Full Moon In Capricorn

Welcome the Capricorn full moon and discover which ritual is best for you by zodiac!

Full Moon In Capricorn

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The Capricorn Full Moon is lovely and positive due to Jupiter, who is retrograde in Pisces, making a harmonious aspect to the Moon. The planetary aspect will bring luck, success, and cheerfulness to the overall energy of the luminary. We may even want to embrace our spirituality more, as a result from this cosmic connection. 

The only caveat to the free flowing positive vibes is that Venus, who’s in Cancer, opposes Pluto, who’s in Capricorn, the day before the Full Moon. However, the energies will be felt throughout the day of the Full Moon. We can expect to experience emotional struggles or manipulation with others, which will make us all want to act out and put our foot down. On the flip side, we will want to take our power back from others. Lean into the latter vibe in order to reap the benefits of this luminary. It’ll make us feel stronger than before. 

The fixed star Polis aligns with the Moon, giving us strength and wisdom. It’ll light the way for us to see the truth in matters and give us the determination to move forward in our goals. The Sabian Symbol is “A Group Of People Outfitting A Large Canoe At The Start Of A Journey By Water.” Think of this Full Moon as the beginning of a journey within ourselves to find our truest calling — what speaks to us on a soulful level. 

*The Capricorn Full Moon rises on June 24th at 11:40 AM PDT and 2:40 PM EDT. Please note: Technically this lumnation isn’t a “Supermoon”, according to The Farmers Almanac, although it is in close proximity to Earth. 

Full Moon Ritual, Based On Your Zodiac Sign 


Carve your name, birthdate, and personal intention into a white candle. Then, set your intention my meditating on your goals as you light the candle. Think of this as a way to refresh your vibe. It’ll help you attain your desires and release that which doesn’t serve your highest interests.


Use this Full Moon to center your energy. Allow yourself to escape the mundane and lean into your emotions. By owning your feelings and releasing them, you will feel renewed, strong, and reborn. As a result, you will be balanced and centered being that you let all your emotions out.


Place your crystals under the glow of the Moon. This will allow them to naturally cleanse themselves through the power and energy that the Full Moon bestows upon us. You will be able to use them to their full potency and potential once you let the lunar energy detox them.


Take stock of all the loyal people in your life. Give them love, attention, and affection. Once you show them that you care, they will do the same to you in return. This will create healthy relationships between you and your loved ones. Also, it’ll make everyone more appreciative of each other.


Give yourself a break from life. Take time off and rest your energy. It will feel good to have a few moments to yourself that will enable you to restore, recharge, and revive your vibe. You will be filled with energy and charisma as a result, if you relax now.


Take a moon bath under the Capricorn Full Moon. Charge moon water under the luminary to ensure that the bath has potent lunar energy in it to help heal the body. You can add crystals to the water while it’s charging to create a restorative bath that will relax you.


Meditate on bringing in your truest desires during the Capricorn Full Moon. With every breath you can release the stagnant energy from your life to attain greatness within. This will allow your heart, mind, and spirit to reach great heights, as your energy will now be open to new possibilities.


Write down what you want to attract and release on a piece of paper. Be clear about what your intentions are and what you wish to manifest. Something to consider is that you may want to release negativity or blocks holding you back and bring positivity or creativity to you. 


Use mirror magic during this luminary by stating positive affirmations about yourself (while gazing at yourself in the mirror). You’ll be able to embrace your fabulousness by crafting statements that make you feel better about yourself and build your confidence up. This will heighten your self-esteem during the Full Moon.


Cleanse your place and space by burning frankincense or lavender to ensure that you are aligning yourself with the highest and truest energies possible. This will let you hone into your intuition and feel at peace in your home. Also, you will be able to feel at one with yourself.


Embrace your subconscious. Lean into the dreams that you’ve been having by honoring your visions. Write them down in a dream journal and take note of the sentiments you’re feeling within. This will help you decode the information that is being brought to you on the astral plane at night.


This luminary will bring you closer with your friends. Host a virtual or social distanced moon circle with your peers to connect on a deep level. Share your secrets and let all of your emotions out. You’ll will feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders and heart.

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Welcome Summer!


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The Summer Solstice and the Sun’s movement into Cancer occur today at 8:32 PM PDT and  11:32 PM EDT in the Northern Hemisphere. It is the longest day of the year, due to the Sun’s movement towards the Northern Hemisphere. 

Being that the Sun shines so brightly now, this is a moment in time when we honor the Sun and the blessings that the light bestows upon us. The Solstice marks the midpoint of the year, when we can take stock of the direction of our lives to ensure that we are on the right path. 

Also known as Litha to the Celts, the Solstice is a time of merriment and embracing the solar power that gives us all energy and life. According to Pagan folklore, evil spirits walk the earth during the Solstice, which is why they wore herbs and flowers to ward them off. 

These are some ways to celebrate the Summer Solstice:

  • Midsummer traditions are exciting festivities that bring communities together. 

  • Spend a day with your neighbors. meetup with your friends, or plant flowers in a community garden with your neighbors. 

  • Reflect about the past. Call and see old friends who you haven’t been in touch with. 

  • Make seasonal plans and goals during the Solstice. Plant the seeds for the upcoming months to ensure that your dreams come true.

  • It’s an extremely good time to channel your inner psychic nature. Journal your visions, thoughts, and feelings. Make note of all that you see happening for yourself and others. 

  • Make a small bonfire with friends or practice candle magic (please practice fire safety rules and regulations) to honor the fiery nature of the Sun. 

  • Connect with nature by going to the forest, bodies of water, or the park. Feel the breeze of air press against your body and let the warmth of the Sun radiate through you. 

  • Make a flower crown to honor Mother Earth’s bounty and fertility.

Source : The Hoodwitch More   

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