover The Surprising Science Behind ... Read more 2,283 Views The post Evolutionary Psych: 3 Surprising Reasons She’ll Say “Yes” to a One Night Stand appeared first on Gotham Club.

Evolutionary Psych: 3 Surprising Reasons She’ll Say “Yes” to a One Night Stand

How To Be Attractive to Women, Whether You Want a One Night Stand or Something More–Discover The Surprising Science Behind Her Sexual Choices…

So far in this series, we've taken a look at how the human brain operates, as well as how males approach sexual situation compared to females.

If you've been keeping up, then you know that men & women today are now more alike than ever before. Contemporary culture has allowed for more sexual openness, and as a result, both men and women can pursue sex as they wish.

One part of our biology that cannot be shaken, however, is the female choice and how it applies to sexual selection. Particularly, how it applies to when women pursue one night stands versus more long-term relationships.

So what makes a woman say “Yes” to a one night stand…?


And what makes her think, “He could be boyfriend material”…?

Today, I've got all the answers. Let's dive in:

What Makes You Attractive To Women? Science Has The Answer…

As you probably already know, humans are the most complex animal on the planet. We're walking and talking; however, there's still that primal instinct kicking around our brains when it comes to selecting a mate.

For females, this primal instinct comes in the form of basic needs, and whether or not her mate can fulfill her needs.

These needs include things like safety…





And so on.

And of course, we can't ignore the fact that, for the most part, physical attraction still plays a huge role in whether or not a woman will deem a man as “mate material.”

It Doesn’t End There…

From the male perspective, on the other hand, we don't care as much about seeking safety and security.

It's very rare, for example, that a man will look at a woman and become attracted to the idea that she can defend him in a physical fight.

So because women have more selective criteria when it comes to picking a mate, it's usually the man who has to “fit” her criteria as best he can.

In a 2005 study of almost 5,000 men and women, every point I've just mentioned was confirmed. Men chose to seek a loving, physically attractive woman for a mate…

While women, on the other hand, tended to prefer men who had resources — things that could build a foundation of security.

Ultimately, it’s the woman who has basic, primal needs that need to be taken care of and it’s the men who seek to fit that image.

But what does that mean in the context of one night stands?

Let's find out.

One Night Stands Vs. Long-Term Relationships: What Women Really Look For…

Since I'm writing this and you're reading it, you can be sure that female selection has served you well so far. You're here because your mother saw something of merit in your father and decided to have a child with him.

However, time didn't stop when our brains stopped developing–we're always evolving, especially in the way we think about sex and relationships.

More modern times, for example, have allowed for a departure from the traditional idea of “what women want.” Now, women seek more than the basic needs–they seek sexual pleasure as well.

A woman now wants a man who shares her same interests…

Has career potential…


And who can strengthen her weaknesses.

However, before I reveal the 3 surprising reasons why a woman will say “yes” to a one night stand, there is one more driving force behind her mate selection that I have to address:

Her biological clock.

How Her Biological Clock Affects Who She Goes Home With…

If you aren't familiar with a woman's biological clock, it's slang for a woman's window of fertility.

While men can continue to produce sperm all the way until the day they die…

A woman loses her ability to produce eggs by the time she hits a certain age.

As a result, she tends to feel more pressure to “settle down” with a mate, so she can reproduce before her biological clock says her time is up.

Professor Bill Leger of The Royal Hospital for Women says that the best time for a woman to start a family is when she's between the ages of 20 & 35.

So what?

So, this means that if you're out at night, and you meet a woman who you discover is in her mid-30's… then chances are she's got settling down on her mind.

Of course, it's often more complicated than this. More and more women are opting not to have children, which puts her biological clock completely out of the picture.

But just be aware that if you want a one night stand… it may be best to pursue younger women in their 20's, or older women in their 40's.

So with that in mind, here are the 3 surprising reasons she'll say “yes” to a one night stand with you.

3 Surprising Reasons Women Say “Yes” to One Night Stands…

According to a poll published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, women enter short-term relationships (AKA one night stands) with men who have the following three qualities:

1) Kindness…

2) Physical attractiveness…

3) Social status.

So if you're out at night, consider showcasing these qualities to attract women who want one night stands.


And if you want something more long-term, show her that you can listen and provide security. This is what women today value in long-term relationships.

But what if you aren't sure how to showcase your most attractive physical quality… or you don't have a ton of social status to show off?

Well, I've got a trick up my sleeve for that too:

The Fastest Way to Get Her to Say “Yes” to Same Night Sex?

Most guys in our community who have successfully had one night stands, agree that it can sometimes be a struggle to pull off… and there’s ONE big reason why:

Modern society seems to suppress a (like her impulse to say “yes” to a one night stand with you).

As a result, a lotta times, even if a woman is really turned on & into you, she probably WON’T act on her natural urges. A girl’s psychology is just too different… based too much on emotions.

The mainstream response to this? Take it slow. Make her feel happy, pleasant warm emotions by treating her nice & doing her favors.

(Guys who have tried this approach know full well that it almost never works… and if it does, it takes f’in forever to get her in bed.)

We’ve found that there’s a much faster, easier, and more effective way to get a woman in a sexual mood, and ready to say “yes” to a one night stand, or more. (And an extra bonus is that she’ll feel totally comfortable with this).

