How Newlyweds Can Navigate the Home Buying Experience

Exciting Lifestyle Changes for Newlyweds Post-marriage lifestyle changes are always exciting, but can often create scenarios that lead to headaches. It’s best to go... The post How Newlyweds Can Navigate the Home Buying Experience appeared first on The Dating Directory.

How Newlyweds Can Navigate the Home Buying Experience

Exciting Lifestyle Changes for Newlyweds

Post-marriage lifestyle changes are always exciting, but can often create scenarios that lead to headaches. It’s best to go into your new chapter of life with an open mind and try to discover your future together.

The home hunting process requires strategy and can be intimidating at times. Use these tips to not only find your forever home but ensure it stays that way for years to come. 

Know What You’re Looking For

The first step in the home buying process is knowing exactly what you and your partner are looking for.

It’s critical to be on the same page when searching for a property, things like bedroom and bathroom count are essential elements.

Discuss potential school districts, major roads, stores, and other attractions such as professional sports teams or recreational activity areas.

If you and your partner plan on having kids, keep that in mind when searching for your home as well. Try searching for properties online.

There are a variety of unique real estate sites that will help you find more information.

This process directly aligns with how much money you are looking to spend, and where you hope to truly settle down for the first time.

Measurable information such as the size and cost of the home should be agreed upon by you and your spouse.

Eliminate chaos by creating a list of items that you and your partner want and need. This list should be comprehensive if you and your spouse don’t agree on something, it’s critical to create a compromise.

Create A Budget

Creating a budget is the second step when attacking the home buying experience. It’s one thing to save money, it’s another to do it strategically.

Generally, saving up money for a new house can take an extended period of time. It’s important to start saving and budgeting right away, consider the possibility of opening a joint savings account.

Connect with your spouse periodically to decide what is important to spend money on and where you might be able to save.

This process may seem chaotic but taking notes and recording your expense distributions will help in the long run.

Budgeting can result in giving up some things you’re used to indulging in. It’s better to budget hard for a shorter period of time than to delay it for a longer period of time.

Try setting well-balanced goals for both you and your partner, this way you can record both your spending and saving habits.

Set a monthly goal and cut any unnecessary expenses.

Your budget is what you make it, everyone is not going to prioritize the same thing but it’s important to find a middle ground where both partners will have to sacrifice certain things for the greater good.

In the end, finding that perfect home will be worth the sacrifices.

Budget Saving Money GIF

Find the Right Real Estate Agent

The next step in the home hunting process is hiring a reliable real estate agent that you can trust.

It’s important to remember that this person must clearly understand what you’re looking for and how to go after it.

There are several ways you can find the right real estate agent, such as word of mouth, or doing specific research.

Some may even have signs locally, or listings in surrounding areas. Try doing some research of your own, and ask your partner or close family members if they know of any agents who are well attributed in the area.

Finding the right real estate agent is crucial when wanting to learn more insight into the home buying process.

For many newlyweds, home buying is less familiar to them, so it’s important to learn as much as possible.

Real estate agents will suggest a variety of things with your marital goals in mind. It’s essential to set aside time to communicate with your partner and decide which real estate agent is the best for you.

Meet up with that real estate agent to go over things, especially if you had some places in mind.

Prepare For the Unknown

After you purchase your home, it’s important to create peace of mind. This can be difficult at times, especially when investing in something unfamiliar to anything you’ve done before.

When you first move in it’s necessary to remain as open-minded as possible. Effectively communicate with your partner to gather their thoughts on the property.

Begin by re-evaluating your home to make sure everything is intact. It’s best to settle into your home by turning the utilities on, inspecting the interior, organizing all of your belongings, and preparing for the foreseeable future.

After re-evaluating your home, express any issues you may have upfront. It’s critical that you are as financially conscious as possible.

There are a variety of things that newlyweds can do to ensure that they are getting the most out of their new home.

Some things to consider looking into are home insurance policies or home warranty policies. Both plans can ensure that coverage on a home and appliances are covered, saving you from any financial headaches.

