How to Sleep With “Hard to Get” Girls

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How to Sleep With “Hard to Get” Girls
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What to do when hot girls make you chase them…maybe too much…

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Since the dawn of time, women have driven men crazy by playing hard to get.

Acting disinterested…

Pretending you’re boring…

Being “too busy” to ever go out with you…

The theory is that by acting dismissive and like you’ve got no shot, they’ll actually make you more attracted to them. 

However, the research on this is mixed: 

that there is no correlation between acting hard to get and how attractive you appear to the opposite sex.

you can trigger the human desire for rare, difficult-to-obtain things by playing hard to get.


Today I want to dive into the various reasons why women play hard to get — and how you can still sleep with a woman who’s playing coy.

In fact, why you’re often MORE likely to sleep with a woman who acts like you don’t have a chance…

Let’s begin.

Why Do Women Play Games?

Men are basically simple creatures. 

(I’m not knocking it, hell, I’m a guy, and I think it’s actually a strength…)

In general, guys inhabit the world of the literal. 

Men say what they mean and mostly interact with people in a straightforward manner. 

If I’m angry with you, you’re going to know it. If I’m attracted to you, you’re going to know it. 

The fairer sex? Not so much…  

They live in a much more complicated and symbolic world.

If you ask a girl how she’s doing and her response is “Fine,” it means she’s totally not fine.

When she tells you “Nothing” is wrong, it means something is definitely wrong.

When she tells you she doesn’t want anything for her birthday, you’d be an idiot to believe her.

Women play games because they want you to behave in a certain way. And playing hard to get is simply another game that women play in an attempt to get a certain reaction out of you.

As a result of our different modes of communication, the confusion between men and women is easy to predict. 

By understanding the language women are speaking, it can help you finally unravel their mysteries (and get more sex). 

4 Reasons Why She’s Playing Hard to Get

1. She may feel insecure. 

Playing hard to get allows her to boost her own confidence as she watches you chase after her and fill her innate desire to be wanted. 

This is probably something she picked up early in her dating life. Some women (some people, for that matter) require external validation to feel good about themselves. 

If she wants you to chase her, this may be the reason…

handsome man asking attractive woman for number

2. She might be “sh*t testing” you. 

She might want to see if you’re a guy who is seriously interested in her, or if you’re just a thirsty dude and she happened to be in the vicinity. 

to see if the persona you’re showing her while you hit on her is an authentic representation of your personality — or if it’s just a front you put on. 

As a last (and super common) type of sh*t test is checking how much you can handle as a man. 


Are you going to become bitter or needy if she isn’t throwing herself at you 24/7? 

Will you be able to handle her moods? 

Can you handle adversity?

Women poke and prod men to see if they can handle the stress and difficulty that life will inevitably throw our way. 

And that’s why you should embrace it — not fight it.

3. She just doesn’t want to seem easy.

It’s possible that she really likes you and is playing hard to get so that you see her as a true prize in your mind…

Not just some girl who will jump in the sack with any guy who tries to flirt with her. 

Every guy wants a loyal girl. 

And playing hard to get is one way to communicate that she’s selective. 


4. To get to know you better. 

As a final reason, she may just want to get to know you better as a person before she lets you into her life sexually or romantically. 

Women are smart enough to know that guys may act super sweet or tough or desirable when they’re trying to get with a woman. 

She wants to know what your actual personality is like and check out what it would be like to date you. 

Playing hard to get gives her time to inspect you in your natural state before sex and the honeymoon phase starts clouding her judgement.

Signs She’s Just Playing Hard to Get BUT is Actually Interested in You

It’s possible that the girl you think is just playing hard to get is actually not interested in you at all. 

That would mean you’re totally wasting your time and barking up the wrong tree. 

To avoid that, look for these signs from that she’s just putting on an act (and she wants you, BAD):

  • Flirting but then pulling back
  • Touching you “accidentally” but not offering physical affection or sex
  • Acting sarcastic or friendly, such as teasing or taunting you
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How to Smash Through Her Defenses and Get the Girl

As it turns out, there’s a literal roadmap available for how to read women and understand them way more accurately than I can provide you here in a quick article.

It’s probably pretty reliable, because  

My buddy Craig stumbled across it by accident, and this roadmap basically gives step-by-step instructions on how to use women’s mind games to your advantage.

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, why they play them, and more.

So, he reverse engineered their system to make a failsafe, idiot-proof way for guys to figure out what makes women tick and get THEM to hit on YOU.

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