Gossip Girl Reboot Image Shows New Look At The New Cast

The upcoming HBO Max Gossip Girl reboot series releases a new first-look image showing the core cast from the highly anticipated pilot.

HBO Max's Gossip Girl reboot released a new first look image of the cast from the pilot. Based on the hit CW teen drama and Cecily von Ziegesar's novels, the revamp was first announced in July of 2019. Merely seven years after the original series ended its six season run, the new adaption takes place in the same swanky universe as its predecessor: Manhattan's Upper East Side.

To fans' delight, the team is back for the reboot. Joshua Safran, who executive produced the CW series, serves as showrunner this time around and executive produces alongside power duo, Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, who co-created the original series. Safran has previously urged that this Upper East Side will be filled with more diverse characters and storylines. His statement was supported by both the casting announcement and reveal of talent working behind-the-scenes.

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EW shared an equally ominous and glamorous new look at the show, showcasing a core portion of the large ensemble cast. Seemingly set on the campus of one of the show's two elite private schools, the photo features previously-announced cast members, Emily Ayln Lind (Revenge), Thomas Doherty (Catherine the Great), Eli Brown (Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists), Jordan Alexander (Sacred Lies), Savannah Lee Smith, Evan Mock and Zión Moreno (Control Z). Check out the photo below:

While the new photo doesn't supply any additional information about the forthcoming reboot, the custom-styled uniforms and dramatic gazes certainly heighten excitement for Gossip Girl's July release. Season one is set to consist of ten drama-packed episodes that take place ten years after Serena and Blair's drama played out. HBO Max remains tightlipped about plot lines, but has leaked that the series will kick off with a major twist. Johnathan Fernandez (Lethal Weapon), Elizabeth Lail (YOU) and Broadway heavy-hitters Jason Gotay, Adam Chanler-Berat, Laura Benanti and Donna Murphy have all signed on for the glamorous ride.

Based on their facial expressions in the snap, the group seems to be taking in a controversial presence. It could be one of the other cast members waltzing toward them with drama. No matter what's going on, it's certain that Kristen Bell will narrate every beat. The Veronica Mars star once again lends her vocal talents as NYC's gossipy commentator. At this time, no other original cast members are set to return in the new Gossip Girl series, but most of them have stated that they'd be up for a reprisal. Could one of the characters be related to a former Manhattan elite? Stay tuned until July to find out.

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