I Got to Try On Fall's Next It Pieces at Home and Didn't Want to Send Them Back

Staud does it again.

I Got to Try On Fall's Next It Pieces at Home and Didn't Want to Send Them Back

Welcome to The Great Try-On. With fall on the horizon, we seized the opportunity to try on some of the best fall pieces from some of your favorite brands, documenting the process along the way. We believe that the most foolproof way to shop online is to see an item IRL and to read candid reviews, so we hope that this leads you to some successful fall purchases.

Funny enough, I'm sitting in my apartment writing this the morning after attending Staud's star-studded and stunning S/S 22 runway show on what was the last day of New York Fashion Week and my final event of the evening. From the casting—hello, Irina Shayk, Precious Lee, Lily Aldridge, and more—to the guest list (which even boasted Larry David) to the clothes and accessories that stole our hearts, it was a night to remember and an ending worthy of NYFW's long-awaited IRL comeback.

Of course, while I couldn't help but mention it, that's not actually what we're really here to talk about. If you could bring your attention back to the current season for a moment, I'd like to take this opportunity to brag about my recent Staud "haul," in which I got to try on a ton of brand-new pieces from the brand's fall 2021 collection, which is in stores and ready to shop right now. From matching sets (of both the cozy and party-ready variety) to soon-to-be It bags to boots and a coat to remember, below are nine must-see pieces I tried on at home and truthfully didn't want to return. Plus, at the end, you'll find even more of my favorites from the brand's current offerings, so to get started, simply keep scrolling. 

My review: It's no secret that I love a matching set, so slipping into this little knit situation was truly a dream. As someone who has a newfound appreciation for the softness of cream as opposed to the starkness of white when it comes to clothing, I love the color and can already see it going with so many of my coats and jackets. The fact that it's not too matchy-matchy (the top is ribbed, and the pants are in a simpler wool blend) also put it over the edge and made it feel somehow much more special. 

My review: When I'm not buying things in black, white, or beige, there's a good chance it's hunter green. I've always been so drawn to the color for its richness and ease of pairing with anything, and this bag only strengthens that belief. I love the shape and size, too, and the fact that it can easily be converted to a clutch for night. At under $200, I'm compelled to call it a must-have.

My review: Are you ready for boot season? I've been waiting for this moment since the first day of last spring. Usually, at the beginning of fall, I invest in one new pair of black ankle boots to add to my admittedly impressive collection, with the hope being that I use them not only that season (through winter) but also for years to come. I can totally see these comfortable Chelsea boots filling that role this year. They're under the radar, they have a slight platform for extra height, and the toe shape feels forward without looking too trendy. I also love how the shaft is extra high, so they look a little cooler than your average ankle boots when paired with skirts and dresses. 

My review: Want to feel like the embodiment of the word hot? Buy this corset-style top. Want to look categorically cool? Snag the matching pants, which also come in a baggier cargo style for anyone who can pull them off. This fall 'fit is ready for anything. I can see myself wearing it with sneakers for lunch on the weekend or dressing it up with heeled mules for a night out. Either way, it's a worthy addition to any wardrobe. 

My review: I'm not usually one to opt for a non-basic knit, but my colleague Lauren put this sweater on my radar, and I was instantly into it. I love the unexpected pairing of colors used on the various trims and the relaxed vibe that the zippered neckline gives it. The only downside was that for me, at 5'2", it felt a few inches too long (as with many of the items I try on), and since knitwear is difficult to tailor, it would take some extra consideration to come up with more flattering ways to style it. 

My review: Simply put: I love this bag. Not only is it the perfect nod to the '90s, but the polished leather also feels so durable and ready for whatever an NYC winter might (literally) throw at you. Beyond that, it's actually big enough to fit all my day-to-day essentials without feeling too oversize for my frame. Overall, it's a winner for me.

My review: Last but certainly not least, we have this luxe green faux-leather coat. As you can see, it's a lot longer on me than on the e-commerce model, but this time, I actually think it works to my advantage because it feels very chic at the ankle-grazing length. What I love about it is that—aside from being able to wear it over all my usual neutral outfits—when belted it can really be a look of its own. Also, the color really softens the piece overall and makes it less "Matrix vibes" and more like something Nicole Kidman could wear in a limited series. 

No basic outerwear here.

Brown suede is so luxe.

Wedding guest dress, anyone?

Prepare for compliments.

It's the styling for me.

Lug soles make these white boots a safe choice, even in NYC.

Is it too soon to be thinking about holiday parties?

