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Built for the new generation of console hardware, Returnal also comes with the next-gen price tag. Does the PS5 exclusive justify the higher price?

The new console generation is fully underway with titles like Returnal coming exclusively to the new hardware. The third-person shooter roguelike with horror elements from developer Housemarque looks and plays very smooth. Ray tracing creates a convincing ambiance and PS5's DualSense controller really adds to the immersion of the alien planet Atropos. The game has come under some scrutiny since release for its difficulty and lack of regular saves, but there's no denying that it's certainly a poster-child for "next-gen."

Still, a broader question remains when entering the new console generation: are new video games worth $70? The new consoles like PS5 brought with them a $10 increase in game prices (before tax, of course), and many gamers are now wary of buying brand new titles for fear of not getting their money's worth. For some, the price is not worth it regardless of how good the game is, claiming $60 was already steep enough. The debate will no doubt continue as the industry adjusts to the new price point, but how does Returnal stack up to its monetary valuation?

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The answer to this question - just like for most games - is: It depends on the player. Everyone likes different games, and everyone has a personal value attributed to the dollar. Although Returnal has had some pretty serious bugs, it's tough to argue the game is not high quality. If critical reception has any sway in the decision to purchase, it's worth noting that the game has received mostly favorable reviews, especially for its fascinating narrative and responsive combat.

Returnal is certainly not for everyone. On the whole, the game is quite unforgiving, and Returnal's punishing difficulty will be the biggest factor in turning away potential customers. As a roguelike, the game is designed to make dying a severe setback. New players may easily get frustrated and wish they hadn't spent $70 on a game that has very little sense of progression. On the other hand, though, the difficulty might be alluring for some. Fans of notoriously difficult games like Cuphead or even the faster Soulsbornes such as Bloodborne and Sekiro might get satisfaction out of learning enemy attack patterns and weaknesses.

At its core, Returnal is a three-dimensional bullet hell game. There is often a lot happening on screen and quick reflexes are required. There are lulls in the action, but the combat itself is frantic and stressful, which may not appeal to many PS5 owners. Overall, Returnal looks and plays the part of a full-price, next-gen AAA title, and the presentation is matched by an equally compelling story. The only caveat is the potentially off-putting gameplay, which largely comes down to personal preference, but those who enjoy it will find it very much worth the price of admittance.

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Captain America meeting Groot in Avengers: Infinity War is played for laughs, but it also secretly highlights his biggest difference to Iron Man.

Captain America meeting Teenage Groot in Avengers: Infinity War highlights his biggest difference to  Iron Man. Earth's Mightiest Heroes leaders couldn't be any more different from each other both in terms of perspective and superhero arcs. This was why they often clashed when discussing how to tackle the Avengers' collective issues. But there's also one other difference between the heroes that is barely discussed and it's emphasized in one of the funniest moments from Infinity War.

Joe and Anthony Russo's 2018 MCU blockbuster started the culmination of the Infinity Saga as Thanos actively sought the six Infinity Stones. With that, all pockets of the MCU come together in an effort to stop the Mad Titan's nefarious plans with the Avengers meeting their cosmic counterparts, the Guardians of the Galaxy for the first time. After Thor, Rocket Raccoon, and Teenage Groot successfully accomplished their goal of acquiring the Stormbreaker in Nidavellir, they made their way to Wakanda which was where the final battle took place. There, the God of Thunder reunited with his fellow Avengers, while his new Guardians of the Galaxy allies met some of Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

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Thor's entrance in Wakanda was one of the most exhilarating moments in Infinity War. While his return to Earth was amidst one of the most intense battles in the planet's history, the Russos still found the opportunity to include small but memorable character moments. That includes the initial interaction between Groot and Captain America. As the sentient tree creature's vocabulary is limited to the phrase "I am Groot," the super-soldier mistakenly took this as the alien's way of introducing himself and in response, he said, "I am Steve Rogers." This moment was mostly made for laughs, but it subtly reveals that despite being more well known by his superhero persona, Captain America, Steve still primarily associated himself with his original identity; hence why when he introduced himself, he used his real name.

On the flip side, Tony Stark opted to lean more on his superhero alter-ego. In his final stand against Thanos in , he declared: "I am Iron Man" just before he snapped his fingers and sacrificed himself for the cause. While this moment harkened back to his franchise-defining moment in 2008's , narratively, Tony also associated himself with his Iron Man persona more than his real identity. This makes sense because being Tony Stark came with baggage from his past life that includes war-profiteering among others. Becoming Iron Man was almost a rebirth for the character; it gave him the chance to make up for his mistakes as Tony, the selfish, billionaire who couldn't care about anyone else. As he realized the error of his ways, he wanted to be remembered more as Iron Man because he did more good than Tony Stark.

Through the years that they were together in the MCU, Iron Man and Captain America have had many conflicts. But in the end, they always found a way to set aside their differences for the greater good. While their relationship was complicated for the most part, it's clear that they treated each other more than just being fellow Avenger members. Having them separated in Avengers: Infinity War might very well the reason why they failed to stop Thanos. But amidst their differences, what's clear is that both of them were committed to their responsibility as Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

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