Inside Emirates’ Plan To Return To The Skies – In An Hygienic Way

As Emirates plans to resume scheduled flights, it is taking a number of steps to protect passengers and…

Inside Emirates’ Plan To Return To The Skies – In An Hygienic Way

As Emirates plans to resume scheduled flights, it is taking a number of steps to protect passengers and staff. These measures will begin at check-in and continue after touch down, to increase hygiene and reduce contact. So what should travelers expect on their next Emirates flight? Let’s find out.

Emirates is adding several new safety measures as it resumes service. Photo: Emirates

New safety measures being introduced

Travelers can expect a number of new measures for the foreseeable future. Emirates has shut its airport lounges, discontinued its chauffeur service, and suspended online check-in. Passengers will have to check-in at the airport, where glass shields have been installed to reduce contact.

At check-in, passengers will receive complimentary hygiene kits, which comes with masks, gloves, antibacterial wipes, and a bottle of sanitizer. Dubai Airport requires all passengers to have gloves and masks, while onboard, only a mask is mandatory.

Emirates Hygiene Kit
Emirates will give all passengers a hygiene kit, which includes a number of essentials. Photo: Emirates

Everyone traveling can also expect temperature screenings at the airport and before boarding. Finally, social distancing will be enforced at the airport.  Emirates has said it will try to follow social distancing onboard but cannot guarantee you will get an empty seat next to you.

Back in April, Emirates began offering rapid blood tests prior to its flights as a way to ensure passenger safety. However, the airline recently discontinued the tests due to accuracy concerns. While blood tests are a fool-proof method to protect those traveling, currently, these tests take around eight hours to complete.

Onboard service revised

Emirates has a reputation for its extensive onboard offerings in all classes. However, in the coronavirus-era, passengers will have to settle for safety over comfort. Passengers will board in small groups from the back to the front, as a way to reduce contact, guided by the PPE-clad cabin crew. The airline is also adding another crew member on flights longer than 1.5 hours to ensure that lavatories remain sanitized throughout the flight.

All flight crew will be wearing PPE. Photo: Emirates

Passengers will be unable to carry any bags on board, with only essentials such as laptops or handbags to be allowed. Along with this, all reading materials will be removed, and everyone will receive hot meals with sterilized cutlery. However, drinks and food options will be reduced. In business and first, the airline will offer single-use menus with lesser options than before.

Once on the ground, planes will go through thorough disinfection and deep cleaning after each flight. Flight crews can expect shorter layovers and individual rooms in case of a long layover. Upon their return, all crew will be tested for the coronavirus and needed to self-isolate for 14 days.

Scheduled flights resume

Emirates has resumed limited services to nine destinations this week as well as transfers through Dubai for some routes. Previously, the airline was only operating one-way flights out of Dubai for those wishing to return home. Passengers can book round-trip tickets to Chicago, Frankfurt, London Heathrow, Madrid, Melbourne, Milan, Paris, Sydney, and Toronto, as well as connections between the UK and Australia. This schedule will remain in effect until 31st June, but we could see more destinations added soon.

With such extensive safety measures, Emirates is trying to shore up confidence in travel. However, global travel restrictions mean that non-essential travel will remain near-zero for the foreseeable future. Emirates has definitely been at the forefront of the crisis, and many airlines will follow in its footsteps with extensive safety precautions.

What do you think of Emirates’ new safety measures? Will more people be willing to fly due to these precautions? Let us know in the comments below.

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Cambodia Begins Relaxing Entry Restrictions

Since the start of the pandemic in the country, the Cambodian authorities have, for the first time, eased entry restrictions. Travelers from Spain, Italy, Iran, the UK, France, and the US are now allowed to enter the country. However, all the incoming passengers will have to meet the strict guidelines of the Cambodian health ministry. The decision comes after the country had successfully suppressed the spread of coronavirus.

This is a favorable decision as far as the Cambodian carriers are concerned. Photo: Angkor Air

Cambodia has been one of the most successful countries to have wholly controlled the coronavirus. Since its first case in late-January, the country has only recorded a total of 122 cases and no deaths. Moreover, no new cases have been recorded in the country since early-April. Currently, there are no active cases in the South East Asian country.

What are the guidelines?

In the last month, many countries in Asia have witnessed an increase in air travel demand. Although tourism-related demand might not revive until next year, there is a need for flights to cater to essential travel like repatriation.

Cambodia has a significant ex-pat population. It is estimated that almost 200,000 foreigners live in the country. The decision by the government authorities will allow many such people to return home after a gap of nearly two months.

However, safety is still the priority, and the country can’t afford to allow another wave of the pandemic. Hence, any traveler from the aforementioned countries will have to produce a certificate showing that he/she has tested negative for coronavirus. Moreover, the document should not have been created more than 72 hours before the person’s arrival in Cambodia.

Additionally, each traveler is required to have health insurance equivalent to $50,000. The country has not yet imposed any strict quarantine requirements on these travelers.

Flight operations

Given Cambodia’s situation, many airlines have shown an interest in starting flights to the country. International carriers like China Airlines and EVA Air have already resumed flights to and from the Cambodian capital of Phnom Penh. Major operators like Cathay Pacific, Emirates, Thai Airways International, and Qatar Airways are likely to resume flights to Cambodia in June and July.

Etihad Airways, Beijing Daxing, Fifth Freedom
Flights between China and Cambodia have already resumed. Photo: Etihad Airways

It was earlier reported that overall air traffic in the country had dropped by more than 90% in April. As of May 6, the airline industry had started to revive somewhat. As many as five scheduled flights, three to China and two to South Korea, were operated on specific days. Domestic destinations like Sihanoukville and Siem Reap will see scheduled services soon.

Emirates last year launched Bangkok-Phnom Penh flights. Photo: Emirates News Room.

Separately, Cambodia has also extended a support program for its civil aviation sector. The Civil Aviation Authority of the country has exempted local airlines from paying a minimum tax and also allowed a delayed loan repayment. This has helped the airlines in sustaining their business and in initiating a fast recovery of the country’s airline industry.

What do you think of Cambodia’s road to recovery? Let us know in the comments.

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