Everything is better in shearling.

You'll get so much use out of this knit top.

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This Is the Most Pivotal Serum If You Want Glowing Skin All Year Round

Any guesses?

This Is the Most Pivotal Serum If You Want Glowing Skin All Year Round

By now, you've likely heard rumblings about antioxidants in skincare (and vitamin C, in particular) and how crucial of a role they can play when it comes to staving off common skin stressors like environmental damage; UV light, blue light, pollution…the list goes on and on. Of course, you can get your daily dose of antioxidants through a variety of vehicles in the skincare department, but we're especially partial to serums here at Who What Wear as they're effortless to apply, fun to shop for, and easy to layer and wear. Plus, if you select one of the best formulas, you'll likely gain a brighter and more radiant complexion to boot.

Antioxidants are known in the industry as being particularly finicky when it comes to quality and stability, and frankly, we had some basic and not-so-basic questions about the ingredient family we wanted to put to the experts. Like, what are the most common and/or most effective types of antioxidants? Can antioxidants be safely used by everybody? And, perhaps our most burning query, which antioxidant serums are the best antioxidant serums? A leading dermatologist and esthetician sound off on all that and more just below. Keep scrolling! 

So, what do vitamins A, C, and E, plus compounds or minerals like resveratrol, copper, zinc, and selenium all have in common? You guessed it, antioxidants. 

"Antioxidants are the skin's defense against all kinds of environmental and extrinsic stressors," explains Suneel Chilukuri, MD, FAAD, FACMS. "They work by binding to and neutralizing free radicals to prevent the destruction of healthy cells, therefore inhibiting skin damage. There are intrinsic antioxidant systems that are naturally occurring in the body and also those that are supplemented from the outside, either topically or internally. Antioxidants provide skin protection from air pollution, UVA and UVB rays, ozone pollution, smoke, toxins, and even just our natural metabolic processes." The writing on the wall? Consider antioxidants to be one of the most necessary ingredients to incorporate into your skincare routine if you're looking to maintain a bright and youthful glow, no matter your age, skin type, or skin tone. 

According to Chilukuri, the most commonly used antioxidant is vitamin C especially since the human body lacks the ability to produce vitamin C on its own. Therefore, supplementing our skin with high-quality formulas is key for reaping all of the vitamin's youth-enhancing benefits. 

"Vitamin C is hands down my favorite antioxidant," confirms celebrity esthetician and founder of her namesake skincare collection, Angela Caglia. "There are many different forms of vitamin C used in skincare, but I'm a huge fan of the up-and-coming THD form. It’s a lipid-soluble, highly stable form of vitamin C that doesn’t oxidize and turn brown, and is great for all skin types."

Resveratrol is another powerful antioxidant preferred by industry experts and is sourced from red grape skins and knotweed. As Chilukuri points out, the benefits of antioxidants are two-fold, by day, they gift your skin with environmental protection but by night, they can help repair and restore the complexion as you sleep—resveratrol is a great option for achieving the latter. 

"Many antioxidants are inherently unstable," Chilukuri tells me right off the bat. In fact, he says, that's actually how they're effective and provide their famous benefits. "You want an antioxidant product to be stable on the shelf and reactive in the skin. Some antioxidant ingredients are bound to other molecules to increase their stability, but this also reduces their reactivity in the skin when applied. For example, vitamin C is often paired with vitamin E to stabilize the vitamin C.  However, even with this combination, air exposure can rapidly degrade the efficacy of the vitamin C."

To help increase the shelf stability of your antioxidant serum, Chilukuri suggests looking for formulas that utilize strategic delivery technologies and/or have anhydrous or water-free bases to increase shelf stability without compromising the serum's efficacy once you apply it to your skin. Another helpful tip? Take a look at the ingredient label on the product, and note where in the lineup the antioxidants are. As Caglia says, the most potent formulas will have their antioxidants listed at the top, versus the middle or end. 

"Vitamin C is typically best applied in the morning, as it has shown an ability to support the efficacy of sunscreen and protect the skin from daytime aggressors," notes Chilukuri. That said, resveratrol is a great antioxidant for nighttime and will help the skin repair and recover while you log precious shut-eye. Both Chilukuri and Caglia recommend you apply your antioxidant serum to clean, dry skin after you've cleansed, and before thicker serums, oils, or moisturizers. "It’s always thinnest to thickest when it comes to the order of your skincare," says Caglia. "As a rule, water-based serums go before oil-based serums and moisturizers."

