Is Lil Wayne Married? All About Denise Bidot And Their Relationship

Find out why the world thinks Lil Wayne is now married to his on and off girlfriend, plus-size model Denise Bidot.

Is Lil Wayne Married? All About Denise Bidot And Their Relationship
Side by side pictures: On the left, Denise Bidot in a leopard print top and blue skirt. On the right, Lil Wayne is wearing a black cardigan and sunglasses.

Did someone make an honest man of Lil Wayne? Rumor has it that the baby daddy of four kids to four different women has finally settled down with plus-size model Denise Bidot. If it’s true, this would be the second marriage for the rapper – the first was to Toya Jackson, which lasted two years in the early 2000s. Get the details on Lil Wayne and Denise Bidot’s relationship history, and find out what Weezy did to spark speculation that he put a ring on it.

Who Is Denise Bidot?

Denise Bidot in a leather jacket and silver dress.
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Denise Bidot, 34, is a popular plus-size model of Puerto Rican and Kuwaiti descent. Even if you don’t know her name, you’ve probably seen her at the mall—she’s posed for Nordstrom, Forever 21, Target, Old Navy, Levi’s, and Macy’s. She’s also a darling in high fashion circles. In 2014, she became the first plus-size model to walk the runway at New York Fashion Week. And in 2020, she secured the number 8 spot on list of plus-size models to know.

Bidot originally wanted to be an actress, but between industry execs who criticized her size and her mother, who wanted her to get an education, she switched paths.

“My mom was adamant that I get an education, so I gave up on acting and went to makeup school and then worked for about three months as a freelance makeup artist,” Bidot told Cosmopolitan in 2014. “I was discovered by a photographer. I literally was in the right place at the right time. I was working on a client and a photographer asked me if I had ever done modeling or if it was something I’d consider. I was looking to be inspired, and modeling was that for me — the door was open a little bit so I ran right through it!”

She also made the leap from the runway to reality TV. She has starred on nuvoTV’s Curvy Girls, HBO Latino’s Habla Women, and Univision’s Nuestra Belleza Latina.

Bidot overcame a number of challenges to find success. Not only did she break down barriers for bigger women, but she opened doors for people of color.

“This is a Caucasian-dominated industry,” she explained. “I’m Latina and Middle Eastern. Not a lot of people look like me, and I want to embrace all ethnic cultures and make them feel like they’re included.”

Bidot walked the talk. In 2016, she launched a campaign called “There Is No Wrong Way to Be a Woman.” She invited women to share stories about self-acceptance on social media and her (now defunct) website.

“The movement creates a safe place for women from all stages in life to come together without judgment,” she said. “It’s my home of self-love and confidence, and I’m so excited to open the door to everyone who feels inspired and wants to carry on the message!”

Inside Denise Bidot And Lil Wayne’s Relationship

In June 2020, Bidot revealed that she was dating rapper Lil Wayne. The announcement came via Instagram stories, in which she posted pics of the couple smooching and smiling while dressed to the nines.

“Somehow in the middle of all the madness, something special happened. Us,” Bidot wrote in the caption.

The news came hot off the heels of Weezy’s break-up with his former fiancee, model La’tecia Thomas.

By November, Bidot and Lil Wayne allegedly faced the same problems as many other couples during the election season. Love B Scott reported that she dumped her man, primarily over his endorsement of Donald Trump. Wayne had recently met with the President and tweeted his support of 45:

“She broke up with Wayne. It wasn’t just his Trump support, but that was a big part,” a source told the site. “[Denise] was shocked when she saw Wayne come out with Trump. She’s so disappointed in him.”

Bidot confirmed the split on Instagram. A short post read, “Sometimes love just isn’t enough.” She went a step further the following January when she cryptically wrote, “Pretty disappointing when you defend someone throughout everything and they turn out being just as [expletive] as everyone said they were.”

The couple, who had unfollowed each other on social media, appeared to be back on again by mid-April. Wayne posted pics on Instagram showing the two sharing a romantic date on the beach. In one particular shot, Bidot is seen drawing their names in the sand.

Did Lil Wayne And Denise Bidot Get Married?

This week the internet blew up when Lil Wayne hinted that he and Bidot made things official.

“Happiest man alive! Today is the beginning of our forever. Forever?? Forever, ever?? FOREVER EVER!!!!!” he tweeted. He then signed it, “The Carters.”

There’s no word from Bidot because she deactivated all of her social media accounts. But by the sound of it, she is either engaged or already married to her on and off boyfriend.

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