How to Kill 300 Enemies with Corrosive Element Fast in Borderlands 3

With the addition of the Director's Cut, Borderlands 3 has it's own battle pass named the Vault Card. Week 1's challenge requires a corrosive touch.



Borderlands 3 is taking a brand new approach to content by adding a battle pass for players to grind. The Fallen Heroes Vault Card provides players with collectible enemies reminiscent of characters that have left the game fatally. Scooter, Maya, and Roland, to name a few. To unlock these items, players must earn XP that will elevate their rank, subsequently earning items every couple of ranks. To speed along this process, there are daily and weekly challenges provided to really give a boost to the XP grind. The first week's challenge demands players to kill 300 enemies with corrosive elemental weapons.

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For those new to the game, and a reminder for returning players, corrosive damage is best used against armored enemies denoted by a yellow health bar. When hit with a corrosive weapon, not to be confused with radiation, their health will deplete rapidly. Flesh or red bar enemies, "neutral" types, are also susceptible to corrosive but not as much. Shielded enemies are incredibly resistant to corrosive damage so focusing on robots and or monsters would make this challenge fly by a lot more quickly. Here are some valuable locations players can go to get the job done.

The first thing any player should do is immediately turn off Mayhem mode if it's currently on. At higher levels of mayhem, just about every enemy has some combination of flesh, armor, and shielding. So to make this quick, we want the easiest pickings around. Also, turn off any abilities that might activate in a fight and cause secondary elemental damage to occur. It's possible for the ability damage to linger and the weapon damage-over-time to disappear making it a non-weapon kill.

For players without the DLC, hitting the circles of slaughters is the best option. Enemies spawn in droves and there are plenty of waves and rounds to get the challenge done in just about one solo sitting. If the enemies are non-mayhem enhanced, they'll turn into red mist once players start firing their mayhem leveled weapons. Specifically, the Cistern of Slaughter and the Slaughter Shaft. These have the least shielded enemies available compared to the Slaughterstar3000.

Those with the DLC should head to the Handsome Jackpot and face Scraptrap Prime. Trashlantis is home to many un-shielded robots all the way through Scraptrap Prime's lair. So, take out any armored enemies along the way, and lay waste to the dozens of scraptraps that spawn during the boss battle. This should net enough kills for the challenge in 2-3 runs. Once Scraptrap Prime is dead the first time, go to the high-ground exit and hide in the left corner of the giant grate for a few seconds. Step back in, and this will completely reset the boss battle, including all the little scraptraps.

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Borderlands 3 is available on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.

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