For the most part, yes. "Antioxidants are typically beneficial for everyone, you just need to make sure that a product is stable and has a pH that is suitable for that particular antioxidant or blend," explains Chilukuri. "That said, some patients with extremely sensitive or irritated skin may not be able to tolerate the vitamin C until their skin barrier is fully repaired."

You're also going to want to pay heed to the other products you're using in conjunction with your antioxidants. For instance, retinol and vitamin C generally do not a happy couple make. "The pH levels of some vitamin C serums do not interact well with retinol," Caglia warns. "They can cancel each other out, so if you're someone who uses retinol, I generally suggest using antioxidants during the daytime only so they don't interfere with your nighttime retinol protocol."

"My Daily Botanical Serum is an organic dry oil packed full of high-powered antioxidants. It’s made with globally sourced organic rosehip oil which is known as Mother Nature’s retinol because it’s so high in vitamin A and C. It also has sea buckthorn which has fifteen times the amount of vitamin C as an orange. Plus, the light aroma of ylang-ylang and frankincense is not only soothing but transforming." — Caglia

"Dr. Kanodia’s Amla Peptide Serum is one of my favorites. He built his line around the Indian berry Alma which is one of the most powerful sources of Vitamin C and natural antioxidants. It’s lightweight, hydrating, and anti-aging. The serum is packed with glycerin for hydration, plus the Alma berry and peptides for younger-looking skin." — Caglia

"My favorite antioxidant-rich vitamin C product is PCA Skin's CE Advanced formula. It is one of the most (if not the absolute most) powerful vitamin C and E combination since it is produced in an anhydrous base. As a result, the product is incredibly stable and highly effective at fighting free radicals, minimizing skin discoloration, and strengthening the skin. In addition, the hexaresorcinol that is included in this product further helps reduce skin hyperpigmentation." — Chilukuri

"This Resurfacing Serum from Tata Harper is also a favorite. It's chock-full of antioxidants and boasts brightening, soothing, and plumping perks for the skin." — Caglia

"Youth to the People's 15% Vitamin C + Clean Caffeine Energy Serum is one of my favorite antioxidant serums for the price point. It’s lightweight and refreshing, and I love that the founders are sons of an esthetician too." — Caglia

"If you're looking for a reparative antioxidant serum for the nighttime, I really like PCA Skin's Resveratrol Restorative Complex. It blends niacinamide, silymarin, and other advanced botanicals, and it fights the glycation that can lead to premature visible aging. It will also help to repair oxidative damage overnight." — Chilukuri

"C E Ferulic is one of the best vitamin C serums and one of the first to market. It still is one of my favorites." — Caglia

"The Ordinary's Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate 10% is a good serum with an even better price point for the budget-conscious customer." — Caglia

"Lightweight and filled with antioxidants! I recommend it for all skin types with the exception of sensitive skin." — Caglia

This is a product I began incorporating into my routine a couple of years ago (after two different celebrity facialists, Shani Darden and Melanie Grant) both recommended it to me, and it's done wonders for my skin. It's a hyaluronic acid serum so it nourishes the complexion with lots of hydration, but it also contains Centella Asiatica, a super antioxidant, which staves off premature signs of aging and has helped fade my acne scars and pimple-related pigmentation. I'm hooked for life.

There's so much to love about this unique oil-serum hybrid from Versed; the affordable price tag, the dizzyingly pretty formula (it literally sparkles!), and last but not least, a skin-nourishing load of antioxidants, fatty acids, vitamins, and omegas.

This antioxidant serum is still relatively newish from SkinCeuticals, and it's the only vitamin C serum that hasn't made my skin freak out and burst into a fit of pimples. You can read my full review here, but essentially, it's a sister to the brand's iconic C E Ferulic serum especially geared towards people who veer oily and breakout-prone. My skin has done a complete 180 in terms of clarity, tone, and brightness since I started using it earlier this year. 

I was a complete newb to Lancôme's skincare lineup until a couple of months ago when I started using this fancy-schmancy serum, and let me just say, it truly does it all. It transforms rough, dry skin into a silky dream, and I swear my skin became significantly softer and brighter after just one use. The glow-inducing results have improved at an exponential rate, and it's also staved off my breakouts. I blame the strategic melding of Bifidus prebiotic—which provides a healthy environment for the good bacteria on your skin to flourish in—plus an ample dose of hyaluronic acid for hydration, vitamin C for antioxidants, and ceramides for a plump, dewy texture. Up next, 3 Things Every Effective Face Serum Needs, According to Derms

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