Forgotten Aircraft: A Look At Ryanair’s Airbus A320s

While everyone knows Ryanair’s B737-800s, of which the Group now has more than 400, far less attention is…

Forgotten Aircraft: A Look At Ryanair’s Airbus A320s

While everyone knows Ryanair’s B737-800s, of which the Group now has more than 400, far less attention is given to the carrier’s small fleet of A320s. Subsidiary Lauda Europe operates these on behalf of Ryanair using the ‘FR’ IATA code.

This specific aircraft (9H-LMP) is 13.23 years old and was initially delivered to India’s GoAir in 2008. Photo: Anna Zvereva via Flickr.

Ryanair’s A320s… well, Lauda Europe’s

Ryanair and its subsidiaries have 470 aircraft, including one B737-700 for charter operations and training. The Group is, of course, nearly entirely about the B737-800, of which it now has 409, indicates.

The Group also currently has a fleet of 32 197-seat MAX 200s, which is expected to grow to more than 65 next summer. The MAX 200 is mainly deployed on longer sectors to benefit from the higher fuel efficiency while having 4% more seats per departure. They’ll help to further improve route performance.

Then there’s the anomaly: the A320. With 29 examples, they’re operated by Ryanair’s subsidiary Lauda Europe, a Maltese unit. All but one aircraft is currently active, according to They have an average age of 14.7 years, all are on the Maltese register (9H-), and all have 180 seats. And, in another element of commonality, it seems that the A320s will (inevitably?) be replaced by MAX 200s.

Lauda A320
Ryanair uses Lauda Europe’s A320s to 76 airports in November. Image: Robot8A via Wikimedia.

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Just four in every 100 Ryanair flights

In November, Ryanair and its subsidiaries have 62,857 flights, based on their schedule submission to data experts OAG. Of these, A320 has a mere 2,586 or about four in every 100. Where are they used?

Lauda A320s in the air
When writing, only seven A320s are in the air. Highlighted is FR9477 making its way from Vienna to Paphos, Cyprus, with 9H-LOO (!) operating today. After returning to Austria, the aircraft will go to Lappeenranta, Finland, near the Russian border. Image:

96 routes see the A320

Some 76 airports across Europe and the Middle East see Ryanair’s A320s this month, with Vienna, Palma, Zagreb, and Stansted the origin/destination for all. With seven in ten flights, it is primarily about Vienna, thanks to being the home of defunct Laudamotion, the predecessor of Lauda Europe.

The A320 has 55 routes from the Austrian capital, although it’ll be interesting to see the impact, if any, of the newly imposed country-wide lockdown. Excluding routes between the above-mentioned four airports to avoid duplication, Stansted and Zagreb have 14 A320 routes each and Palma 13.

A320 network Ryanair
A mess of a map, but you can see how the A320 moves around the system, but Vienna is naturally its main airport. The longest A320 route is Vienna to Tenerife South, 2,247 miles (3,616km) apart. Image: GCMap.

Top-15 A320 routes

The 771-mile (1,241km) link from Vienna to Stansted has more A320 flights than any other Ryanair route, with typically two departures a day. The Airbus narrowbody operates alongside the B737-800 on the airport-pair, although it is overwhelmingly by the A320. Stansted also has a once-daily service from Zagreb using Croatia-based aircraft.

  1. Vienna to Stansted: 55 departures (in that direction) in November
  2. Vienna to Milan Malpensa: 50
  3. Vienna to Palma: 38
  4. Vienna to Barcelona: 30 (i.e., once daily)
  5. Vienna to Cologne: 30
  6. Vienna to Dortmund: 30
  7. Vienna to Kyiv Boryspil: 30
  8. Vienna to Lisbon: 30
  9. Vienna to Madrid: 30
  10. Stansted to Zagreb: 30
  11. Vienna to Tel Aviv: 30

Have you flown a ‘Ryanair’ A320? Share your experiences in the comments.

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Finnair Set To Resume A350 Flights To London As Demand Rises

Finnair is set to resume flights to London with its fleet of Airbus A350 aircraft next month. The move comes as demand on the route continues to grow and will see the widebody and its sister, the Airbus A330, replacing narrowbodies that have been operating on the route during the pandemic.

Finnair’s Airbus A350s are set to resume flights to London Heathrow. Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Edit: Rohan Patel

While a resurgence of COVID-19 across the continent is causing some worry for airlines, the general trend continues to be a recovery trend, with many airlines adding and re-adding services as quickly as possible. Helsinki to London is a massive route for Finnish national carrier Finnair, which shows in the airline’s latest scheduling.

Up to five flights a day

Finnair has been looking to boost its services on the route from London Heathrow to Finland. From December, the airline will be operating its Airbus A330 and Airbus A350, with frequencies of up to five times a day during the peak holiday travel period.

According to data from aviation experts Cirium, Finnair has 100 rotations planned from Helsinki to Heathrow during December. This averages out at around three flights per day. The airline has even added in seven flights between December 17th and January 2nd to account for this.

Finnair, North America, Stockholm
The Airbus A350 was used to serve London before the onset of the pandemic. Photo: Vincenzo Pace – Simple Flying

The airline is also adding a stopover service in the UK. From this weekend, Finnair will operate an evening flight out to London on Sunday evenings. The aircraft will then overnight in London before returning to Helsinki early on Sunday mornings.

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Commenting on the return of the widebody, Finnair’s UK General Manager, Andrew Fish, remarked,

“We’re excited to continue our recovery and re-establish our popular frequencies from the UK and Ireland in line with customer demand for flights to Finland over the festive season… Finnair customers will be able to enjoy further flight flexibility when travelling for business or leisure from London to Helsinki, thanks to extra capacity for travellers eager to experience Finland’s winter period.”

Additional flights on other UK and Ireland routes

It’s not just London that is benefiting from additional services. From December 3rd, Finnair will also be upping the number of services that it is operating on the route from Helsinki to both Manchester and Dublin. However, these won’t see the widebodies flying to London.

Finnair, Airbus A350, Stockholm
Finnair’s Airbus A350 won’t be used for the increased capacities to Manchester and Dublin. Photo: Vincenzo Pace – Simple Flying

Interestingly, it seems as though the bulk of traffic is Brits trying to escape to the continent for a winter break, according to Finnair. The airline remarked that the additional frequencies are targeted at those wishing to experience winter in Finland, especially over the Christmas break.

Are you excited to see the Airbus A350 returning to London next month? Let us know what you think and why in the comments!

Source : Simple Flying More   

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