These added policies can help create peace of mind and are especially important for saving money in the long run.

You and your spouse can avoid any arguments by being transparent with one another, whether it’s about where to put the couch or what appliances to purchase.

Make It Your Own

Like everything else in life, it’s imperative that you make it your own. Because you are no longer living alone, it’s important to make it comfortable for both of you.

Similar to a budget list, create a list of things with your partner that you want to incorporate throughout your new home.

This could range from things like the interior design to how many bushes are in the front landscape. Spread meaningful photos and memories throughout your home.

Try to decorate and hang art, posters, and other accessories that are the most meaningful for both of you.

This should be a space where you can create traditions and recognize accomplishments for years to come.

For example, celebrating your first Christmas as a married couple or expecting your first child. Avoid living a stressful life by continuously communicating with your partner throughout the entire home buying process.

Finding a home that is right for both people is difficult. Preserve your relationship by finding common ground between your home and your new lifestyle.

The post How Newlyweds Can Navigate the Home Buying Experience appeared first on The Dating Directory.

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It offers a safe and fun way to explore sexuality, fantasies, and fetishes, and get new ideas for the bedroom. 

It’s common for many viewers to end up really connecting with one particular pornstar. 

But sometimes we end up with a few subscriptions and stop exploring outside of those. 

What this means is that while you’re enjoying your favorite pornstars, some AMAZING stuff is happening outside of your usual groove and you are missing OUT. 


Now I do NOT want you to miss out, so I’m going to let you know about some of the newer stars on the scene and what makes them so damn sexy. 

Check out this list 0f 50 hidden gems and be sure to vote your favorite at the end! 

We’ve set up a prize to give the winning pornstar up to a $300 item on her wish list. 

I know YOU want to have a hand on giving that girl her gift! ????

Now let’s get started…

Which “Hidden Gem” Female Pornstar Do YOU Want to See More of In 2019?

1) Mia Melano

Mia Melano is relatively new to the industry, but she's turning heads already. 

Standing at 5'11,” she's got legs for days and looks that kill. 

She might look soft and sweet, but she’s got a dirty streak that makes her a star of the hardcore scene. 

Her bold, sexy style might shock you!

2) Christiana Cinn

With long, lustrous chestnut hair, is breathtakingly beautiful, but notoriously naughty. 

She’s just about perfected the art of oral sex and you can tell she truly enjoys this aspect of sex. 

This loves to take on a new personality when filming, which makes her far from predictable. She’s bound to catch your eye and tickle even your most out-there fancies…


3) Kimmy Granger

If Hermione had a porn star alter ego, this would be her. 

Kimmy is petite and feisty with an appetite for kink. 

Whether it’s girl-on-girl action or getting rough, Kimmy steals the show. Her talent has earned her an adult video award nomination, which I think you’ll fully agree is well-deserved.

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4) Della Dane

This tattooed beauty has to be among the hottest cougars out there. 

Busty and strong, this megababe will certainly catch your attention. 

She rules the gangbang and rough sex scenes, and she does it with flair. 

A hardcore woman at heart, Della knows how to bring on the heat. 

5) Bunny Colby

You can already tell from her name that this star knows how to have fun. 

Tall, thin, and gorgeous, Bunny is not easily forgotten. 

Just one year in to her acting career, she has caught the eye of many and is certainly catching on. 

Upfront and honest, this star keeps it real. Keep an eye on her!

6) Brooklyn Chase

There’s a reason this dreamy actress has been nominated for Porn Star of the Year. 

Brooklyn has appeared in a variety of X-rated films and is also known for modeling. 

You can find this stunner rocking hardcore and lesbian scenes. Her physique, talent, and adventurous nature make her an excellent candidate for a big award. 

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7) Abby Lee Brazil

This brazilian bombshell is responsible for countless dropped jaws. 

Absolutely beautiful with a strong, sexy body, Abby Lee deserves a second glance. 

