Gulf Air, Jazeera Airways & Kuwait Airways All Announce New Sarajevo Route

Three Middle Eastern airlines recently announced they would launch flights this summer to Sarajevo International Airport, serving the…

Gulf Air, Jazeera Airways & Kuwait Airways All Announce New Sarajevo Route

Three Middle Eastern airlines recently announced they would launch flights this summer to Sarajevo International Airport, serving the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. They are Gulf Air, Jazeera Airways, and Kuwait Airways, flying to Sarajevo from Kuwait City and Manama. The news comes on top of Air Arabia Abu Dhabi previously announcing a new route between Sarajevo and Abu Dhabi for this summer.

Gulf Air is one of three Middle Eastern airlines that recently announced new flights to Sarajevo. Photo: Airbus

Three new route announcements for Sarajevo

Building on the strong demand for leisure travel between the Middle East and Bosnia and Herzegovina, three new airlines have announced they would launch new routes to Sarajevo this summer.

The three airlines are Gulf Air, Jazeera Airways, and Kuwait Airways. All three will operate flights with their Airbus A320neo aircraft, though Jazeera will also deploy its Airbus A320s.

The three airlines are coming to replace capacity between Bosnia and the Middle East that has been left void when FlyBosnia, the country’s flag carrier, retired its entire fleet. FlyBosnia is yet to resume scheduled operations.

Jazeera is the first to arrive

The first of the three airlines to arrive will be Jazeera Airways. Jazeera is coming on Saturday 26th June, launching flights between Kuwait City and Bosnia and Herzegovina as follows:

  • Flight J9327 departing Kuwait City (KWI) at 07:00 and arriving in Sarajevo (SJJ) at 10:55 on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays
  • Flight J9328 departing SJJ at 11:55 and arriving in KWI at 17:40, also on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays

The flights are currently scheduled to run with a mixture of Airbus A320neo and Airbus A320 aircraft.

Jazeera Airways and Kuwait Airways are both launching flights to Sarajevo from Kuwait City this summer. Photo: Anna Zvereva via Wikimedia Commons

Gulf Air is coming next

The next of the three airlines that recently announced new routes to Sarajevo will be Gulf Air, the national airline and flag carrier of Bahrain. Flights will launch next week, on Saturday 26th June, as follows:

  • GF7735 departing Manama (BAH) at 09:45 on Wednesdays and 09:00 on Saturdays, arriving in Sarajevo (SJJ) at 15:45 on Wednesdays and 15:00 on Saturdays
  • GF7736 departing BAH at 16:45 on Wednesdays and 16:00 on Saturdays, returning to BAH at 22:00 and 22:45, respectively

Flights will run on Wednesdays and Saturdays until the end of the summer schedule, 27th October 2021. All flights will run with Gulf Air’s Airbus A320neo aircraft, Flying Bosnian reports. They will run not as scheduled services but as charter flights, and so tickets are not available to buy on the airline’s website.

Kuwait Airways is coming third

The last of the three new routes to launch is Kuwait Airways’ Kuwait City – Sarajevo service, which was originally due to launch in June 2020 but ultimately never did because of the coronavirus outbreak.

Flights are already on sale. They will run between 3rd July and 28th August as follows:

  • Flight KU125 departing Kuwait City (KWI) at 09:30 and arriving in Sarajevo (SJJ) at 13:25 on Wednesdays and Saturdays
  • Flight KU126 departing SJJ at 14:25 and arriving in KWI at 20:00

These flights are also scheduled to operate with Airbus A320neo aircraft.

Kuwait Airways Getty Images
Kuwait Airways is also coming, and passengers will be able to transfer via its Kuwait City hub. Photo: Getty Images

Strong demand from the Middle East

Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of only six European countries in which more than half of the population identifies as Muslim. At the same time, it is one of Europe’s most friendly tourist destinations. It ranked eighth in a World Economic Forum Competitiveness Report. It is also affordable: its GDP is lower than that of Honduras, Senegal or Zambia.

Put these three key facts together, and Bosnia and Herzegovina becomes the perfect destination for Muslims looking to escape those hot Middle Eastern summer months at affordable rates.

What do you think of the news that three airlines are launching new routes to Sarajevo this week? Let us know what you think of this story in the comments below.

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Mexican low-cost carrier Volaris is flying to Colombia, starting on October 6. With two new routes, Volaris becomes…

Volaris Sets Date To Start Flying To Colombia

Mexican low-cost carrier Volaris is flying to Colombia, starting on October 6. With two new routes, Volaris becomes the latest player in a contested Mexico-Colombia aviation market that is set to become one of the fastest growing following the COVID-19 pandemic. Let’s investigate further.

Volaris is launching new routes between Mexico City and Cancun to Bogota, Colombia. Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying

All about Volaris’ new routes

Earlier this year, Volaris received approval from the Colombian authorities to launch direct flights to Bogota. Along with Viva Aerobus, it is one of the new Mexican carriers set to enter the market.

Viva Aerobus will launch its Mexico City-Bogota route on August 21, with two weekly frequencies. Then, on September 15, Viva will increase to daily flights.

Meanwhile, Volaris will start flying two routes on October 6. These segments will be Mexico City-Bogota and Cancun-Bogota. Volaris will operate four weekly flights for the first one and three weekly frequencies for the latter.

The Mexico City-Bogota route will depart on Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Meanwhile, the Cancun-Bogota will operate on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays said Volaris in a statement.

The company will start selling the tickets for these routes on June 23.

Volaris Getty
Volaris has had one of the fastest recoveries from the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide. Photo: Getty Images

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The Mexico-Colombia aviation market highlights

During the last year, the Mexico-Colombia market has become one of the highlights in South America. Both Volaris and Viva Aerobus will launch routes between both countries; also, Colombian low-cost carrier Viva has just started flights on two of its four routes between these two nations.

According to Cirium’s database, there will be four airlines operating flights between Mexico and Colombia in July. These are Aeromexico, Avianca, Wingo, and Viva. They will offer 449 flights, with 75,214 seats available.

Flavia Santoro, ProColombia president, said in a statement,

“The arrival of Volaris is proof of the international trust set on Colombia. It also strengthens the commercial relationship with Mexico, which is now our third destination by the number of air frequencies and seats available.”

Despite the recovery of this market, there’s still a long way to go before getting to the pre-pandemic levels. Cirium states that there are 54% fewer flights right now than two years ago. Additionally, the market has lost a player with the exit of Interjet. This carrier operated flights to Medellin, Bogota, and Cartagena de Indias.

Volaris can’t increase its routes and capacity to the US at the moment. Photo: Getty Images.

Volaris’ growth for the following months

Volaris is one of the most successful airlines amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The carrier has recovered 100% of its domestic traffic, and it is close to doing the same in the international segment. Volaris currently has 184 active routes (108 domestic and 76 international) and has carried nearly 18 million people since the start of the pandemic.

Nevertheless, following Mexico’s air safety rating downgrade to Category 2, Volaris had to readjust its plans going forward.

Volaris won’t be able to increase its presence in the US while Mexico remains in Category 2. Therefore, the Mexican low-cost carrier will strengthen its domestic market share, it said in a statement. Volaris will also deploy new capacity to the international markets it serves or plans to do, like Colombia.

In the meantime, Volaris hopes the Mexican government will quickly restore its air safety rating with the Federal Aviation Administration. The longer it takes, the hardest the hit will be on Mexican airlines, as they can’t add routes or capacity to the US.

Are you eager to try Volaris’ new routes from Mexico and Cancun to Bogota? Let us know in the comments. 

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