FYI: This Is How Celebs Did Loungewear in the '90s

Not sure about you, but I'm copying these looks ASAP.

FYI: This Is How Celebs Did Loungewear in the '90s

Hardly a day goes by when we don't mine our favorite decade—the good old '90s—for style inspiration. I know we sound like a broken record at this point, but I swear we wouldn't be bringing it up nonstop if the decade's pared-back and minimalist aesthetic wasn't truly more relevant than it's ever been. Now, up until this point, we've waxed poetic about the 1990s outfits that are on the more elevated end of the style spectrum, narrowing in on red carpet and street style looks, but today, we're turning our lens on an often overlooked part of '90s style: the loungewear.

To be fair, it's harder to come across these loungewear looks of yore because celebs were rarely spotted by the cameras in their off-duty ensembles back in the day like they are now. But sure enough, with a bit more effort and a deeper dive into photo archives, we've uncovered a few of these celeb ensembles that feel so right for our current comfy era. Courtesy of stars like Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lopez, we're sharing a glimpse of what loungewear looked like in the '90s and, of course, the shopping options to emulate it.

You already know we were about to comment on Jen's basic tank-top–and–cargo-trousers look, but now that we have you here, Brads is also worth admiring, no? Since jeans are low on the priority list, these outfits are making a strong case for making relaxed utility pants a go-to instead.

Tip: Ordering these tanks in a women's size ensures they will have the same shrunken look as Jen's.

I never thought I'd call cargo pants "pretty," but these fit the bill.

Well, these look comfy.

Add a '90s feel to anything you're wearing.

This J.Lo look from 1996 is just *chefs kiss*. As we know, any type of ribbed knitwear automatically looked more elevated, and we love the way she left the bottom few buttons undone on her cardigan. It all feels quite current.

Now this is what cool loungewear looks like.

Pretty sure you'll never want to take these off.

Comfy and on-trend.

If you looked at the feeds of the most influential fashion girls right now, you'd see more than one similarity between their loungewear looks and this throwback Julia Roberts outfit—basic joggers, tall socks, and retro sneakers, just to name a few.

Throw this on over your sweats for a model-off-duty look.

A loungewear staple.

Meet 2020's trendiest sneakers.

As divisive and cheap as they may be, tube socks are happening.

In case you wanted to look cool while you're chilling at home.

Yep, cardigans were a key staple then just like they are now, and Kate Moss's easy layering trick to keep one button done over a basic tank is giving us another fresh way to wear our knits.

How pretty is this color?

When a staple this good is also this affordable, you don't pass it up.

The chic alternative to sweats you were looking for.

If you're ready to give your sweatpants a break, Halle Berry's sporty vibe with track pants might just be the answer you were looking for. True to the decade's form, she styled her nylon joggers with a baby tee, slim sunglasses, and crisp white sneakers. Honestly, we'd do the same now.

An easy cropped tee is a must.

Fun fact: I just ordered these myself and now I plan to wear them like Halle Berry.

I think you'll have this in your closet for a long time.

If crisp white sneakers were a thing then, they'll be a thing for the next 20-plus years, too.

Arguably the easiest way to get in on the '90s look.

Celebs were all about the sporty logos with their loungewear and athletic looks in the '90s.

This eyelet detailing is just the prettiest.

Say goodbye to a all your boring hoodies.

Easily transition these from the couch to the running path.

Come on—these are so '90s they even have it in the name.

Speaking of the '90s, Zoë Kravitz is mastering the decade's looks in her latest show High Fidelity.

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