Acting and modeling are a natural fit for this natural beauty. 

Her tattoo and piercings hint at her kinkiness, but you’ll simply have to see for yourself. 

8) Alix Lynx

Yoga, slumber parties, and cat ears have entered a new dimension thanks to Alix Lynx. 

This rowdy blonde porn star brings a fun-loving personality to the sexiest limits. 

Threesomes and orgies are just two of her specialties. Check her out and you’ll soon realize you never imagined a pool party could get SO damn sexy. 


9) Blair Williams

Blair made her debut in the porn scene in 2015 and has since proven to be an asset to the industry. 

She has been nominated for a variety of awards, and it won’t take long for you to understand why. 

Whether it’s lesbian, straight, indoors, or outdoors, Blair does not disppoint. She’s got the goods — flexible, fun, and freaky.

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10) Daphne Dare

Daphne Dare is a young actress new to the industry. 

She’s keen to be either dominant or submissive, and favors BDSM. She says she loves fetish-themes and FemDom. 

Her videos have earned well over one million views and there about one million reasons why. Not familiar with Daphne’s dirty tricks?

Join the masses and see why she’s trending now. 

11) Melody Marks

Melody’s follower base is growing and there are a few key reasons why. 

This young actress is fresh in the porn industry, but based on her videos you might think she’s far more experienced. 

She loves being watched and told what to do, which means her videos have a wonderfully authentic feel to them. 

Not only is Melody a master of allure, but she’s also bright, with a college degree and an interest in the medical field. 

12) Allie Nicole

Allie Nicole is originally from the South but found her way to LA to step confidently into the porn industry. 

Despite her religious upbringing, she is nowhere near shy. 

She loves to submit and has been inspired by her work to explore her sexuality in new ways. Allie’s outgoing personality and natural beauty set her up for success in her career.

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13) Vienna Black

You can thank Vienna’s diverse nationalities–including Brazilian and Scottish–for her striking beauty. 

Just two years in to her porn star career, Vienna is raising eyebrows and quickly growing her fan base. 

She brings Shibari to another level of sexiness and doesn’t shy from threesomes. It won’t be long before Vienna’s name is widely known. 

14) Alex Coal

In her late 20’s Alex Coal is fresh to the scene, having begun in January 2019. 

By the millions of video views she’s already earned, it’s clear that her career is off to a strong start. 

As an experienced camgirl, Alex knows how to capture and keep the attention of her viewers. Once you see her twerk, you’ll be sold on this charming celeb-in-the-making!


15) Gia Milana

This super babe hails from Puerto Rico and has surely increased the average sexiness of the U.S. by a factor of 10. 

She’s fit, has silky dark brown hair, and a smirk that will make your heart plummet. Hot tattoos and piercings highlight her natural sexiness and are bound to lure you in. 

Plus, she’s a writer! 

Gia is an erotica author who knows how to make reading one of the sexiest things you’ll do all day. 

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16) Katie Kush

Katie’s already gorgeous, but on top of that, she is seriously flexible! 

I’m talking splits. I mean MIDDLE splits. If you dig bendy chicks, you’re going to love her. 

And I’m sure you’ll agree that she nails the schoolgirl look. Keep your eye out for this one! 

17) Lauren Phillips

Lauren is another flexible femme whose bendy talents come from her extensive background in dance, which she pursued before she began her porn star career. 

This raunchy redhead is a natural in front of the camera. She has worked for Mofos and Bang Bros, and has enjoyed immense success in the porn industry. 

With a degree in performance art, you can rest assured that she will bring 100% to each video she makes.

18) Victoria Voxx

Once you’ve seen Victoria Voxx in action, you will NOT forget her. 

Victoria has a running start in the porn industry with demonstrated skill in BDSM, bondage, and lesbian scenes. 

Her natural curls and perfect skin make her stand out among beauty queens. 

You’ll also be blown away by her strength, just check out some of her videos to see what I mean…

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19) Autumn Falls

Autumn is petite, busty, and all over the hot ticket items of porn. 

