Fall Haul! 15 Epic New Pieces Our Editors Are Already Obsessed With

And how we're styling them.

Fall Haul! 15 Epic New Pieces Our Editors Are Already Obsessed With

As much as we love a good online shopping spree, the reality is that it's impossible to know how something will look IRL. Will it fit the way I want it to? Is the color actually what's shown on the model? What does the fabric feel like? These are just some of the concerns that start to swirl in our heads when we're hovering over the order button. Since we know we're not the only ones who prefer to sift through reviews and customer photos before making a purchase, we gathered WWW editors and staffers for our own version of a try-on haul: Who What Wear Collection edition.

Since our namesake line was dreamed up by our editors and staffers, we thought it only fitting to try on the newest pieces from our latest drop ourselves and give you our first-person reviews. The latest drop features plenty of stunning knits, eye-catching dresses, and a few trendy basics that we figured you might be on the hunt for because we couldn't wait to get our hands on them ourselves. A handful of editors and multiple racks of samples later, the results are in, and—spoiler—there were plenty of winners.

Ahead, see the evidence of our team's collective try-on haul, including how we're styling the new pieces, our notes on the fit and standout details, and, of course, how you can shop it all. 

"This set is the epitome of elevated loungewear. (Although, it can certainly be worn out of the house.) It gives off a chill '70s vibe and looks especially cool with a few of the bottom buttons unbuttoned. It's comfortable and chic enough to wear for travel or Thanksgiving Day (just an idea)." — Allyson Payer, senior editor

"If you're going to get this turtleneck (which you 100% should), I highly recommend also buying the Felix midi skirt because the pairing is just too good, and it's the easiest way to look put-together with minimal effort. That said, this knit turtleneck can really stand on its own—the fit is perfection, it feels buttery smooth on the skin (I really don't like a claustrophobic-feeling turtleneck), and it has this beautifully detailed stitching that makes it look 10 times more expensive than it actually is." — Erin Jahns, senior beauty editor

"I don't know if it's humanly possible for me to convey my obsession with this skirt. Not only is it insanely flattering, but it's as soft and comfortable as a pair of pajamas. I could, quite literally, sleep in it. It has the perfect amount of give without stretching out over the course of the day or night (my biggest pet peeve with skirts), and it can be worn in so many ways. I'm in love with the lavender shade, but I'm definitely snapping up the black, too." — Jahns

"Faux leather is hard to do well, but the fabric of these trousers is that perfect, buttery texture. Consider me impressed. I would normally go for black, but this tan color feels a little less expected. Plus, it's neutral, so I can wear it with just about any sweater or top I own. I love these pants styled with either the matching belted blazer (coming soon!) or any iteration of a button-down." — Michaela Bushkin, senior fashion editor, branded content

"Sometimes, midi skirts can be more like maxi skirts on my 5'3" frame, but not this one. I love that it accentuates my curves just perfectly, but I'm able to actually move in the piece, so it's comfortable." —  Sarah Yang, managing editor, The/Thirty

"The second I put this sweater on, I knew I never wanted to take it off. Aside from the fact that it's in my absolute favorite shade of green, it's also so soft and comfortable and has the ideal relaxed fit." — Nicole Eshaghpour, senior market editor

"What's better than a matching set? One that's black, looks polished, feels like pajamas, and can be worn in a million ways. I loved how this looked with heeled sandals, but I can also totally see myself wearing it with sneakers and a couple more layers on colder fall and winter days." — Eshaghpour

"I love wearing long-sleeve minidresses and boots this time of year, so this dress instantly caught my eye. The color and the fabric (which feels just like silk) are so beautiful. It's the type of dress that would work for a number of occasions." — Payer

"This top literally feels so luxe—the material feels both silky and suede-like. It's so easy to wear and pair with just about any type of bottoms. Plus, it shows just a hint of skin that I find so flirty. And I love that it feels very customizable because you can adjust the ties for a tighter look or a looser look." — Yang

"Cutout pieces are by far one of my favorite fall trends, so when I saw Who What Wear Collection's Sasha Cutout Bodysuit, I swooned. I was a bit nervous about how the small size would fit, as I am a DD+, but I was in love the moment I slipped this top on. First off, the fabric is über-soft, making it something you'd want to wear all the time. But the fit is what sealed the deal for me. It's so flattering, and I can envision myself wearing it to the office or out for dinner. It's genuinely the perfect statement knit for fall." — Jasmine Fox-Suliaman, audience engagement editor

“Cozy-girl season has arrived, and it’s my favorite part of the year. I plan on living in this sweatshirt. It’s comfortable enough to be worn as loungewear, but the cropped and relaxed fit is stylish and can be worn on the regular, as I’ve done here.”  — Yusra Siddiqui, assistant market editor

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Serums often have higher concentrations of ingredients, and that’s very much the case with this formula. Made up of 21% glycolic, lactic, and mandelic acids, it not only gently sloughs away dry skin and flakes, but it also helps with keratosis pilaris (aka the pesky bumps that can appear near hair follicles). 

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This firming and toning serum helps with everything from stretch marks to sun spots, and the chamomile adds a soothing touch.

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This lotion-like serum hydrates with the best of them, thanks to ceramides, hyaluronic acid, and the brand’s signature CBD. But it also contains a blend of alpha and beta hydroxy acids to gently exfoliate, which leaves skin looking brighter and smoother with each application.

The gang’s all here (vitamin C for radiance, niacinamide for even tone, hyaluronic acid for hydration, and then some) in this lightweight, does-it-all formula.

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Epidermal growth factor, aka EGF, is the key ingredient in all Bioeffect products, including this anti-aging body serum. Expect it to provide firmer, more plump, and all-around glowing skin with each use and over time. 

The base of argan and tsubaki oils feels nourishing on skin, while vitamin C and holy basil extract brighten and provide a dose of antioxidant protection. 

Think of this CBD-infused serum as a pumped-up body oil: It absorbs right away, feels silky and moisturizing, and can be mixed with any serum for extra moisturizing benefits.

As the name suggests, this serum has a milk-like consistency that absorbs quickly into the skin, while pineapple enzymes chemically exfoliate dead skin cells for an extra glow.

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