Adorably Wholesome Yet Odd Kitty Who Loves Getting Into...

Cats are so weird. But adorable. Adorably weird. Get ready to fall in love with this adorable oddball of kitty - Tali. According to...

Dogs On Mushrooms: Wholesome Twitter Thread

Here's something we've never seen before - dogs on mushrooms. And, no, not those types of mushrooms. We actually mean dogs literally...

May iPod shuffle users Rest In Peace.

Tags: Apple iPod Shuffle 4th Generation695 points, 28 comments.

Russian elevator.

5135 points, 430 comments.

Albino indians looks like typical swedes family

Tags: albino, indians5519 points, 512 comments.

My favourite photo of Maradona

Tags: diego maradona1450 points, 70 comments.

Putin tells a joke about Israeli army

Tags: Kim Jong il2910 points, 240 comments.


2596 points, 223 comments.

Shenxianju scenic area, Taizhou, Zhejiang

Tags: awesome, bridge, mountain2427 points, 194 comments.

55 Memes To Help Your Day Suck Less

Ah, yes. It's the weekend. Not just any weekend. It's a holiday weekend in 2020. The time we would have enjoyed with family or getting...

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