She’ll be quick to rise to the tops of viewers’s favorite stars with her amazingly gorgeous body and natural sex appeal. 

She’s got nearly 70,000 loyal followers and at this rate will be hitting the 1MIL mark in no time. 

This star is on the rise.

20) Alexis Tae

Alexis is gaining popularity with her undeniably sexy videos. 

She’s brand new to porn and the industry is lucky to have her talent added to the mix. 

Rough sex and hot bisexual scenes are just the beginning. She says that as a highly sexual person, this work comes naturally to her. 

What’s better than a porn actress who LOVES what she’s doing?


21) Ella Hughes

Ella is a British porn star who has earned four awards in three years for her work in the porn industry. 

As a woman who loves being naked and enjoys being watched, Ella has been quick to gain traction with followers. 

This cute redhead is heating up, so keep an eye on her!

[adning id=”10065″]

22) Cecilia Lion

If you can even bring yourself to stop staring awestruck at her gorgeous hair, you’ll understand why Cecilia is on the rise. 

Her exotic look combined with natural talent makes for jaw-droppingly hot sex scenes. 

She enjoys working with other women to make sexy lesbian and bisexual scenes. Don’t miss out on this talented star!

23) Natasha Nice 

This curvaceous knockout comes from France, a country known for its openness to sex. 

She’s been listed in the top five youngest and hottest porn actresses and is likely to top many more charts in the near future. 

You’ll be blown away by her strip teases and ridiculously hot solo videos… Natasha has a lot to offer.

24) Maitland Ward 

If Maitland looks familiar to you, it’s mostly likely because she played Rahcel McGuire on the 90’s sitcom Boy Meets World! 

The porn industry suits this beauty well. 

She explains that she’s been showing off her body on social media for years and adores being filmed naked. Maitland now appears in hundreds of videos that will get you seriously juiced.

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25) Summer Hart

Summer’s a sweetheart with spice. 

She’s from Las Vegas and has put out countless cam videos and hundreds of videos. With more than 30 million views, there’s no question that Summer is catching on. 

You’ll want to see her hot foursome video and continue to follow this super hottie!


26) Regan Foxx

Regan has got to be one of the hottest MILFs of our time. 

She’s been featured in Brazzers, Girlfriends Films, and Bang Bros Network. Camming got her off to a strong start in 2011, and in 2016 she made the transition to full on pornography. 

This was a great thing for the industry, which majorly benefits from her talent. Don’t miss out on this voracious vixen!

27) Candice Dare

If you haven’t seen this blonde hottie in action, you have a LOT to look forward to. 

She’s got a huge appetite for sex and has eagerly shot scenes with three men at once. 

Anal sex and lesbian scenes are two of her fortes, but she can do a whole lot more. 

Check out Candice and you’ll see why you’re compelled to keep watching. 

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28) Riley Nixon

This Canadian is celebrity status with her wildly popular videos and quickly growing following. 

She’s been nominated for 25 awards. She’s got this sexy self-confidence that emanates in all of her videos. 

You’ll be melting at the sight of her smile. Check out some of her vids to get your heart pounding…

29) Bobbi Dylan

Bobbi Dylan is like that woman you imagined might exist but worried it was too good to be true. 

Bobbi is truly a dream with long luscious curls and a feminine yet built figure. With a craving for kink, Bobbi is attracting followers quickly. 

Her style of sex appeal is exciting and captivating. 

30) Bridgette B.

This bombshell has appeared in a variety of publications, including Vivid, Hustler, Wicked, Naught America, and Digital Playground. 

She’s an AVN award winner and there’s no doubt that more awards are in her future. She worked as a stripper before getting into porn, and is now inspiring thousands of men and women with her extreme sexiness.

[adning id=”10065″]

31) Rachel Steele

You might not believe your eyes when you see her. 

