How To Breakup With Crazy Girls: 3 Lines That End Things FAST (Without Any Drama)

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How To Breakup With Crazy Girls: 3 Lines That End Things FAST (Without Any Drama)

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How To Breakup With a Crazy Girl & Cut Her Loose Without Making A Scene–And Get Hot New Women in Your Bed Fast…

Hey, it's Glenn Pearce, and we're back again for Ask Glenn Anything questions.

And I'm really happy about all the guys who wrote in.

There are so many wonderful questions, so let's get right into it.

Alright, so this next question, it's a long question, so bear with it. I think it's a really great, and he needs an answer to a serious problem he has here.

His name is Ryan, and I want to say thanks for writing in.

And Ryan says:


Hey Glenn, I think I got myself into a hell of a mess. About a year back, I started hooking up with this married chick I went to grad school with, let's call her Allison. There's only one problem, she's married, to a guy in the Navy, and she's got a young, five-year-old son with him. At first I felt like s*it, but she constantly tells me how she's not in love with her husband anymore.

He never f**ks her, he's asexual now. She only has feelings for me. So I don't feel too bad for the guy, I'm worried about my safety though. We've had some near misses with him calling her while she's blowing me and trying to track her down with her GPS thing he has.

I wanted to call it off a while back, but she said if I call it off she's gonna tell her husband everything and he's not gonna be happy about that. Since he's a soldier, I'm worried that he's gonna find out and bring his service weapon to my house. And yet I don't know if I've ever had better sex with anyone while she's blowing me talking on the phone with him.

I know it's a long question, but what do I do?”

Ryan, I mean that was probably the most interesting question I've got. She must really like blowing you while he's calling.

First thing is, is … I mean, here's the deal:

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Catch The Full Video Transcript Below…

If this chick is threatening you like, “If you break up with me I'm gonna tell him”…

Then you're probably not dealing with an emotionally stable woman, and you gotta get out of there.

Secondly, I don't believe … me personally, I don't believe for one second she's gonna be like, “Oh, I was f**king this guy and blowing him while you're on the phone and here's his address, just go to his house.”

I mean, I don't think that's gonna happen.


Third, I mean, just 'cause this guy's in the Marines or Army doesn't mean he's gonna come shoot you.

Like, yeah, you might have a few crazy people in the Marines or Army, but this isn't Apocalypse Now, man, like I don't think …

I think 99.9 percent of men in the service aren't gonna get that news and go blow some guy's head off and ruin his whole life, his career, his son's life, his kid's life, whatever he has.

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Say THIS to Break Things Off (Without Any Risk of Causing a Scene)…

Now would I worry? Yes.

Instead of breaking up with her maybe you could just let things fizzle.

I mean maybe you could just say like, “Hey I can't see you, I'm really busy. I got new hours at my job.”

Just start making excuses and then when she's like, “Are you blowing me off?” Be like, “No, you know I'd really like to see you but I just don't have time.”

Or, you know maybe tell her you got f**kin' herpes, you got HIV. Like I don't know, like …

You know, find an excuse where maybe you can get out of it, where it's not your fault or tell her you got diagnosed with like some weird disease and you can't get out of it.

You can't see her anymore.

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Here’s The Thing About Banging Hot Married Chicks…

I mean I would get out of that unstable environment no matter how good the sex was 'cause here's the thing man:

Like either A, she's crazy. Well, she's definitely crazy 'cause she's giving you that ultimatum.

And B, you know you have this concern he's gonna come shoot you and that she's gonna tell him.


I mean I don't know what to think and what's real, what's not real. All I know is if I heard this, I would remove myself from the situation immediately and not give any chance of it escalating out of hand.

And if you're still hung up on how good the sex is, I get it… but man, you know there are plenty of other DTF chicks out there who AREN'T crazy.

Here's how to find them:

“But What About The Sex??”

It’s undeniable… one of the biggest reasons letting go of a crazy girl is so hard is because of the amazing sex.

I’ve been there…

I once stayed with a girl for 3 months after she threw a vase at my head, and broke my fish tank!

And the only reason I even stuck around was because this woman can blow you like a cup of hot soup.

(Hell, I bet she could suck a tennis ball through a straw… if you know what I’m saying)

But there’s something I quickly learned soon after that… which really made me regret sticking around for as long as I did:

But who aren’t crazy, and who won’t break into your phone and go through your texts… or try to put your goldfish in the microwave.

And I’m telling you right now these freaky (but normal) girls are EVERYWHERE!

But how do you find them?

You just have to know what to look for…


The post How To Breakup With Crazy Girls: 3 Lines That End Things FAST (Without Any Drama) appeared first on Gotham Club.

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