How To Easily Strike Up a Conversation With a Woman You Don’t Know

How To Talk to Girls In Almost Any Situation (And Get More Numbers, Dates & Hookups Right Away)… Click here ... Read more 1,171 Views The post How To Easily Strike Up a Conversation With a Woman You Don’t Know appeared first on Gotham Club.

How To Easily Strike Up a Conversation With a Woman You Don’t Know

How To Talk to Girls In Almost Any Situation (And Get More Numbers, Dates & Hookups Right Away)…

In our last chat, I told you to start putting skin in the game.

I tried to convince you that all the things I’ve said so far will hopefully make you more effective when you do, but nothing will actually make you good at it, or make it comfortable except doing it.

Like dancing or boxing, you can learn a great deal from books and theory and watching it done live or on YouTube, but nothing replaces actual experience and the subsequent visual motor rehearsal.


Hopefully, you’ve made even the slightest progress on my last suggestion on how to talk to girls. Hopefully you’ve said “hi,” you’ve talked to someone, you’ve said something to someone you didn’t know.

No? I was worried about that.

Did you try? If you’ve tried then you’re ready for this discussion. If you haven’t, well, still read ahead, ‘cause better than reasons to procrastinate, you probably need help with follow through.

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Worry You're Too “Creepy” or Introverted?

You get way more benefits, however, if you’ve actually made even the slightest effort to talk to someone you don’t know. Otherwise, how are you going to learn how to talk to girls?

I say this because there are two big possibilities on either end of the spectrum when I ask you to talk to someone you don’t know.

At one end, you burst in on someone without hesitation, and their response is horror, resistance and/or a desire to escape.

At the other end, you look at her, she looks back warmly, and you can’t get anything out of your mouth.


Most of us are somewhere on that scale from extroverted/creepy to introverted/likable.

There are two scales, of course, extroverted-introverted and creepy-likable, and I’ve hopefully given you some counterintuitive tips to adjust your creepy-likable rating.

From last week, I'm going to work on your extroverted-introverted scale with a helping of “likability” thrown in wherever possible.

The goal, of course, is to move you on that scale to a point where you are simultaneously more and more comfortable opening your mouth when you’re in an unfamiliar setting, and more and more desirable to listen to when you do open your mouth.

The Secret to Becoming an Extrovert Overnight

So the last thing I told you was to say “hi.” Talk a little to people. Say something. Don’t avoid attention. That’s enough to start getting a taste. Now we’ll talk more about how it happens.

I’ve looked at and broken down many actual interactions and I’ll tell you something you probably don’t know.

What allows a person to just start talking to someone they don’t know out of the blue – what makes them feel comfortable doing it – seems to be a certain kind of trust. That would be interesting and useless, except that I’m going to break those down into the different types of trust and give you ways to engineer (read: fake) all but one.

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The Ground Rules of Likability

Before I do, I want to give you some ground rules for likability.

The first rule is about status. Let’s make clear – and I’m sorry if this feels chauvinist, because it’s not – it's best if you seem to have more status than she does.

I don’t want to go too deep in this because I’d like to get to the action part – we’ve spent enough time on prep – but I’ll insist for the sensitive new-age guys (SNAGs) among you who want to say that it works both ways blah blah blah…

Men like good-looking women. Women like high-status men.

Their friends are jealous when they have high-status mates, and everything

superficial about their dating situations is improved by a status differential.

Pilots are desired by flight attendants, doctors date nurses, and bosses go out with secretaries.

Now there are female pilots and male air stewards.

They don’t famously date, though.

There are female doctors. In fact more women become doctors currently than men.

Do they date among the growing population of male nurses?

Hardly. They date other doctors, and aim for surgeons, hospital administrators, and other high-status men.

This is not a recommendation to start hitting on your staff. Rather, this is a foundational note that as you and I “engineer” scenarios, make sure that you are taking a high-status role.

You’ll see what I mean a little later.

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How To Easily Design Your Own Identity

Next is the identity you are designing. This identity may be within a particular situation or a general image you are cultivating. The point here is that no matter what you think, you are cultivating some identity. It may be ‘who you are’ or it may be to some degree invented.

Either way, you have an identity inside, and you have an identity outside – which may both vary by circumstance. You are sharing this outside identity – this image – either incidentally or intentionally. Let’s make that intentionally.

Next, we want that image to be “high quality,” and that varies depending on your circumstances.

