Google Pulling YouTube Apps From Roku Amid Dispute

Roku has faced an uphill battle among other titans of streaming. It took a while for HBO Max to get its own app, and now there’s beef with Google.

Google Pulling YouTube Apps From Roku Amid Dispute

Roku has faced an uphill battle among other titans of streaming. It took a while for HBO Max to get its own app, and now there’s beef with Google. Here’s what’s going on.

No More YouTube

Amid an ongoing fight, Google just announced that it’s pulling YouTube apps from Roku. Starting on December 9, users will no longer be able to download YouTube or YouTube TV on their Roku devices. If you already have YouTube downloaded then congratulations: it won’t be uninstalled or removed. Any device purchased after the deadline will be unable to go on YouTube.

This is just the latest move in an ongoing antitrust fight. Roku alleges that Google is using its size to bully smaller competitors. It’s trying to force unfair pricing upon its competitor, and the whole dispute could end up in court.

Google is asking for special access to users’ metadata before the app can be downloaded. Roku agreed to give Google access to search data but won’t allow Google access to any other customer data. Google is throwing a fit, as a result, hence why YouTube is going away. Google denies these allegations.

Congress Noticed

The next few years will be critical for the tech industry, for Congress is taking an increased interest in regulation. Facebook seems to be melting down after a whistleblower testified. This aggressive behavior from Google has not gone unnoticed.

Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar and Rhode Island Representative David Cicilline are publicly taking Roku’s side. Cicilline called Google’s supposed actions a “shakedown.” It certainly feels like Google is pulling YouTube because it didn’t get everything it wanted. Klobuchar thinks this case exemplifies why there must be more regulation of the tech industry.

Could Be Hurting Roku

The soothsayers of the stock market don’t seem to like this new development. Roku stock is down 4.65% this week and is down 11% over the past six months. Who knows if this is connected to Google, but Roku’s only viable if it maintains support from other giants. With Google pulling its apps, what’s to stop other services like Amazon and Netflix from pulling their support as well?

Only time will tell whether this YouTube incident causes cataclysmic damage or leads to any actual regulation. It’s always possible both sides buckle before the December deadline. As it stands, lacking YouTube could easily sway customers to go with a competitor. It can’t be easy negotiating with a company as large as Google.

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Ronda Rousey Wants To Normalize Breastfeeding With Intimate Photo

When most of us think of Ronda Rousey, we think of her time with the UFC. The hall-of-famer has a long list of awards and titles stretching back to 2008.  

But recently, Rousey has been rocking another title: mom. And just like in the ring, Rousey’s approach to motherhood is unapologetic, tough, and all-around badass.

Rousey Won’t Hide Motherhood

Rousey announced the birth of her first child with MMA fighter Travis Browne in late September 2021. The couple’s daughter’s name reflects her Hawaiian heritage: La’akea Makalapuaokalanipō Browne. 

In a more recent IG post, Rousey and her daughter, Pō, are lying in bed together while Pō feeds. Rousey is happily looking up at the camera while Pō breastfeeds in an adorable striped sleep cap. 

“Our boys asked me the other day how I’m gunna (sp) feed Pō on the plane when we take her with us to Hawaii,” Rousey’s caption reads. “And I was like, ‘uhhh, same way I always do.’” 

“Then it occurred to me that they probably never seen anyone breastfeed before and weren’t sure if it was appropriate in public,” she continues. 

“Motherhood’s some badass, primal, beautiful sh*t that shouldn’t be hidden. It still blows my mind that my body assembled this little person, pushed her out, and now makes everything she needs to thrive. It’s really nothing to be ashamed of, it’s something to brag about.” 

And in true internet fashion, people were quick to tell Rousey what they thought about it.

Haters Continue To Hate, Unsurprisingly

The comments on Rousey’s IG post range from creepy to supportive to downright hateful. “Attention is truly a drug,” one IG user wrote. 

“I get doing it in public, but posting it for all to see is a WHOLE different story,” commented another. “It’s SCREAMING look at me! Pay attention to me! Breastfeeding IS normal. Posting it online IS not.”

Reading through the haters’ comments is infuriating, and it’s not even my baby. The rampant sexualization of women’s bodies has turned breastfeeding into a lewd, suggestive act. 

However, breastfeeding couldn’t be more natural.

You Now Own The Greatest Title Of All: Mother

Thankfully, for every ignorant comment, there seemed to be a slew of positive ones. “A force in the octagon, and now an even bigger force outside the ring,” one IG comment read. 

“The female body is a phenomenal blessing and should never be shamed or taken advantage of,” another user added. “If this little princess is half the badass you are, world, look out!” 

And when all else failed, Rousey’s supporters were quick to remind the naysayers who they were provoking. 

“I would love to see some a**hole telling you off for breastfeeding in public,” one commenter wrote. “I mean, the poor soul wouldn’t be alive once you lock in the armbar.” 

Check Out The Post For Yourself

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“Rowdy” Ronda Rousey as a Mama Bear is certainly a force to be reckoned with. There’s no doubt her daughter will grow up to be the same.

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