It’s called, the

The reason we favor this method is because it cuts out all the typical B.S. of the mainstream “wine & dine” nonsense.

Over the years, we’ve boiled the Physical Fast Track down to 3 essential steps so that it’s easy to understand. You’re welcome to check out all 3 right here:

[Note: This post was updated by Gotham Club on July 20, 2019.]


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Plus, porn isn’t real, those women are acting, and getting a woman to have a real-life orgasm requires a little bit of finesse.

You know what I’m talking about. Just like the Bruno Mars song.

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Believe it or not, 75% of woman in a recent survey say they’ve faked an orgasm. And only half of women surveyed would ask for help getting off after sex if they didn’t finish during the deed.

What a drag for everyone involved!

So how can you fix this problem and keep things steamy?

According to a recent Astroglide survey of more than 4,000 people, women need seven things in order to get off. And you can help them get there.

Read on to learn seven must-have tricks to get her to climax ASAP!

1) The Most Underrated Part of the Sexual Experience

Drumroll, please…


Okay, duh, but this is really important.

Only 25% of women have orgasms from penetrative sex.


It’s true! So if you want to fulfill your end of the deal, boys, I suggest getting really good at foreplay.

After all, it’s just as important as sex itself. It’s most likely to be where the real pleasure is for her.


2) Are You Overdue For an “Oral” Exam?

 Yes, this is part of foreplay, but it’s important enough that I decided to get more specific. 

In fact, women surveyed said that their best orgasms came from oral sex.

So study up, boys, and be prepared to get down and dirty.

3) Patience, Patience, Patience

 This is just a biological reality. Women take longer to get revved up than men do. 

 We’re all just human animals, and this is how the female animal works. She needs time to get going. Hence the foreplay and oral.

Along these lines, if you figure out something that really seems to be working, keep doing it. Don’t stop and change tactics.

Pay attention to her body language, ask her, and stick with what works.

Sometimes women need the same type of stimulation for what seems to be a long time to actually get off.

So be patient, and you’ll reap the rewards!


4) Do Your Homework

According to one study, only 44% of men even knew what the clitoris was.

The internet is a powerful tool. Learn what the clit is and what to do with it.

Don’t rely on porn—especially porn designed for male pleasure—to teach you about women and sex. Put in the work to learn, and you’ll both enjoy the benefits.

5) She Comes First (But Not Always)

Again, forget everything you learned from porn or the movies. We live in a culture that often tells us sex is all about the man finishing, and women are just along for the ride. (Pun intended.)

But this is totally false. I’m guessing you know this already, but she’s just as interested in having an orgasm as you are.

If you show your partner respect by putting her pleasure before yours, taking your time, and doing all the things she likes to do, I guarantee the experience will be even better for both of you.


6) A Whopping 98% Of Women Want Their Partners to Spend More Time Touching HERE…

There’s that clitoris again.

Okay, what it is exactly?

Well, it’s the place where most of your lady’s pleasure nerves are. It’s sort of like the female penis, if you will.

A whopping 98 percent of women surveyed said they wanted their partners to spend more time with the clitoris.

You can do this with oral, using your hands, sex toys, and even certain positions.

7) Use Your Mouth (But Not How You Think)

I’m talking about communication.

Seems obvious, right? But it can actually be really tricky to talk about sex!

Especially if you’re with a new partner, it can be tempting to do what you’ve seen in films rather than asking her what she likes.

Sometimes talking can seem awkward, plus you want to seem confident, right?

But isn’t it weird that we’re willing to share our most private organs with people, but sometimes we’re afraid to talk to them?

Even couples who have been together forever might have trouble having a conversation about sex.

But if you can openly ask her what feels good and what feels better, sex is bound to get even more mind-blowing for both of you.

Master these skills and you’ll be a god among men.

Trust me, this is insider knowledge lots of guys don’t have.

And the reality is, if you can be one of the few guys who truly knows how to satisfy women sexually… you'll never go to sleep alone. ????

Here's how:

Wanna Make Her Come So Hard She Sees Stars?

Now, this technique I’m about to show you is a bit unconventional…

But I’m telling you right now, and only one guy I’ve ever been with knew how to use it right.

Here’s what you do:

Have her lay down on the bed, and using your dominant hand, slip your middle and ring finger inside her.

(Make sure you spend a little time kissing her first to warm her up though… this move is aaaaall about the buildup!) ????

Move your fingers around until you find a spongy area… that’s her G-Spot.

Now, this is where the move gets REALLY good… take your other hand and place it on top of her pelvis.

Then, while you’re hitting her G-Spot with your one hand, you put pressure on top of her with your other hand…

And if you’re doing it juuust right… it’s going to feel INCREDIBLE for her.

The pressure applied above, combined with the G-Spot stimulation, will make her body hum and rock with so much intensity… that she may even come on the spot… and she will almost definitely come more than once.

(Speaking from experience lol!!)

BUT… I have to warn you, this move is easy to mess up, and can even hurt her if you haven't tried it before:


The post This 7-Step “Orgasm Roadmap” Will Make Her Come Harder, Faster & More Than Ever Before appeared first on Gotham Club.

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