I'm a 54-Year-Old Fashion Influencer—This Is the Capsule Wardrobe I Swear By

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I'm a 54-Year-Old Fashion Influencer—This Is the Capsule Wardrobe I Swear By

There’s a reason we often turn to women over 50 for grade-A style inspiration. Yes, age is literally just a number (and you should wear whatever you love regardless of the year you were born), but it’s this set that tends to just get it. After all, many fashion people in this age bracket have spent the time to truly develop a well-rounded wardrobe through style trial and error. So naturally, when it comes to building the ideal capsule wardrobe, we thought turning to a chic 50-something woman would be of interest.

Enter 54-year-old fashion influencer and model Renata Jazdzyk, the mastermind behind the engaging Instagram account @venswifestyle. We tapped the style setter to provide a list of the 23 pieces she couldn’t live without—ones she can easily mix and match to create a range of solid outfits.

Without further ado, check out Jazdzyk’s ultimate capsule wardrobe, complete with nine outfit ideas (although more could be created), and shopping inspiration, if you're shopping at the moment.

Oversize Blazer + White T-Shirt + Jeans + Belt + Shoulder Bag + Flats

While straight-leg jeans and a white tee make a great outfit on their own, the addition of a blazer and smart flats keeps the overall vibe quite sophisticated.

Chunky Sweater + Scarf + Jeans + Ankle Boots

An interesting chunky knit with jeans is quite chic.

Leather Trench + Cashmere Turtleneck + Pleated Skirt + Flats

This polished ensemble could actually work for a range of occasions if you need an easy-yet-elegant fit.

White T-Shirt + Printed Top + Leather Skirt + Bucket Bag + Sandals

Layer a printed top over a casual white T-shirt for a high-end look.

Coat + White Shirt + Leather Skirt + Earrings + Pumps + Shoulder Bag

An architectural white shirt brings dimension to a forward ensemble with a leather skirt (or the pleated option below), a coat if it's chilly, and pumps.

Chunky Sweater + Trousers + Ankle Boots

You can’t beat a chunky knit-and-trouser combo for a simple and effective look. Just toss on a leather trench if you need to layer up.

Cashmere Turtleneck + Silk Dress + Oversize Blazer + Belt + Flats

A silk dress works great with a turtleneck underneath and a blazer on top. The addition of a belt over the blazer will also make the look appear quite elegant.

Printed Top + Jeans + Earrings + Bucket Bag + Sandals

Make a statement in a printed top mixed with jeans and playful accessories.

Slip Dress + Trousers + Scarf + Pumps

A dress over pants is an incredibly modern look. The addition of a scarf could work well as an impromptu shawl.

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This post was published at an earlier date and has been recently updated.

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