How My Buddy Got a Date With a Girl Who Hated His Guts (& You Can Too)

How Any Guy Can Turn the Tables On a Girl Who Says She Is Not Interested–Even If She Seems “Out ... Read more 1,706 Views The post How My Buddy Got a Date With a Girl Who Hated His Guts (& You Can Too) appeared first on Gotham Club.

How My Buddy Got a Date With a Girl Who Hated His Guts (& You Can Too)

How Any Guy Can Turn the Tables On a Girl Who Says She Is Not Interested–Even If She Seems “Out Of Your League”…

So much of what happens in your life is based on not what actually happens–but on how you interpret what happens.

What does this mean?

I see it in offices all the time:

“She knows how sensitive I am to perfume, so she wears extra.”

“He always says my name wrong. He KNOWS how it's pronounced, but he says it wrong anyway.”

I hear it in relationships too:

“He comes home and the sink is empty, and I leave his dinner on the table. He leaves his dish in the sink on purpose, just to annoy me.”

“She goes to her friend's house and comes back telling me how beautiful everything is. Her disappointment is obvious.”

And even between men and women who barely know each other:

“She wasn't very responsive when I walked up to her. She must not have been very interested.”

When these kinds of situations happen, we tend to draw conclusions without assessing all of the facts.


And when we do assess the facts, and interpret certain situations differently… some pretty life-changing stuff can happen.

I'm talking about sleeping with girls who you previously thought were “uninterested” in you… being more successful with women (not just women you like, but ALL women)… and being happier in general.

And in fact, it's this trick of interpretation that my buddy personally used to get a date with a hot girl who I thought “hated his guts.”

(Studies consistently show that most people can guess when a person is flirting with them only about 28% of the time.)

I'll show you what I mean below.

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Is She a “Yes,” A “No,” Or A “Maybe”?

Whenever one of these situations happens to you–where a girl you like seems uninterested, or something seems to not be working in your favor–there are 3 possible outcomes.

One–you're wrong.

She isn't acting standoffish on purpose, and in fact, she does like you.

Two–you're right.

She was acting that way because she simply was not into you like that.

Three–some combination of the two.


Maybe she'd like to get to know you better, but she's not in a great mood, or is really tired and not ready for a long conversation.

Or maybe she's on the fence about you, and hasn't quite made up her mind if she wants to go out on a date just yet.

Sound familiar?

It should, because these are the 3 possible responses to every situation:

Yes, no, and maybe.

The point is, since you can't possibly know the truth–unless you flat-out ask her to her face, which could end badly–then it's best that you use your interpretation to help yourself.

Usually, if not always, the more negative interpretation (most often it's the, “No, she's NOT interested in me” thought) does not serve you. This is true even if it's the more accurate reality.

The Biggest Challenge That Stops Men From Getting What They Want (& How to Overcome It)…

Motivational speaker and author Tony Robbins says:

There are two questions you are always asking. ‘What does this mean?' And, ‘What should I do?' They influence one another.”

Interpretation is something we all do in our day-to-day lives, and this includes your interactions with women.

Part of the biggest challenge I have when it comes to encouraging men to change and grow, is getting them out of their desire to stay where they are.

Basically, if your beliefs about your life stay the same, then your life is pretty much going to stay the same too. (Or it will likely change at a much slower pace.)

In order to change the results you're getting, you need to change your beliefs about what's happening too.

This may be easier to understand once I show you an example.

I once had a client who interpreted every opportunity as stacked against him.


“Go and ask her if Carl's working tonight,” I'd encourage him. “She's talking to her friend,” he'd shoot back.

I'd tell him, “She was smiling! Did you see how when you touched her she stepped forward? She wanted to keep talking.”

And in response, he'd simply say, “Really? I thought she was trying to be friendly. She wanted to go back to her friends.”

As you may have guessed, these beliefs stopped him from getting the hot girls he really wanted.

And the amazing thing is, if you can switch your belief system to interpret everything as more positive–then you'll see the opposite results.

I'll show you what I mean with another example below:

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How My Buddy Used the Power of Interpretation to Get a Date With a Girl Who Was NOT Interested In Him…

I had a friend who had what I would consider “high self-esteem.”

He would watch a woman and translate everything she did into “she likes me.”

From my vantage point, I'd watch as she ignores him, frowns, and gives him the brush off.

Yet he'd interpret things and say, “Wow, she really plays the game.”

Was he right?

Who knows?


At the end of the day, which thought feels better?

I specifically remember him talking to a woman he stopped in the middle of a small park.

He took her hand in greeting and wouldn't let go.

Things didn't look to be going very well from my perspective.

But it’s what he did next that made the difference, and got her to go out on a date with him:

“Blind Confidence” Is Only Half The Equation…

Like I said, this girl was NOT interested in my buddy…

And even though he believed she was just “playing the game,” it was clear to me that she was uncomfortable, and wanted him to go away.

It’s what he did next that changed her mind, and got her out on a date with him:

He moved his hand, and touched her in

Because women are extremely emotional creatures…

Many of a woman’s decisions are based on what she’s feeling, NOT what she’s thinking.

