Gucci vs inverters? Ayanda Thabethe advises Mzansi to ‘prioritise comfort’

Ayanda Thabethe says locals must stop buying Gucci and start buying inverters and generators to avoid the load shedding blues. Many think she needs a wake-up call...

Gucci vs inverters? Ayanda Thabethe advises Mzansi to ‘prioritise comfort’

South African media personality and model Ayanda Thabethe has headed online to share some advice with her fellow South Africans regarding the country’s current load shedding crisis.

According to Thabethe, people should be spending less on designer labels and more on inverters and generators in order to be more comfortable during this time.

Ayanda shares a word of advice with SA’s Gucci wearers

TV and radio personality Ayanda Thabethe seemingly doesn’t mind getting dragged on South Africa’s Twitter streets and always finds a way to get on people’s nerves while she’s at it.

The model has once again found herself having to please explain after she took to the social media app to share some advice with her followers regarding the country’s terrible load shedding situation.

According to Thabethe, locals should stop spending money on designer labels such as Gucci and Louis Vuitton and rather invest in an inverter or a generator to help them beat the power outage blues.

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“Me thinks if you can afford a Gucci (or other luxury brand) shoe — you definitely can afford an inverter … there’s really no need for you to know what load-shedding is … that thing works like a bomb!” she said.

Netizens can’t relate

The tweet soon got the attention of locals who quickly pointed out that the tweet must have been made for the very rich because the average South African never goes around splurging money on designer clothes. One tweep, @Rea_Khoabane wrote:

“This kind of thinking is exactly what separates the rich from poor and not holding government accountable to provide basic needs and build an equal society.”

To which Thabethe responded:

“I’m not saying load shedding is right or we should have it … but it’s there and there’s nothing we can do about it, so rather prioritise your comfort”

Meanwhile, Thabethe did not seem bothered by all the backlash she was getting from her tweet and went on to explain what an inverter is and how it would better the lives of people who are currently experiencing load shedding:

“A device that converts direct current into alternating current”… in short, a device that you can keep on charge in your garage (or anywhere). It’s quiet, unlike a generator, and when Eskom let’s you down — it uses its power to keep the lights on.

“If you don’t like sitting in the dark waiting for electricity to come back then maybe one should educate themselves about it — no. I’m glad I’ve highlighted a solution for you. You’re welcome.”

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