I'm a Fashion Director—These Are the Most Popular Wardrobe Staples

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I'm a Fashion Director—These Are the Most Popular Wardrobe Staples

Discovering new trends and learning about style from different perspectives makes fashion so inspiring and exciting. So when I had the chance to chat with industry veteran Taylor Tomasi Hill, I went for it. Tomasi Hill is currently the creative and fashion director of The Yes, an AI-powered shopping platform.

The app actually uses your personal taste to provide daily shopping recommendations for you specifically. You start by taking a quiz so the app can learn more about your likes, dislikes, sizing information, and so on. From there, you'll uncover a feed that highlights the latest and greatest for you. When you see something you like, you can click "Yes" or "No." The more you engage and experience, the more the app will be able to learn and customize even more options for you.

With all that in mind, we thought it could be intriguing to learn about some of the most engaged-with product categories on the app. Specifically, we wanted to gain further insight into the wardrobe staples Tomasi Hill is seeing customers gravitate toward the most at the moment. These items also happen to be front-runners in her offering because each is highly versatile and forward.

If you keep scrolling, you'll find visual inspiration and testimonials from Tomasi Hill along with a smattering of picks if one of the go-tos from The Yes catches your eye.

"If you're thinking denim, think light! Light washes are trending right now and our biggest seller in the denim category. I love it for summer, especially because it feels light and fresh. I wear mine cropped. The DL1961 Bridget Boot High-Rise just might be the holy grail for those looking for lightweight summer denim that magically flatters. I find myself reaching for this pair all the time."

"I love sandals that have a cool attitude and work with everything—literally from denim cutoffs to sundresses. (Not that I personally wear dresses all that often, but hey, what if I did!) The Labucq Boomer Tan Sandals are one of my faves because they're super chunky and ground your look. And I love these Loewe sandals with their architectural shape. It's like a wearable work of art! Shoe sales have been climbing, and I think it's obvious why. I, for one, am excited to be wearing them out of the house."

"Layering bags is a styling trick—a lifesaver for busy days with lots on the agenda. Toss a small pouch (or two!) in a larger carryall and then you've got all kinds of versatility. Pouches are huge right now; we've seen a 300% increase in this category at The Yes. A chic pouch, like one of my favorites from Bottega Veneta, holds just the essentials: phone, lip balm, wallet, hand sanitizer… The Clare V. Poche is another fave because you can use it as a pouch or as a crossbody. Throw them in a big-ass tote that lugs everything else you might need. I like ones that add personality and fun. Cool stripes and Parisian chic with the Clare V. Market Tote or classic checks and bold color from Zara are very of-the-moment."

"This is going to sound like fashion heresy, but black is taking the back seat right now to color. Green, blue, pink, red… These are the new stars. Now, no hue can permanently upstage chic noir, but I take a playful approach to style, so I love seeing brights take the stage. This one-piece Everlane swimsuit is the ideal shade of poppy, always one of my most beloved colors. With a simple square-neck silhouette, this one-piece is a best seller for another reason, too. One-pieces are currently the most popular in the swim category."

"Dress sales have skyrocketed, more than doubling in the past month. Clearly, people are getting out and dressing for the occasion. Like I said, I wear dresses sparingly, but right now, I'm loving modern silhouettes that play with volume. Twirling skirts worn a little oversize look effortlessly cool. Rachel Comey's Casa Dress is breezy perfection with a great tie detail in the back. Another option is the Ganni Tent Midi with a feminine-but-not-too-girly floral print. So cute, right? It's enough to change my mind about dresses."

Next, check out more wardrobe staples.

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"I'll try any skincare product with vitamin C listed as a main ingredient, and this Sunday Riley face oil is no exception. I've been using it during the day under makeup and was surprised by how pretty it is. I typically only wear face oils at night, but I've designated C.E.O. Glow as my daytime one—it makes my skin significantly brighter and smoother," says senior editor Allyson Payer.

"A great option for all hair types, this holy-grail dry shampoo from R+Co is strategic. It sucks up what you don't want (e.g., grease and oil) while imparting instant grip and control for megawatt volume, texture, and stying opportunities," according to senior beauty editor Erin Jahns. P.S.: Many R+Co products are part of the sale including shampoo, conditioner, and anti-frizz cream.

"Beloved French drugstore brand La Roche-Posay consistently wins awards for its top-notch sunscreen formulas. And within the mineral sunscreen bracket, this featherweight formula is my go-to," says senior beauty editor Erin Jahns.

"OPI’s Nail Envy Strengthener deserves all the recognition it has already received and then some. I’ve used this nail strengthener after transitioning from acrylic nails or gel nails back to my regularly scheduled manicure, and after each use, my nails always get healthier, shinier, and more moisturized. This one's got vitamin E (a nutrient recognized as the gold standard in nail growth and strengthening) and kukui nut oil," says beauty writer Tameka Abraham.

The rosewater spray gets the most love on social media, but senior beauty editor Erin Jahns makes the case for the lavender: "I am pretty darn obsessed with this lavender-spiked elixir from Mario Badescu. The calming mix of chamomile, lavender, and aloe is what my sensitive skin craves. I love spritzing my Beautyblender with it (before and during application) to give my face some extra TLC and dewiness." Why not try all three?P.S.: If you want to get started with just one, the single rosewater is on sale too. 

