Is this even true?

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Is this even true?

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157 Pets That Slayed Their Halloween Costumes

As the spooky season is upon us, people online share unique and funny Halloween costume ideas for pets. The post 157 Pets That Slayed Their Halloween Costumes first appeared on Bored Panda.

157 Pets That Slayed Their Halloween Costumes

It seems that the spooky season has already started and more and more people are getting involved in costume picking and organizing the festivities for Halloween. For quite some years, Halloween has been one of the most awaited holidays. And over time people have not only started putting a lot of thought and effort into their costumes, but also involved their pets in this. Last year, Bored Panda featured some of the cutest and most adorable pets in costumes. And if you are looking for some more unique and amusing ideas on how to dress up your pet this year, people online are ready to show how they turned their beloved dog or a cat into some well-known characters.

No matter how much people want their pets to be involved and enjoy this holiday, it is important to remember that not all of them like to be dressed up or can tolerate loud celebrations with lots of people walking around. Having this in mind, here are a few things people should remember before the spooky night.

#1 Our Halloween Costume This Year. Me As Zuko, My Cat Cashew As Aang

Image credits: katevitamin

#2 The Most Difficult Photo I’ve Ever Taken Of My Dogs

Image credits: Leah8746

#3 Blitzen Is No Longer With Us, But We Had A Lot Of Fun In His Life. He Was Lieutenant Dan For Halloween In His Wheelchair

Image credits: corgipantz

One of the most crucial things to consider is whether your pet can be put in a costume. No matter how bad you want them to wear some cute costume that perhaps matches yours, it is better not to force this on them if you see that they don’t feel comfortable in it.

If your pet “agreed” on wearing a costume, make sure that all of the details are strongly attached to it because the pet can swallow some of these parts. Also, make sure that the same thing won’t happen with decorations that are put inside the house or in the backyard.

#4 It’s The End Of The World. Have A Drink With Us

Image credits: chowder_bee

#5 Halloween Costume This Year

Image credits: Sr_Inspector_T

#6 "What Kind Of Ice Cream Do You Want?"

Image credits: busterandbeans

Some plastic parts or shiny things are not the only things that can attract pets to eat them. During Halloween, a lot of treats are handed back and forth, so make sure that your dog won’t reach them, as substances such as chocolate are bad for dogs.

#7 This Is Fine

Image credits: __mayyygun

#8 What A Maleficent Dog

Image credits: StormSlackerSaturn

#9 Happy Thursday From Wednesday

Image credits: chowder_bee

#10 Here Is My Puppy Dressed As Shaun The Sheep For Halloween

Image credits: rob-sheridan

If you like going trick or treating or handing out candy yourself, there are a few more things you should keep in mind that involve pets. During trick or treating, there is a lot of commotion that can disturb your pet. Random people and even their own owners in weird-looking costumes can scare them, so make sure that they feel safe at home by creating a “safe space” where they can lay down and relax. And in case you want to take your pet with you outside, don’t forget to take a leash and make sure that they have their ID tag with them in case they wander or run off.

#11 My Lil Air Biscuit Maker

Image credits: Flowers4Mindy

#12 Recently We Have Been Watching This TV Show. I Whipped Up A Quick Costume Just For Fun. It’s An Easy Costume To Make For Halloween If You Run Out Of Ideas

Luckily Buster also happened to have a red rain jacket.

Image credits: busterandbeans

#13 Buster's Favorite Costume So Far

Image credits: busterandbeans

#14 Halloween Last Year

Image credits: busterandbeans

#15 Happy Halloween Pals

Image credits: goldenretrieveraksu

#16 This Dog Is Chewbacca

Image credits:

