Government working on 'clear definition' of a coronavirus 'hotspot'

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the states had agreed to developing a clear definition on what makes a hotspot.

Government working on 'clear definition' of a coronavirus 'hotspot'

Prime Minister Scott Morrison says the states have agreed to develop a clear definition on what makes a coronavirus hotspot.

Mr Morrison said it was important COVID-19 hotspots are not declared arbitrarily by other states.

"We need a clear definition of what a hotspot is," he said, following the National Cabinet meeting.


Meanwhile, the states have also agreed to loosen restrictions so people living in border communities can better access health services across state lines.

Mr Morrison said an agreement had also been reached to make it easier for agricultural workers to cross between Victoria and NSW.

He also said it has been a "week of hope" for Australia.

"After many weeks which have been incredibly difficult, most difficult for those living in Melbourne," he said.

Mr Morrison cited a positive trend in cases in Victoria, as well as positive glimmers of economic recovery elsewhere.

However, he also said the long-term challenge of unemployment and the economy is still the nation's "biggest challenge".

"The biggest challenge which is shared by our government is unemployment. It's jobs," he said.

"It's about getting Australians back into jobs and keeping jobs."

He said jobs is the number one issue for the Australian government.

He cited low interest rates and financial markets performing well as positive signs.

He also called for the state governments to lift their spending to stimulate the economy.

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