Father and son charged with murdering black jogger

Two emergency calls made before two white men shot a black jogger in rural Georgia indicated the assailants had no legitimate reason to be chasing him.

Father and son charged with murdering black jogger

A father and son have been charged with murder after gunning down an unarmed black jogger in rural Georgia.

Gregory and Travis McMichael chased down Ahmaud Arbery before shooting him three times during a brief confrontation on the street.

After local prosecutors declined to press charges, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation stepped in to arrest them.

Gregory McMichael and his son Travis have not been charged after they shot Ahmaud Arbery in the street.

They are now in custody in Glynn County Jail, two months after the shooting took place.

Two emergency calls made before the shooting indicated the McMichaels had no legitimate reason to be chasing him.

In just released audio of the first call, one of the men was not able to answer why they were trying to conduct a citizen's arrest on Mr Arbery, 25.

"What is he doing?" the despatcher said.

"He's running down the street," he replied.

Ahmaud Arbery was shot while jogging in broad daylight.

"I just need to know what he was doing wrong," the despatcher replied.

The man said he saw Mr Arbery looking through a home which was under construction.

"He's been caught on the camera a bunch before at night," he said.

No arrests after Georgia men admit to hunting down, shooting black jogger

"It's kind of an ongoing thing out here."

In the second call, Gregory McMichael identified his location as Satilla Shores, a neighbourhood outside Brunswick, Georgia.

"There's a black male running down the street," Mr McMichael told the dispatcher during the February phone call.

"I don't know what street we're on."

Ahmaud Arbery was confronted by the McMichaels family, before being shot three times.

Video has emerged of the moments afterwards, where Mr Arbery was shot dead.

Gregory McMichael and his son Travis stopped their white ute in the middle of the road, blocking Mr Arbery's path.

A gunshot is fired, and Mr Arbery begins to wrestle with Travis. A second shot is heard.

As Mr Arbery breaks free, another shot is fired, and he collapses onto the street and dies while trying to run away.

Mr Arbery was unarmed, and there were no stolen items in his possession.

Ahmaud Arbery collapsed and died as he tried to run away.

A former high school football player, Mr Arbery liked to exercise.

Two months on, neither of the McMichaels have been charged with any crime.

The local prosecutor, who used to work with Gregory McMichael, declined to press charges and recused herself from the case.

A second prosecutor, George Barnhill, also declined to press charges, and noted that Mr Arbery has prior convictions.

He said that Mr Arbery initiated the fight, though the video of the encounter gives no indication of such.

A gunshot wound to Mr Arbery's hand indicates he was reaching for Travis McMichael's gun, and thus, Mr McMichael killed him in self-defence.

Locals in Brunswick, Georgia, take to the streets to demand justice for Ahmaud Arbery.

Mr Arbery's family's lawyer Lee Merritt argued otherwise.

"These men were not performing any police function or any duty as citizens of Georgia," Mr Merritt said.

"These men were vigilantes, they were performing a lynching in the middle of the day."

Presidential candidate Joe Biden has demanded justice over the killing.

"The video is clear: Ahmaud Arbery was killed in cold blood," he wrote on Twitter.

"It is time for a swift, full, and transparent investigation into his murder."

A call for justice has also been made by Serena Williams, LeBron James, Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner, among many others.

LeBron James
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