Full Moon In Leo 2021

We welcome the powerful full moon in Leo !

Full Moon In Leo 2021
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Astrology by Lisa Stardust

The first Full Moon of 2021 occurs on January 28th in Leo. It’s one of the most energetically charged and impassioned times of the year, as well as the luckiest day of 2021. Think before you speak or send a text. Meditate on what and how you want to express emotions. Then, we can avoid the explosive drama. 

The Sun shares its light with Jupiter, both of whom are in Aquarius, will oppose the Leo Moon. This will make the drama bigger, as Jupiter expands feelings. Conversely, this aspect makes it the most prosperous day of 2021. Saturn, who’s also in Aquarius, opposes the Moon, making us feel austere and guilty over our emotional decisions. Mars and Uranus, who are both in Taurus square, the Moon and widely aspect these planets. We will want to take immediate action in expressing our needs and desires. This may not be received well by others, depending on the delivery and ways we choose to state our sentiments. 

Black Moon Lilith, who’s in Taurus, is in close alignment to squaring off with the Full Moon and linking up with Mars (Lilith and Mars are less than a degree away from each other in the sign Taurus). Those who’ve felt subservient to others will take action in having their voices heard. The asteroid Juno, who’s in Sagittarius, is in close proximity as well, making us feel envious over others (or vice versa). 

The fixed star Asellus Australis joins the Leo Moon, creating arguments and adding temperamental vibes to the energy. The astrological Sabian Symbol is noted as “Early Morning Dew Sparkles As Sunlight Floods The Field.” Emotions can consume us, before we get all the pertinent information. Don’t take immediate action before hearing the whole story. 

The same day, Venus and Pluto connect in Capricorn. This energy will add a passionate vibe when it comes to love and money. Power struggles, triangular situations, and jealousies will come to a head. The higher energy of this aspect could bring transformation around romantic and financial matters, if we are ready to evolve. 

Keep in mind that Mercury is in its pre-retrograde shadow on the 28th. The actual retrograde begins on January 30th in Aquarius. There will be miscommunications and issues that manifest as a result. Words can be misleading. Be careful. 

*The Full Wolf Moon in Leo occurs on January 28th at 11:16AM PDT and 2:16PM EDT. 

Full Moon Ritual 

Cleansing your space to rid yourself of psychic vampires and negativity is important today. Smudging your home, office, and car will help. Also, use black tourmaline and lapis lazuli to make sure that you’re not receiving messages or poor communication from others. Keep yourself calm by lighting a white candle and casting a circle of protection around you. 

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