H&M Has the Summer Styles We're Obsessing Over for Under $50

I want everything.

H&M Has the Summer Styles We're Obsessing Over for Under $50

Welcome to This or That, a series where two Who What Wear editors go head-to-head on the biggest trends and make the case for all the It items they're currently coveting.

Summer, without a question, will always be the most exciting season for shopping. I get to wear all my favorites—breezy dresses, sandals that show off my pedicure, and crop tops. But what makes me most giddy? Swimwear. My fiancé thinks I have enough bikinis, one-pieces, and cover-ups to last me a lifetime, but he doesn't get it—one can never have too many.

Listen: My just-as-obsessed co-workers agree with me. I was chatting with my boss, Caitie Schlisserman, about all things summer fashion, and naturally, swimwear came up. We found out that, for one, we gravitate toward different things when finding a suit that will work for us and, secondly, that H&M is the first place both of us look to find super-cute pieces at crazy-affordable prices. Because we're us, we decided to have a little fun and go through the retailer's latest drop to choose the pieces we foresee ourselves wearing this summer and send them over to each other.

Looking for your next purchase for that upcoming beach trip? Or just something you can lounge around your backyard in? Don't worry—we've got you covered. Keep scrolling for both of our takes on what swimwear styles we're eyeing for the warm weather ahead, plus more H&M items we're equally excited about for summer.

To start it off, we're diving into the neverending battle of one-piece versus two-piece. And what makes it even harder? H&M has such a good selection that even the most steadfast bathing-suit advocate, might be swayed.

Anneliese: "While I'm usually partial to two-pieces, something about the one-pieces I've seen this season is just working for me. I've been loving the ones with a little bit more of a cheeky bottom and higher-cut leg."

Caitie: "This one is tough because I want to love one-pieces, but I just haven’t found one that works well on my body. Plus, I love that there’s so much variety with two-pieces: interesting cuts, prints, and colors. It makes mixing and matching infinitely more fun."

When putting a bandeau up against a triangle top, the winner will usually depend on personal comfort levels. There is a certain level of support that each of them offers, but there's one thing that they both have in common at H&M: buttery-soft fabric that feels way more luxe than it actually is.

Anneliese: "I have a bigger chest, so when I go for a two-piece, I lean toward triangle tops. They just keep everything a bit more in place for me."

Caitie: "I love a strapless top, especially when there’s no swimming involved. I’m just not down with tan lines."

H&M knows what it's doing when designing a bikini bottom—all of its pairs are so cute. High-waisted and cheeky bottoms have been becoming more and more prominent in the fashion space over the past few years, and you can't go wrong with either.

Anneliese: "I noticed that the more bottoms I buy, the less fabric they have on them. At first, this was shocking, but now I'm kind of into the look of showing off a little more. This style is great for getting a more even tan."

Caitie: "I have a booty, and while I have no shame in flaunting it, I definitely feel more comfortable when I know it’s not fully out. I also love how flattering high-waisted bottoms are. Not only do they hug me in the right places, but they also make my legs look longer, which I appreciate because I’m a shorter gal."

Ah, the hunt for a good cover-up. I embark on it every year in an effort to find something that feels on-trend and will keep me looking cute pre-beach and post-beach. I always turn toward H&M's selection because it has light and breezy options that are always so chic. People never believe me when I tell them my pieces are under $45.

Anneliese: "I'm a dress person through and through. Whether that's for a cover-up or something I'm wearing out to lunch. It's something I'll always turn to."

Caitie: "I feel like summer is the time to indulge in matching sets. I can’t resist them! They feel slightly more unique than just a regular dress."

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