I Shop All Day for a Living—These Are the Coolest Things I've Seen This Month

It's time!

I Shop All Day for a Living—These Are the Coolest Things I've Seen This Month

It's the end of the month, and you know what that means! Just kidding—you probably have no clue what that means (in this case), but allow me to refresh your memory. It's time for me to round up the absolute, coolest, most interesting, eye-catching, and/or simply greatest finds I've seen over the last thirty or so days, with no rules and regulations other than the fact that I have to like them.

In case it's not obvious through my enthusiasm, this freedom is really fun for me, and hopefully, that will manifest itself in a roundup that you'll enjoy as much as I did while putting it together. From summer-ready finds to standout versions of everyday basics, below are the 32 pieces that, for one reason or another, stood out to me in June. To get started shopping (even if it's just to browse), just keep scrolling.

Simply put, this is chic.

This is not just some basic shoulder bag.

A suit to make you swoon.

Color is key.

Now that's a summer blazer.

No, tie-dye isn't going away any time soon.

It's summer—time to start accessorizing like it.

Top every outfit off with this pretty hat.

This month's crop of cool frocks might just turn me into a dress person.

I like this longer cut for pairing with bike shorts.

They're good on their own but even better with the matching tank.

Be sure to check out the fine print on this one.

Yes to this floss situation.

I'm a sucker for a cute cover-up.

Tangerine dreams.

This is so cool that I actually purchased it despite having never worn a visor in my life.

This print, though.

Trust me—you can easily dress this down.

The front says "naked" and the back says "ready to party."

Who can resist this print, price tag, and cut?

One of the prettiest prints I've seen all season.

Puffy sandals are the low-key trend that everyone will soon be wearing.

This whole outfit is really speaking to me.

I can't remember the last time I was this intrigued by a skort.

Make this feel more summer-ready by styling it with shorts, skirts, or flowy pants.

I'm not sure what I love more—the cut or the color?

No basic loungewear here.

Why settle for one chain strap when you can have two?

A vision.

What I wish I was wearing right now instead of leggings.

That vintage look without the vintage hunt.

I was drawn in from the front, then sold by the back of this dress.

Next, .

Source : Who What Wear