I Am Very Much Freaking Out—These 50 Nordstrom Pieces Are So Good

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I Am Very Much Freaking Out—These 50 Nordstrom Pieces Are So Good

Scrolling through Nordstrom just so happens to be one of my favorite pastimes. I enjoy looking through all the new arrivals so that I feel constantly up to date on the latest and greatest that the retailer has to offer. Usually, I am pleasantly surprised by the selection, and this week was no different. Between the array of affordable sandals and influx of perfect summer dresses, it was nearly impossible to narrow down my favorite items, which is why I shopped out 50 of them for you below. 

I know I can tend to be a little dramatic, but I swear these 50 new Nordstrom items are so good. Besides sharing all of these must-haves with you, I've been texting them to all my friends too. Ahead, get ready for a shopping story that is filled with trends, basics, and everything in between thanks to Nordstrom's newness. 

The opening image convinced me in seconds flat to buy this top. 

There's nothing I love more than a crazy pair of pants. 

Under $50? Sign me up.

This shirt is making me crave a vacation. 

You can never go wrong with a classic LBD. 

Dad pants for the win. 

Two pieces for the price of one. 

Just do it. 

This swimsuit is just so cool. 

The perfect puff sleeve. 

Platforms are a shoe trend I am currently crushing on. 

It's likely time to update your jean shorts. 

This bag is everything. 

Dress this one up or down with ease. 

This is the most expensive-looking $30 bodysuit I've seen in a while. 

If you've started venturing back out into the nightlife world, consider adding this baby to your rotation. 

This dress is so sweet. 

Wear these strappy sandals with everything from jean shorts to a chic dress.

Buy and wear this top before summer is officially over. 

This top looks vintage. 

No one would ever guess this dress is under $100. 

Puffy straps are such a vibe right now.

This dress is a fan favorite. 

Baggy jeans are all I can think about. 

How stunning is this top? 

Black summer dresses just hit different. 

This necklace is weird, in a good way. 

Buy this now and wear it forever. 

Staud's handbags don't miss. 

Those halter strings will still be popular come fall, which makes this dress a very wise choice. 

The perfect necklace to wear with all your swimsuits. 

I've lost so much sleep over these boots. 

Something about this dress makes me feel so happy. 

Don't wear this bag if you hate compliments. 

A sultry cardigan indeed. 

I think I'm starting to like denim jackets again. 

I plan on buying these shoes and wearing them with just about everything. 

This neckline is perfect for a casual daytime look or a more sophisticated evening ensemble. 

Tees with built-in shoulder pads are life. 

Yes, terry cloth is still trending. 

You'll likely be needing these in both colors. 

Can you really ever have too many crop tops? 

A sun hat worthy of a million Instagram pictures. 

The ways you can style this dress are truly endless. 

This blazer is just the right amount of oversize.

These shoes will keep you both comfortable and stylish. 

Simple yet effective. 

This smocking is so lovely. 

The straps on this are next-level. 

I can guarantee you'll keep this dress in your closet for seasons to come.  Next up, shop even more incredible Nordstrom finds that are editor-approved. 

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