#17 Bun And His Clever Disguise

Image credits: earlgreyatmyteapot

#18 Copper Is A Free Dog

Image credits: Lemurnuts

#19 My Doghter's Halloween Costume Arrived

Image credits: Jaiant

#20 Happy Halloween From My Bulldog, Lilly

Image credits: fastestcactus

#21 Harry Pupper

Image credits: DaBubbaBear

#22 Identity Theft Is Not A Joke, Jim! Happy Halloween From My Jim And Dwight

Image credits: espahr2

#23 I Had A Vision For His Costume And Made It Happen

Image credits: fancy-feast-fun

#24 Snowball Costume To Match Tattoo

Image credits: sweaterpuppiez

#25 Father Zeus

Image credits: smilingsharon

#26 Best Ghosts

Image credits: osborneathome

#27 Spooky

Image credits: furceuticals

#28 Everyone Look At The Halloween Costume My Sister Got For Her Cat

Image credits: indiasmess

#29 My Guinea Pig Juju In His Halloween Costume

Image credits: AdriDaHen

#30 Anyone Gonna Try This Costume As Georgie From It?

Image credits: Mister_Mochi_

#31 Mummy Hera Is Here To Spook You

Image credits: UnicornShiiba

#32 Happy Halloween From The Wests

Image credits: paisleyturtle

#33 Too Cute To Spook

Image credits: piggy_expeditions

#34 Must Protect This House

Image credits: button_and_the_triplets

#35 The Worst Day Of My Life, What Do You Think?

Image credits: jpphx

#36 Imprisoned For His Crimes

Image credits: whichwaywitchcraft

#37 Cruella De Vil

Image credits: apple_thegolden

#38 Happy Halloween

Image credits: jakandfox

#39 Very Cute

Image credits: _.animalslovers

#40 RBG

Image credits: laughingpjs

#41 Trying On My New Halloween Costume, I'm A Little Smol But I'm Doing My Best

Image credits: bendover229

#42 My Dog’s Karen Costume

Image credits: suzie80013

#43 My Mom's Pet Pig In Her Halloween Costume

Image credits: Swonder17

#44 I Made My Gecko A Halloween Costume

Image credits: OhLookSatan

#45 Too Early For Costumes?

Image credits: AynRandIsARaptor

#46 Oh Brother, I've Seem To Have Run Out Of Honey

Image credits: jko0401

#47 I Made Costumes For These Meowdels. Happy Halloween

Image credits: sewing_and_ink

#48 Gaston The Piggy As Spider Pig

Image credits: kellylovesdisney

#49 Seriously?

Image credits: wynnepoohdle

#50 Yabba Dabba Doozie

Image credits: dallasthebulldoginseattle

#51 Ready For Halloween Night

Image credits: flaffy_catsphotography

#52 Spaghetti And Meatballs

Image credits: brotherbiagio_

#53 It Might Be Monday But We Can Take The Bull By The Horns And Get Through The Week Ahead

Image credits: thegoldensrule

#54 Ellie’s Halloween Costume Dry Run Was A Success

Image credits: Rachel_Simon

#55 Cute "Cacti"

Image credits: busterandbeans

#56 Happy Dragon Boat

Image credits: busterandbeans

#57 The Goodest Gryffindor

Image credits: destaneejewell

#58 My Superpower Is Making Treats Disappear, What About You?

Image credits: cavalouis_

#59 Someone Is Ready For The Halloween Round-Up

Image credits: rlazyjranch

#60 Happy Halloween Hoomans! Here’s Your Mail

Image credits: jrsmoothie89

#61 No Longer Just A Familiar, Eve Is Now A Full-Blown Witch. Just In Time For The Season

Image credits: Faust2391

#62 Everything Will Bee Ok

Image credits: whiskey_le_chihuahua_29

#63 The Cutest Minion

Image credits: osha_booboo_clark

#64 Ready For Halloween

Image credits: parejaloca79

#65 How Perfect Is This - A Rainbow Outfit For Miss Rainbow

Image credits: lilyhun69

#66 Someone's Not Excited About Halloween

Image credits: SavnetSinn

#67 Pico De Gallo (Rat Halloween Costume)

