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Instagram does not offer a way to post directly from a computer, but there are workarounds, such as using Hootsuite or Google's Chrome browser.

How To Post To Instagram From A Laptop Or PC  | Screen Rant

Though Instagram does not offer a way to post directly from a computer, users can post to their feed through a third-party service like Hootsuite, or by tweaking some of the options in Google's Chrome browser. Posting images and videos directly from a computer can be very convenient, especially if the photo or video is stored on the computer already.

Hootsuite is a social media managing system allowing users to track analytics, discover insights, and schedule posts on services, like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, among others. Hootsuite allows the user to monitor messages and view analytics for many social media platforms at once, which can be especially helpful for businesses. There are free and paid versions of the platform, depending on need and functionality.

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There are two different ways to use Hootsuite to post on Instagram from a laptop or PC. After logging into an Instagram account through Hootsuite, click post, and select the Instagram account. Then, add a photo, video, caption, and/or hashtags to the post. Once ready, select either Publish Directly or Via Mobile Notification. To publish directly from the computer, select Publish Directly and then decide whether to schedule the post for a later time or post now.

If the Instagram account is a personal account, users will only be able to use Mobile Notification, although this option does allows the use of more Instagram features, such as tagging and filters. The downside is that it also requires the use of a phone during the process. After selecting Mobile Notification, make sure to have both the Hootsuite and Instagram apps downloaded on a phone and the notifications for the Instagram account turned on in Hootsuite. The post can then be scheduled on the computer and the user will receive a notification at the scheduled time to publish it, as well as make any last-minute edits including adding tags or filters.

If you'd prefer not to mess with Hootsuite, you can also publish posts on Instagram using Google Chrome. First, head over to Instagram in your Chrome browser on your laptop or PC. Then, hit the three dots in the top-right corner, scroll down to More Tools and then select Developer Tools. A lot of information is going to pop up on the right side of the screen, but all you need to worry about is the button in the top-left corner that looks like a square with a small phone icon over it. Select that, and then you can view Instagram as though you were on a phone. After selecting that, go to the top of the screen where it says Responsive, and click on it to select a specific phone to view the page with. After selecting a phone, refresh the page. From there you should see the same mobile interface you would normally see from a phone, including the option to make a new post.

If your Instagram account is already a business account, Hootsuite gives users an easy and simple way to publish and schedule posts directly from their computers, as well as offering analytics. For everyone else, using Chrome as a workaround to post on Instagram can be a great solution. Instagram may not make it easy to post from a computer, but it is certainly possible with these different methods.

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