Recognize that it’s no accident that pimps wear furs and chains and act tough. It is important that they are high status – at least within the world they inhabit with the women they must attract.


You may want to argue that they really are tough, but I would contend that being tough and acting tough are two different things, and not synchronized. True guys who are tough rarely act like “tough guys.”

I’m talking about special forces guys and one guy who trains special forces guys in hand to hand combat. They don’t act tough anymore, but they really are. Tough is often only an act.

“High quality” means intelligent and/or capable and/or discerning and/or respected and/or wealthy and/or in charge and/or…you get the picture.

There are a lot of versions of “high quality” in many different facets of life, and you know the ones you have or can pretend to or can pass off.

As Jenniphr Goodman’s Tao of Steve said, “Be Desireless Be Excellent and Be Gone”

Finally, of course, as mentioned above, remember that you want an identity that is high status.

Isn’t it the same thing?


A “high quality” nurse is still status-wise at a disadvantage with a doctor.

To sum up, you want to be aware of your identity, with the most important characteristics being self-acceptance (I like me) and confidence (you like me).

Next that identity should, where possible, be High Quality and High Status.

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But Never Lie!

One caveat before I let you go.

Reiterating, the MOST important characteristics are self-acceptance (I like me) and self-confidence (you like me.)

Did you read that part?

Please recognize that lying about your status or quality is simply prioritizing the quality and/or status over self-acceptance and/or self-confidence.

I’d like to make this clear.


Pretending to be either high-status or high-quality is a demonstration of low self-esteem.

This pretense is very unattractive. It is why plugs make a bald guy better looking, but getting plugs makes him less attractive.

Recognize that a nurse who likes his life and thinks well of himself can be far more attractive than a doctor who doesn’t.

As an Italian friend used to say, “I don’t like anything fake.”

Fake is not attractive. Please.

Don’t try to fix status or quality, except with Self-Acceptance and Self-Confidence. Steve – in the Tao of Steve – is a Kindergarten Teacher, and he is based on a real guy with just as much success with women.

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[Note: This post was updated by Gotham Club on August 28, 2019.]


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1)  Making A Cold-Call? Stay Strong. 

The in-person cold call is a scary thing. 

You know what I mean. When you gather all your courage and approach a woman out of nowhere. 

It’s already super intimidating, right? I mean, you’re only human. 

(If you don’t find this scary, you’d better patent your confidence recipe.)

If you’re like most guys and find the cold-call a little nerve-wracking—whether you’re at a bar, a cafe, on the bus, in the library—never fear. 

New York’s top dating guru has you covered. 

To improve your success rate when cold calling, she says, you have to choose one method and stick with it. 

There are two approaches you can take.


First? The direct approach. 

That’s something like, “Hey, I know this is random, but I just couldn’t resist telling you I think you’re gorgeous.”

The direct approach doesn’t leave any questions in a lady’s mind about your intention. 

Second option? The indirect approach. 

For example: “What are you reading? Oh, I love that book.” Or: “What are you drinking? Do you come here often?” 

Both of these approaches have been shown to work! But there are several ways you can make both of them more effective. 

Most important: stay strong. Commit to one method—direct or indirect—and don’t waffle. 

According to New York’s greatest wingwoman, a lady is likely to be put off if you seem confused about what you want from her. 

Something like, “Oh, I love the wallpaper in here, don’t you? By the way, you’ve got a great behind…” might not go over too well.  

Also: come up with a good follow-up line. What you say at first isn’t that important, as long as you can keep the conversation rolling and stay consistent. 

Make sure you plan beyond your opener, no matter which approach you take. 

Finally, smile. Don’t try to play it cool. Act friendly and open, and she’s likely to act friendly and open, too. 

If you make yourself hard to read, she’s more likely to feel uncomfortable and end the conversation. 

So be yourself and try to relax!

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2) Eyes On The Prize

In this case, you are the prize. 

If you focus on making yourself an excellent catch, you’ll eventually get…well, caught!

Dating guru Gopman is here to fill you in on which traits women are most likely to admire. 

This is not to say you should change yourself—just make sure to put some effort into your biggest selling points. 

First, Gopman says, women like a man who treats them (and others) with respect. (I second that!) 

Make respectful behavior towards all people your M.O.—you never know who’s watching and developing a crush on you, just for being yourself. 

Next: good hygiene. This one’s easy. The shower’s right over there! 

You don’t have to do anything crazy, like spend an hour on your hair or bathe in cologne. 

What else? 