Image credits: rickumber

#68 Hairy Pawter

Image credits: MthrOfDrgns

#69 Loki My Doberdane This Halloween

Image credits: lokidoberdane

#70 Popcorn And Corn Dog

Image credits: motherofmacaroni

#71 Hanging Out In A Saturday On His Lobster Costume

Image credits: origamipeanut

#72 Happy Halloween From The Addams Family

Image credits: SunSetRust04

#73 Happy Halloween

Image credits: schwachs

#74 Batsheep

Image credits: happyherdy

#75 Koopas Hate Mildly Preggo Bowser

Image credits: Edm0nd_Dant3s

#76 We All Float Down Here

Image credits: thefablesofminkaandmabel

#77 Super Fender On A Mission To Steal Hearts

Image credits: maycontainfender

#78 We Don’t Even Have To Try, It’s Always A Ghoul Time

Image credits: offroadriot

#79 You’ve Heard Of Casper The Friendly Ghost But Have You Heard Of Mushu And Mowgli The Wonky Ghosts? The Only Spooky Thing This Season Is Mom’s DIY Skills

Image credits: mushumeetsmowgli

#80 Not Done Yet Sneak Peak To Lezzy's Halloween Costume

Image credits: lea88dev10

#81 Scariest Ghost Ever

Image credits: frenchbulldog.wuwan

#82 Borzoi The Vampire

Image credits: borzbot

#83 Thinking About Maggi's Halloween Costume

Image credits: nushjs

#84 Beau Was Not Very Amused By His Halloween Costume

Image credits: melanngam

#85 Wolfie’s Halloween Costume Arrived

Image credits: BillzIsMyName

#86 Hairy Potter

Image credits: frankiiemarie23

#87 Little Tiger

Image credits: the_fantastic_5_pack

#88 "Lend Me Your Ears And I’ll Sing You A Song; And I’ll Try Not To Sing Out Of Key"

Image credits: hifromlevi

#89 Why Don’t Mummies Take Time Off? Because They Are Too Afraid To Unwind

Image credits: kona.and.risley

#90 Halloween Costume

Image credits: wagurtaildogtraining

#91 Itsy Bitsy Chowder

Image credits: chowder_bee

#92 2018 & 2019. He Never Liked His Halloween Costumes. Enjoy This Lion And Shark

Image credits: Lady050

#93 This Little Monster Is Ready For Halloween

Image credits: Mdoldham1

#94 A Very Scary Apparition Appeared In My Apartment

Image credits: neomaxizoomdweeby

#95 Mom & Dad Don’t Have Their Costumes For Halloween Yet But They Got Me One Already

Image credits: bella_gage_the_furb

#96 My Small Floofs Getting In The Spooky Spirit

Image credits: lilxmissxcharlottex

#97 I Mean, How Adorable Is This?!

Image credits: soulmia_store

#98 Happy Halloween From Blue Tulip Holland Lops

Image credits: bluetuliphollandlops

#99 This Busy Worker Bee Getting In The Halloween Spirit

Image credits: Ilovealldogtypes

#100 Stella Is Wishing Everyone A Happy Halloween

Image credits: Antiqued_Doll6

#101 Lola Bunny Costume

Image credits: mnaylor3

#102 Had A Halloween Party At Work And My Coworkers Dog Had The Same Costume

Image credits: OneChillPenguin

#103 Look It’s Scrappy Doo’s Cousin, Piper Doo! The Costume Is For Me, But He Looked To Eager, So I Let Him Try It On

Image credits: colorfulmuse

#104 The Boy All Dappered Up In His Halloween Costume

Image credits: OranjeCzech

#105 They Are Certainly Less Excited For Halloween Than I Am

Image credits: art-tit-stry_baby

#106 When Your Name Is Hoagie And It’s Almost Halloween

Image credits: howhoagierolls

#107 Guess Who's Back Asking For Thousands Of Sweet And Delicious Treats?