"I use this stuff three times a day (first thing when I get up, right after my morning run pre-shower, and to take my makeup off at night before I cleanse), so I go through a lot of it fast. Some financial strategy is definitely necessary, so I make sure to take advantage when it's on sale," says senior beauty editor Erin Jahns. 

If you're looking for a whiter smile, look no further than this epic deal on Crest's fan-favorite Whitestrips kit. I see noticeable results each time I commit to one of these kits, so I honestly wonder why people pay hundreds of dollars to whiten at the dentist.

"I've used this balm for my eczema before, and it's one of my picks because it really stops my skin from feeling so itchy. You can apply it on your face or body, wherever you're experiencing dryness or an eczema flare-up," says managing editor Sarah Yang.

Razors are one of those things that are somewhat annoying to spend money on. Though with summer upon us, it's certainly the season to get some fresh blades. So why not bite the bullet and score 32% off while you're at it? These are our favorite for sensitive skin, just in case your legs haven't seen a razor in a while. Oh, just us?

"There are so many serums that are heart-stoppingly expensive—especially in the brightening and vitamin C arena. Do your bank account a favor and opt for this one from Perricone MD instead. Your skin won't know any difference between this one and other options that are six times the price," says senior beauty editor Erin Jahns.

My idea of hot girl summer hair definitely includes some volume. We especially love how this one is humidity resistant. Perfect for those warm nights out.

The roommate of our senior beauty editor Erin Jahns is smitten with this dry shampoo. " I have very oily, thin hair which means skipping wash days is not really an option. I’ve dabbled in dry shampoo for years and nothing has ever seemed to make the slightest difference without leaving a cakey residue on my scalp. The only product that ever actually worked for me was baby powder, which, again, is not ideal given it's formulated with talc. Discovering this dry shampoo has been a complete game-changer, allowing me to extend my hairstyle for much longer than I normally could, " she said.

"This lip plumper delivers injection-level results. And yes, I'm saying that as someone who has gotten injections in the past and knows what they look like!" says senior beauty editor Erin Jahns.

The reviews on this face wash are outstanding. Almost 500 reviews, and an average score of 4.8 out of 5. One enthusiastic customer raved, "I use this every other day with a face scrub pad. I literally buff away lines, dead skin, and discoloration. I spend a good five minuets really scrubbing my face and neck. I do this in the evening. Then, my face is ready to absorb my skincare products while I sleep. I see a huge difference in how my skin looks younger, more even, diminished lines, and rough patches. Can't live without it."

One happy reviewer shared, "This oil absorbs into my skin quickly and doesn't leave my face feeling greasy or slick at all. It leaves my skin feeling dewy and fresh all day long without having to reapply moisturizers and makeup. But I also don't need to apply powder to tame an oil slick either. As with all things Baby Bear, this one is 'just right!' Great moisturizer, and it doesn't break me out, nor does it irritate my skin, or leave it blotchy. It's the perfect oil in a bottle for me." P.S.: The popular U.F.O. face oil from Sunday Riley is also on sale.

One reviewer noted, "I need a moisturizer that keeps my skin moist all day. This one does the trick. It feels really nice. Great, (mild) fragrance."  P.S.: The version with SPF 30 is on sale too, and if hope is not enough, step it up with the brand's firming serum, which is 30% off.

"I've been using this bronzing mousse from St. Tropez the past few weeks to keep my sun-kissed look going strong. It's easy to apply (no need to worry about streaks!), and it looks quite natural if I do say so myself," says senior beauty editor Erin Jahns.

"I mean, the name itself says everything you need to know about the heavenly concoction. A 30% concentration of hyaluronic acid at three different molecular sizes has the ability to hydrate the skin for up to 72 hours. Ceramides also help to lock in even more moisture," says beauty editor Courtney Higgs. P.S.: The brand's popular pumpkin enyzme mask is also 30% off. 

According to Katie Jane Hughes, makeup artists to celebs like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, the most important step in any makeup routine is a little bit of gentle exfoliation. She loves these easy-peasy swipeable pads from Elemis, which contain a strategic mix of lactic acid and a unique probiotic ferment complex. They take away dead skin so the makeup will sit more smoothly on the face, and she gives extra care around any areas with "creasing" (like around the nose, chin, etc.) where excess oil and dead cells are more likely to accumulate and dull the complexion. 

What's your cleanser done for you lately? Just taken off your makeup? Pssshhh! The glycolic acid in this cleanser helps soften fine lines and evens skin tone. At 30% off, what are you waiting for? 

One reviewer said, "I really like this product. I use it for a little lift around my jawline and under eye area. It does not get dry or flakey, like some other firming products. I use it sparingly and I know it will last months, easily."

This is senior editor Allyson Payer's go-to brow serum for the past five years (at least). Our beauty editor adds, "Starting from the bottom with thin, sparse brows? This will help them get growing." P.S. the eyelash serum is on sale too.

While this isn't technically a beauty product, who doesn't want to have a beautiful smile? I recently ordred an electric toothbrush full price, and I'm kicking myself that I didn't wait for 40% off! While you're at it, make sure to check out the best fashion deals too. 

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