Immigrating to the US? Connect with the SA Community in the US

(Partner Content) Immigrating to the US is just so much easier when you have a compatriot who understands the transition from South Africa to the US.

Immigrating to the US? Connect with the SA Community in the US

Leaving your native country permanently and immigrating to the US to become part of the American dream is an exciting new chapter. In fact, there are multitudes of South Africans who have already taken this big step and integrated successfully into American society.

If you are wondering how you could connect to other South Africans in the US, this article will tell you exactly how.

US regions with significant South African populations

Many South Africans have immigrated to the midwestern states like Minnesota and Illinois. There are also a number of South African born citizens in California, New York, Maryland, South Florida, Chicago, Atlanta, Arizona and Texas.

As at 2017, more than 111,720 South Africans have emigrated to the US.

Connecting with South African communities in the US

Immigrating to the US is just so much easier when you have a compatriot who understands the transition from South Africa to the US. We have listed a few spots in the US where you can meet fellow South Africans. This is not an exhaustive list and you may find many other communities in the US.

  • Missing a typical South African braai? In Florida, there is a social braai club, Braai News, that hosts regular braai events.
  • If you are moving to Boston, there is a Facebook group for South Africans living in Boston you can join.
  • Going to stay in San Diego? The South African Expat Social Club has a variety of events for South Africans in the region. Activities include braais, wine tours, sports and other social events.
  • Find yourself in Seattle? Then you can join the South Africans in Seattle Facebook group to socialise with fellow South Africans at fun activities such as picnics, braais and wine tasting.
  • Lastly, the US is known for their wide selection of food. However, sometimes, there is a hollow spot in your stomach that only South African food can fill. African Hut has a wide selection of South African foods you can order online. And the best part is that they ship to anywhere in the US.

Other helpful organisations in the US

  • African Fest USA promotes African culture and entertainment in the US.
  • The Southern African Community USA is a non-profit organisation promoting Southern African culture and assisting to unite and integrate those communities in the US.

Leave the legalities of your immigration to the experts

Knowing that you will be able to connect with compatriots in your new country, will help your family to settle in with greater ease.

However, getting to the US may involve more legalities than originally anticipated. We, at the Law Offices of Grant Kaplan, have been assisting people for almost 30 years with Immigrating to the US. We deal on a daily basis with immigration matters ranging from routine applications to the most complex immigration issues. We understand the complications involved as well as the practical arrangements which need to be made.

Our experienced team has an in-depth understanding of the immigration matters and can guide you for a smooth immigration process.

Contact us today for a full immigration service for all visa categories.
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