Image credits: carlotta_frenchie

#108 The Best Tarantula Around

Image credits: sara.maribel

#109 Let's All Get Dressed Up For Halloween

Image credits: frenchbulldog.wuwan

#110 Brb. We’re Just Practicing Halloween

Image credits: fionbarrelf

#111 I Heard It Was Spooky Season

Image credits: bohdi_goldendoodle

#112 Coming To A Theater Near You

Image credits: rainbowbright65

#113 My Kiddo & Her Pup Aka Violet & Her Golden Ticket

Image credits: emuontheloose

#114 Ray Of Sunshine

Image credits: Emcruzzz

#115 Chainsaw Man

Image credits: wafflethetabby

#116 Happy Halloween

Image credits: rockynrol

#117 Dog Present Costume

Image credits:

#118 Look Deep Into Our Eyes And Give Us Treats

Image credits: smjengo

#119 The Latest In Fall Knitwear Fashion

Image credits: owlapin

#120 I Am About That Viking Life

Image credits: messi_theminigoldendoodle

#121 Bean Is Not Impressed With His Costume

Image credits: jerm930

#122 First Time Putting Max In A Halloween Costume! My Lil Sushi Roll

Image credits: jyssrocks

#123 We're Trying On Halloween Costumes Today

Image credits: Vincentrose13

#124 Early Halloween Costume For Teddy

Image credits: tsha193

#125 Sneak Peak At Her Costume

Image credits: freckledgingerkitten

#126 He’s Getting In The Halloween Spirit

Image credits: Coca-Ena

#127 She Wants To Play

Image credits: skilledmidg

#128 Her Halloween Costume

Image credits: mary.sachiyy

#129 Going As Pizza For Halloween

Image credits: chanti_lob

#130 My Cat's Halloween Costume That She Hates

Image credits: yandereted

#131 Please Look At The Halloween Costume My Sister Got For Him

Image credits: shriekshroom

#132 Look Who Got Their Halloween Costume

Image credits: peachfuzz_butt

#133 Friend Sent Mr Meow A Halloween Costume And He Royally Hates It

Image credits: _jkuhn

#134 Cow Dog Denver

Image credits: denvers_mama

#135 What Type Of Bee Lives In The Graveyard? A Zom-Bee

Image credits: buster_gonna_bust

#136 The Cutest Monster

Image credits: thewigglesisters

#137 Why Does She Keep Putting These Things On Us… I Look Like A Green Monster But She Says It’s Yoda

Image credits: brunoandbulletsadventures

#138 Little Pumpkin

Image credits: _kkimin

#139 Are You One Of Those Pet Parents Who Can't Resist An Opportunity To Dress Your Dog Up? Halloween Is, Of Course, The Pawfect Opportunity For Some Fancy Dress Fun

Image credits: thispuppytravels

#140 Trying On Halloween Costumes

Image credits: thatgoldendoodleteddy

#141 My Boy Is Halloween Ready

Image credits: Amurph92

#142 Halloween Costume 2020

Image credits: furrypotatoes_dot_bunnies

#143 Here Have A S’more

Image credits: jennbarkley

#144 Can You Guess Who I Am?

Image credits: lifewithdaphne

#145 We Dressed As Fruit Last Year

Image credits: pupdates

#146 My Puppy's Halloween Costume

Image credits: Imthasupa

#147 Cheers To Spooky Season

Image credits: Nicole3d3

#148 Safe To Say Wendy Is Not Enjoying Her Knock Off Halloween Costume

Image credits: Jeffmillenb

#149 In Case You’re Sad Today Here’s A Picture Of My Son In His Halloween Costume

Image credits: aqua__anxiety

#150 The Kids Are Getting Ready


#151 Throwback To Last Halloween

Image credits: aliet13

#152 Halloween Ready

Image credits: magicbounder93

#153 Meow In Her Halloween Costume

Image credits: hiimsteffie

#154 I Crocheted A Little Witch Hat For My Cat, Morticia

Image credits: sheacrochet

#155 Fern Is Ready For Halloween

Image credits: AbsolutGGoose

#156 Morty & Finn Creepin’ It Real

Image credits: jpphx

#157 Finn’s Halloween Outfit. She Will Obviously Be The Door Greeter

Image credits: dolceollie

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