So even if she’s thinking, “I don’t even know this guy, he is so not my type!”…

If you can make her FEEL a certain way, then she’s more likely to follow that emotion.

This goes for arousal as well.

Which means that if you can

… then she’s going to want to build on that excitement, and do things that allow her to get sexual with you…

And that's how it worked for my buddy.

A few seconds after he used on her hand, she lowered her elbow and pulled in closer…

… and less than 10 minutes later, he had her number and a date planned for that weekend. ????

And so can you, using these simple, subtle touch tricks:

[Note: This post was updated by Gotham Club on August 24, 2019.]


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So what’s the solution?

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Is THIS Common Protein Source the Secret to Firmer, Longer-Lasting Hard-Ons?

 Go nuts. 

You heard me right. 

A large randomized clinical found that eating 60 grams of nuts per day can improve erectile function all around! 

This study found that eating 60 grams of nuts every day can help you get it up quicker, last longer, and really satisfy women in bed.

How is this possible? 

Well, the study started with forty-three dudes, between the ages of 18 and 35. These were assigned to a “nut group” (yes, go ahead and laugh). 

The men in the “nut group” had a typical Western diet, supplemented with 60 grams of raw mixed nuts per day. 


If you want to get really nitty gritty, they ate: 30 grams of walnuts, 15 grams of almonds, and 15 grams of hazelnuts.

But if you really love macadamia nuts, go ahead and throw some of those in there, too, and I’m betting you’ll still see results.

Meanwhile, another forty men were part of a “control group,” meaning they weren’t allowed to eat nuts. Poor guys!

In fact, the guys in the control group were told to avoid nuts altogether. No pecan pie for those dudes.

After fourteen weeks, scientists evaluated levels of E-selectin and nitric oxide in the men in both groups.

These fancy-sounding words are both indicators of healthy erectile function.

Men in both groups also filled out surveys, which asked them fifteen questions about their erection quality before and during the nut experiment.

Sounds like fun, right?

So what were the results? I’m on the edge of my seat!

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Here’s Scientific Proof That Nuts Can Improve Almost Any Guy’s Sexual Function & Health…

Well, it turns out the men who ate the nuts during the study period had much better erectile function, during the time that they participated in the experiment. 

This means it’s very likely that eating raw nuts daily led them to have better sexual health! 

Still skeptical, and reluctant to start popping walnuts instead of Cheetos while you watch the game? 

Science is science, my friend. 

It just so happens this is one of the largest studies of its kind ever performed. It was published in a peer-reviewed scientific journal called Nutrients


In other words, lots of scientists who study nutrition and the human body read this article, and they all agreed that the research was well-performed and the study contained good data. 

The numbers don’t lie! 

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Why Are Nuts So Good For Your Erections, Anyway?

 So why could this be true? Well, scientists aren’t quite sure yet, but nutritionists know that eating nuts—especially raw nuts, like those used in the study—are all-around great for your health. 

Nuts contain healthy fats, and they’re also high in protein, which—hey!—is great for your sperm quality, too. Win, win!

So instead of heading to the doctor to become some lab’s guinea pig, try this natural method of boosting your erectile function.

Erectile problems can be a real buzz kill, literally.

I mean, it’s such a bummer for your sex life when erections go haywire. You feel inadequate, she feels unattractive—even the most trusting and supportive couples don’t really like dealing with this.

But you might have had it up to here with so-called miracle cures, expensive and painful procedures, and sketchy medications.

So skip the pharmacy and the chopping block. Instead, just dice up some almonds and throw them in your salad.


Snack on some pecans while you’re unwinding after work.

Add some walnuts to your morning oatmeal.

Not only will your sexual health get better, but you’ll be healthier all around, too—nuts are a great source of energy! After all, they’re very similar to seeds, which contain all the ingredients necessary to create a new plant.

You’ve got nothing to lose, and lots of fun in the sack to gain.

And I’m guessing the lady (or ladies!) in your life will thank you! ????

But want to know something else?

There are actually a LOT more foods you can eat to boost your performance in the bedroom naturally:

60 Grams Of Nuts Is A Good Start, But You Wanna Know What’s Better?

What if you want the kind of rock-solid, and long-lasting erections that will make your woman scream loud enough to wake your neighbors… every single night?

His dong just wasn’t functioning.

No matter what he did, he couldn’t get his soggy noodle to stiffen up.

And when he was able to get hard… he’d go soft in the middle of sex!

What guy wouldn’t be embarrassed by that??


As a matter of fact now he gets hard at the drop of a dime, and stays hard long enough to give his woman the kind of powerful, whole-body orgasms that has her screaming like a banshee at all hours of the night. ????

How’d he do it?

He added a few plant-based foods to his diet:

P.S. Most guys already have at home… do you?



The post Massive Health & Nutrition Study Reveals 60 Grams of THIS Food Can Give Nearly Any Guy Harder And Longer-Lasting Erections appeared first on Gotham Club.

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