Women like men who can make them laugh. 

This one’s a little trickier, because sometimes trying to be funny falls flat. 

Humor is so complicated. 

What’s one rule of thumb? Keep it positive. 

This is especially important before you understand a woman’s unique sense of humor. 

Avoid making negative jokes, saying negative things about others, or using too much sarcasm.

This way, if a line falls flat, it’s no big deal, and no one will get their feelings hurt. 

What next?

Ambition is another quality that is really attractive to women. 

This one is similar to respectfulness. Approach your life with ambition—work hard and go after your goals—and the ladies will take notice, I promise!

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3) Master Confidence (But Not How You Think)

Gopman is really clear about this: women are wild for confidence. 

But let’s break it down. What exactly is confidence? 

A confident person loves himself. 

He’s at ease in his own skin. He doesn’t beat himself up about little stuff. 

He takes things in stride. He acknowledges his mistakes, and then works on doing better. 

He doesn’t necessarily have the fanciest job/apartment/car/haircut. 

He doesn’t necessarily have a six pack, either. 

He’s a guy who recognizes his worth. 

A confident guy is also engaging. 


He’s able to really see and listen to others. 

To show confidence, ask questions! 

If you talk about yourself all the time, that might actually come across as a lack of confidence. 

Confidence doesn’t need a neon sign to declare its presence. 

It’s just quiet, cool, and there. 

If you feel comfortable being quiet and listening, your confidence will come across. 

Confident–versus cocky–people are genuinely interested in others. 

The woman you want will be impressed, since listening skills are a challenge for a lot of guys—work on these, and you’ll be ahead of the pack! 

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4) Be A “Body Reader”

You heard me right! For maximum dating success, Gopman says, learn to read body language. 

No, that doesn’t mean giving a woman a thorough once-over. 

It means looking for social clues in the way she moves and talks. 

If she seems eager to answer your questions, great job! You’re on the right track. 

Is she standing close to you or leaning into you? Even better! Stay the course! You’re obviously doing something right. 

But what if she’s standing a little farther away, giving short answers, and looking around, avoiding eye contact?

Maybe she’s checking her phone a lot? 

This type of body language might mean she’s feeling unsure. 

Maybe she’s shy, nervous, or not interested. 

Regardless, don’t despair! 

If you read these body signs, try changing the subject. 

You can even give the conversation a break, excuse yourself, and try talking to her again a little later. 

This way, you’ll seem casually confident—like you’ve got lots of other beautiful women to talk to, and you’re just having fun! 

Remember, she’s reading your body language too, so make eye contact, smile, and be friendly and open for maximum success. 

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5) Practice Good Dating Etiquette

Just like the good old days, good dating etiquette can go a long way!

We might live in a less formal society these days, but some things never change. 

Gopman recommends the following actions to seal the deal: 

First, text your new love interest right away. 

You might feel like this is desperate, but Gopman assures you: it’s the best move! 

Reference something from your conversation, and you’ll stay fresh in your future lover’s mind. 

What else? 

Be on time. Forget about fashionably late.


Show your date you take her seriously and are dependable by being on time. This is especially important for your first date. 

Whether you’re hoping for a relationship or a hookup, you want to show her you’re someone she can count on. 

Another thing? Don’t complain! 

Save rant and whine-fests (we all do it, I know!) for a buddy whose bedroom you are not hoping to share. 

By keeping it positive on dates, and in your early conversations, you’ll make sure she has a good time. 

And finally, if you're looking to “seal the deal” with a woman at the end of the night…

Try this:

Here Are More Tips To Get You Laid Tonight (Based Off Scientifically Gathered Data)…

When I say … it doesn’t ALWAYS mean dress nicely, pull out her chair, and otherwise treat her like a lady.

I mean… yeah, do all those things, they’ll work in your favor….

… though there’s a reason why guys who seem a little TOO nice never get laid.

They’re real, actionable steps practiced by guys who get laid on dates… a LOT!

As a matter of fact… these steps are based on data from a massive meta analysis of the messaging and internet browsing patterns of women.

(For example, did you know 62% of women won't sleep with you on the first date unless you do ?)

And honestly, I’m a little ashamed to admit it…

But I almost ALWAYS have sex on the first date when a guy does step #3 ;-):


The post NYC’s Top Wingwoman Reveals 5 Proven Tactics ANY Guy Can Use to Get Laid in 24 Hours (Or LESS) appeared first on Gotham Club.

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