Jennifer Aniston Reportedly ‘Getting Serious’ With Secret Boyfriend?

The iconic actress' has kept her low-key love life a secret for years, but she's apparently found a new celebrity suitor.

Jennifer Aniston Reportedly ‘Getting Serious’ With Secret Boyfriend?

Rumors about Jennifer Aniston’s new beau continue to generate buzz, but no one’s exactly sure who the Friends star could be dating. Gossip Cop has investigated numerous relationship rumors involving Aniston. Here are the three most recent names we’ve heard in the media. 

Are Jennifer Aniston And Brad Pitt ‘Friends With Benefits?’

After an appearance on The Howard Stern Show, Us Weekly revealed Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt had developed an equally beneficial relationship. “They have a ‘friends with occasional benefits’ situation going, which is kind of an open secret among their pals,” one source snitched. However, the insider said that Aniston and Pitt would never release that information to the public. 

“Their friendship means so much to them,” the same source leaked. Apparently, public knowledge of their relationship could ruin what they have. While the former spouses seemed to keep things casual, the insider claimed there was the possibility of “a kindled romance down the line.”

If you’re looking for more details from this shocking report, click here. 

Jennifer Aniston Wrapped Up In A Secret Romance With Gabriel Aubry? 

While Us Weekly pointed to Pitt, Star said that she found another handsome blond man instead. Apparently, Aniston got “hot and heavy” with Halle Berry’s former partner, Gabriel Aubry, in late July. Instead of worrying about finding a long-term relationship, Aniston was “doing things differently this time around.” 

An insider close to Aniston reported the actress was “enjoying herself on a spontaneous level” and that Aubry was the perfect guy for that. “He’s a laidback and sensitive guy who’s not going to blab about things,” the source assured. Even Aniston’s close friends were on board with the relationship, as they thought she needed “to let loose and have fun for a while.” 

You can check out the full report from Gossip Cop here.

Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer Take Their Romance Off-Screen?

After the Friends HBO reunion special, New Idea alleged Aniston and Schwimmer had finally given fans what they wanted: a real-life Ross and Rachel romance. During the reunion, both Aniston and Schwimmer admitted having crushes on each other at different points during their time on the show, and apparently, things took off from there for the two stars. 

“Just last month, David flew from his home in New York to see Jen in LA,” an insider leaked. Even though Schwimmer and Aniston denied the rumors, the tabloid claimed they were simply trying to downplay the situation. “We can’t expect Jen to want to confirm the reports — she’s very guarded with men,” the source noted. The rumors appeared to have even more truth behind them after the outlet claimed Schwimmer was considering moving to LA “to be near Jen.” 

Learn all about the Friends stars’ apparently top-secret romance by clicking here.  

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Prince Charles, Camilla Parker Bowles’ ‘Secret’ Australian Son Posts ‘Incredible’ Proof They Are His Real Parents

Prince Charles may have a love child in Australia. A man says he’s actually the son of Charles and Camila Parker Bowles. Claims like this seldom have any evidence to back them up, but this man has some proof on his side. It’s a little lofty though. Let’s take a look.

Bald Like Me

Simon Dorante-Day says he’s royalty. The Queensland native believes he’s the secret son of Charles and Bowles and has for years. The idea appears to stem from his grandmother. Dorante-Day explains, “My grandmother, who had worked for the Queen, told me outright that I was Camilla and Charles’ son many times.”

His latest bit of proof is a side-by-side photograph of himself and Prince William. They’re both bald and have similar-looking mouths. One person wrote on Facebook. “Truthfully, I didn’t quite see it before – but undeniable in these comparison pics.”

These Photos Aren’t Proof

Dorante-Day’s proof isn’t limited to his family resemblance. He has a whole timeline of events dating back to 1965. Apparently, Bowles disappeared from the social scene for 9 months, then raised him for eight months without the baby ever getting spotted. He was then shuffled off to Australia but did see a woman he thought was Bowles a few more times.

This guy is fighting an uphill battle to say the very least. Without any DNA testing to back his claim, all he really has is his far-fetched story and some choice photographs.

Then there's this one by Kirsten, thanks ????Funny, three people sent me the same picture of Will ????

Posted by Simon Charles Dorante-Day on Sunday, September 19, 2021

You can judge the photos for yourself but do so with a grain of salt. Dorante-Day is obviously carefully selecting photos of himself and of the royals, all the way down to mimicking facial expressions to make the resemblance pop. Obviously being bald like William is hardly enough proof to back up such an extreme claim.

Love Children Abound

The royal family is such a big deal that there are loads of stories about love children and the royal family. Last year New Idea bogusly claimed Charles had a love child in the Bahamas. There are stories about Brad Pitt and Tristan Thompson fathering love children as well. It’s one of the more outlandish tabloid tropes, but it’s also a pretty difficult story to believe.

Prince Harry is stalked by rumors that he’s not really Charles’ son. Stories about shocking DNA tests are uniformly false. Red hair runs on Diana’s side of the family, so it’s not the giveaway tabloids think it is.

Is this dude really Charles’s son? The odds are extremely low. He’s probably just seeking clout by attaching his name to the royal family. However, It’s hard to imagine Charles would ever actually agree to a paternity test, so we may never know for sure.

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