Frail Angie Dickinson ‘Barely Recognizable,’ Worrying Friends?

A report claims that Dickinson looked regretful.

Frail Angie Dickinson ‘Barely Recognizable,’ Worrying Friends?

Are friends worried about Angie Dickinson? One tabloid claims the TV legend is unrecognizable in recent photos. Let’s check in on the Dressed to Kill star.

‘Once Sultry’ Angie Dickinson Now A ‘Shadow Of Her Former Self’?

This week, the Globe reports Angie Dickinson is in poor health after a lonely year spent in COVID lockdown. While Dickinson once won a Golden Globe for her role as sexy Sgt. Pepper Anderson in the show Police Woman, recent photos show the former actress looking “haggard” as she stepped out to check her mail. “It’s tragic to see her this way, but she doesn’t like to make social calls and she’s too unsteady to walk far these days. She lives a solitary life,” an insider dishes.

The source goes on, “She spends most days alone playing cards, watching TV or reading. She seems full of regret.” Dickinson admitted in a 2019 interview that she’s sorry she took her role in Police Woman. “I didn’t make much money so I really regret it,” Dickinson explained. “It wasn’t worth it. It just sapped me of four years of my life.” But aside from her career, Dickinson has led an eventful life. At the height of her fame, Dickinson had many affairs with high-profile celebrities and was married to musician Burt Bacharach for 15 years.

But Dickinson has had her fair share of misfortune as well. In 2007, her only child took her life at the age of 40. And while a rep insists Dickinson is doing just fine, sources worry for her health. “Angie still grieves for her daughter. Friends worry about Angie all by herself in that big house, and fear the sadness and loneliness will do her in!” a tipster concludes.

‘Frail’ Angie Dickinson Dying Of Loneliness?

When are the tabloids going to accept the fact that you can’t glean any information about a celebrities’ health from a few candid photos? Dickinson shouldn’t be shamed for not looking the same way she did 60 years ago. At 90 years old, she’s able to live on her own, get around on her own, and take care of herself. Instead of celebrating that, the tabloid decided to cast doubt on her well-being.

Besides, the tabloid even admitted that a representative for Dickinson said she’s doing great. And since Dickinson looked amazing in a 2019 CBS interview, we believe it. Besides, it’s obvious the tabloid wasn’t talking to any “friends” of Dickinson’s since they had no problem insulting her appearance and rehashing the tragic death of her daughter. And finally, just because the tabloid hasn’t seen Dickinson in a while, that doesn’t mean other people haven’t. We’re sure Dickinson is doing just fine, we wish her a happy 90th birthday.

The Tabloid On Celebrities’ Health

Besides, the Globe has made it clear that it has no respect for older celebrities. Earlier this year, the magazine claimed Betty White was becoming a “recluse”. Then the tabloid alleged Tanya Tucker was “on her last legs”. The outlet reported Brian Wilson was a “prisoner in his own body”. And more recently, the publication purported Jane Seymour was terrified of an “Alzheimer’s nightmare”. Obviously, the Globe won’t let celebrities age in peace.

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A post shared by Christina Aguilera (@xtina)

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