Congratulations, you played yourself!

3808 points, 203 comments.

Netflix in a nutshell...

Tags: netflix, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Terminator 2 Judgment Day, Terminator1391 points, 125 comments.

We call it ...JUSTICE!

Tags: Cyclist, Karma, Road bicycle racing1027 points, 212 comments.

What a dog

Tags: wholesome, dogs, Great Pyrenees3745 points, 128 comments.

Making Gorgeous Ramen

1349 points, 139 comments.

Not gonna lie

887 points, 55 comments.

Video Of A Squirrel Who Encounters An Error While This...

Give yourself time to reflect on what a heckin' mess this year has been, like this tiny squirrel.


756 points, 26 comments.

Thank you, Strange Japanese man, I really need this.

Tags: japan, never give up, funny305 points, 22 comments.

"Anything for my best bro"

2451 points, 147 comments.

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