Fall is here read more about this Equinox and our ritual!


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Happy Fall Equinox! As the Sun shifts directly above the equator, we are given the rare chance to experience equal hours of day and night. This means that the Sun and the equator have intersected in the cosmos and a new season has begun. 

With the change of seasons, the Sun also ingresses info the cardinal sign of Libra, bringing balance and restoration to our minds and energy. A new season gifts us the opportunity to make changes in our lives. We can start new intentions and make decisions that will augment our lives forever. 

The Fall Equinox is an amazing time to reflect and celebrate our growth. We can objectively reason our way to understanding the choices that must happen in order for us to move in any direction. After all, Libra Season brings us an airy and intellectual outlook on life and forces us to take action (as it’s a cardinal sign of the zodiac). 

We can also give homage and love to the Earth now. Let’s honor the ultimate giver of life, who provides air, water, and food for us. Take a moment to pay Mother Earth the respect she deserves. She provides so much for us. Now, it’s her time to get the love and appreciation she deserves. 

*The Fall Equinox occurs on September 22, 2020 at 6:31 A.M. PST and 9:31 A.M. EDT.


We can all use an extra dose of positivity in our lives right now. And, making a gratitude list will do just that. Give love and thanks to all that you appreciate in your life. Honor it. Hold it dear to your heart. When you’re done writing it, place it in a safe place. You can go back to your list through the season to ensure you’re appreciating everyone and everything that you love. 

Restoring balance in our lives is important. Meditating for a few minutes or more will help us gain clarity on the direction we shall take this season. This will help us gage and understand where we need to focus our energies and attention now. Giving equal parts to work and personal matters is important. The same applies for relationships and friendships. Make sure your cup is full before you give to others. Don’t give your time away when your cup and energy is depleted. Center your energy  around you (this will bring more alignment and balance to you). 

Eat autumnal foods. Grab an apple or pear off a tree. Make carrot stew, pumpkin pie — or both. Enjoy the last harvest of the year. Savor the fall flavors of these fruits and vegetables. Thank Mother Earth for bestowing these blessings upon us. When you’re done eating these foods, take the seeds and replant them in soil to give back to nature. Also, to create a bounty of food for the next harvest season.

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