The drop-dead gorgeous Rachel Steele is a sex goddess and a boss babe, making ridiculously hot scenes and also running her own production company. 

Check out some of her videos and you’ll know why this woman deserves every view she gets.

32) Dava Foxx

Dava has long been letting her natural sexiness work for her. 

An ex-waitress for Hooters and former Playboy TV star, it was perfectly natural for her to shift into working as a porn star. 

This MILF has starred in unbelievably hot videos, including rough sex and threesomes. 

She says she’s planning to branch out soon to include anal and threesomes with two guys, so be sure to check her out!


33) Gia Paige

Gia got noticed as a camgirl and received so much encouragement to do porn that she decided to give it a try. 

She ended up loving it and has now been at it on screen since 2015. 

She’s trending now and has racked up more than 100 million views. Some of her videos are dangerously hot so make sure you have plenty of time to spare when you check out her work…

[adning id=”10065″]

34) Cherie Deville

Cherie just RADIATES sexual energy, so it’s no surprise her videos are getting more and more clicks. 

Not only does she have a voracious appetite for sex, but she also has the killer looks that glue your eyes open. 

Cherie’s got a huge advantage when it comes to sex–as a former physiotherapist, her body awareness is extremely high. 

She knows just how to engage and stretch for maximum pleasure. See if you can tell by watching some of her videos!

35) Nina North

Is this girl for real? 

Of Japanese and El Salvadorian descent, Nina is breathtakingly beautiful. 

Her exotic look and jaw-dropping figure have caught the attention of millions of viewers. 

If you dig hardcore and girls getting naked together, you’re going to love this beauty’s videos.


36) Alex Grey

Alex got her start in camming and was quickly scouted by Matrix Models to start working in pornography. 

Alex has featured in a variety of award-winning videos including Digital Sin and X-Art. 

She’s received nomination after nomination and continues to get noticed. 

One of her keys to success is that she truly loves making porn, and her genuine enthusiasm comes through in her videos. 

Not sure what I mean? You will be soon!

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37) Abella Danger

My best guess at her choice of porn star name is that Abella wanted everyone to receive fair warning… I doubt you can even look at her for three seconds without getting turned on. 

Abella has a dirty streak with a lust for bondage and giving oral–whether to girls or guys. 

You’ll want to watch all her videos, but it might take you a while since all it takes is one! ????

38) Sophia Lux

Tan, fit, and flexy, Sophia is winning over millions. 

With her stunner looks and some of the hottest girl-on-girl scenes to hit the web, it’s no surprise that she’s racking up followers and views. 

Her POV work is on that instant-arousal level, so don’t miss out!  She’s a sexual sensation hitting her stride… be sure to check out some of her work!

39) Eliza Ibarra

She’s a dreamgirl with such a passion for d!ck that you start to wonder how many guys it would take to satisfy her. 

Her love of sexual touch is clear in her hot, wet, juicy videos that feature her getting kinky with men, girls, or both! 

You’ll see a glint in her eye and know that she loves her job. My guess is you’ll be subscribing to her in minutes. 

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40) Gianna Dior

This girl knows what she wants, and you better bet she gets it! 

She’s versatile too–whether she’s playing the horny cheerleader or wearing nothing but fishnets, this babe looks like a million bucks. 

Gianna likes it rough but you can also find her enjoying a sensual massage from another woman… Well, I don’t want to give too much away. 

Check out this cutie ASAP!


41) Lacy Lennon

This ravishing redhead has instantly made porn hotter. 

You have got to see this woman in lingerie and bright red heels–she is simply to die for! Not without a kinky side, Lacy might shock you at the same time that she turns you on. 

She’s a fun, sexy babe with wild sex drive. Expect to see her rise in the ranks!

42) Evelyn Claire

I can’t imagine how many erections this artist/actress extraordinaire is responsible for at this point. 

She’s got a beautiful body and gorgeous eyes that have that mischievous twinkle.  

What might shock you most of all is that this girl has done it underwater. Like, all the way underwater with weight belts and it’s not like anything you’ve ever seen before. 

Where did she learn to hold her breath like that?

[adning id=”10065″]

43) Lady Dee

This Czechoslovakian porn star will have you drooling in minutes. 

She has done some incredible work in BDSM and solo acts, but there is so much more to this dazzling muse. 

She kicks up the kink factor and is very likely going to inspire you adding new adventurous sex acts to your bucket list. 

Find out why millions are checking out her videos… you won’t be disappointed!


44) Ana Foxxx

If you didn’t think the office floor was a great location for a hot bang, Ana will make you feel differently. 

In fact, Ana will make you see a lot of things differently, as she brings sexuality to another level in her juicy videos. 

Her feminine energy and aggressive enjoyment of sex combines in a unique way that makes her work rather unforgettable! You’ll have to queue up her videos to know what I mean. 

45) Ember Snow

Ember is tiny but her sex appeal is massive. 

Just two years into her career, has drawn in many followers. 

She’s highly attracted to women, which makes her girl-on-girl scenes simply ache with genuine pleasure. 

Ember has a she wants to live out, so you’ll be wanting to hit that subscribe button!

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46) Estella Bathory

Estella is simply beautiful and her vivacious energy will have you hooked in minutes. 

One thing to love about her is her adventurousness. 

Restraint and other types of kink are her domain. If you find yourself clicking for more, don’t be surprised–you’re in good company; her fan base is growing!


47) Victoria June

Sometimes you have to ask yourself how hot is too hot…this has GOT to be one of those times. 

Victoria is a total knockout with remarkable technique. 

With juicy lips and sultry eyes, you are going to be wishing you had started a career in the porn industry just to get a chance to work with her. 

But it’s all good–she’s got a whole lot of videos to satisfy your cravings.

48) Sara Jay

Sara calls herself the most curvaceous porn star in the industry, and she’s probably right. 

This jaw-dropping beauty has a seriously amazing body that you can’t take your eyes off of. And you don’t have to–she’s got a lot of juicy videos to share with you. 

This award-winner has got the goods and it won’t be long before she’s topping charts.

[adning id=”10065″]

49) Moriah Mills

If you haven’t seen Moriah in action, you need to change that STAT. 

This woman is unbelievably talented with a body that is equally mind-blowing. 

You can scroll her ultra-sexy Instagram for a tease (it’s how she got her start in porn after all!)… but I’m thinking you’re going to want to peruse her video archives. 

So go relax and let her work her magic on you…you won’t regret it.


50) Misty Stone

One thing that makes a good porn star is an authentic love of everything sexual. 

Misty embodies that and more, whether she’s with a dude, a girl, or at a full-on orgie. Misty is sure to recharge your batteries with her bomb energy and gorgeous looks. 

Have some fun and find out why so many people are hitting the “thumbs-up” on her videos. 

Check out the whole infographic below–and don’t forget to scroll down and vote for your favorite “hidden gem” pornstar in our poll!


So Now You've Seen All 50 “Hidden Gem” Pornstars Of 2019…

Okay, I know you are just SIZZLING now. I know I’ve just handed you one of the hottest lists of your life, but don’t worry, you have plenty of time to browse these sexy stars. But before you get started, scroll back for a moment and think about which porn star stood out to you the most…

It might seem hard to choose between so many knockouts, but don’t overthink it–there will be a little extra YES when you find your favorite. 

Then you can VOTE for her to help her win a gift from her wish list! I know she’ll be grateful you did. ????

We Asked 3 Sexy Pornstars The Question You’ve Been DYING To Know…

I mean if anybody would know… a pornstar would, right??! ????

So we asked the super-sexy (not to mention totally LEGENDARY) Briana Banks… and two of her sexy co-stars, to give us the brutally honest answer…

And man…

So if you’ve ever wondered if what you’re packing *down there* is “enough” for her…

Or if you’re curious about what TRULY gives women the most pleasure during sex… (hint: it’s not just your size)…


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