Just for laugh, Happy weekend guys!!!

5314 points, 92 comments.

Just for laugh, Happy weekend guys!!!

5314 points, 92 comments.

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This Facebook Group Is Dedicated To Crappy Wildlife Photos That Are So Bad They’re Good And Here Are 111 New Pics From It

“Crap Wildlife Photography” is a FB community that celebrates all the failed attempts at catching a grand prix pic of nature. From an out-of-focus mantis to an eagle hidden by a lamppost, these failed gems are on the next level of crappiness.

This Facebook Group Is Dedicated To Crappy Wildlife Photos That Are So Bad They’re Good And Here Are 111 New Pics From It

Forget everything you learned at that once-in-a-lifetime photography class. And if there’s not much to forget to begin with, I’m talking drawing a blank page. We are now entering the alternative National Geographic where no definition, missed focus, awkward poses, and a shaky frame are things to be proud of.

“Crap Wildlife Photography” is a community that celebrates all the failed attempts at catching a grand prix pic of nature. From an out-of-focus mantis and an eagle hidden by a lamppost to a blurred carpenter bee that resembles a coffee stain, the shots are iconic in their own crappy way. A whopping 266K members and counting must be loving the safe space for remarkably low photography standards. And honestly, who wouldn’t?! Let’s take a look at the new batch of their crappiest wildlife pics, and if you just joined in, don’t forget to check out part 1 right here.

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#1 I Spent Thousands Of Dollars And Several Days To Get A Chance To Photograph A Great White Shark. Here It Is

Image credits: Kevin Lamb

#2 The Beautiful Whitetail Deer. Full Of Grace... And Our Idiot Cat Who Mistook Her For My Dog And Decided To Give Chase

Image credits: Madi Hagen

#3 Behold The Red-Bellied Woodpecker Feasting On A Block Of Fresh Suet

Image credits: Heidi Harrison

#4 Eat Mee! Crapfox

Image credits: John Victor Jacobson

#5 Add Your Description

Image credits: Mark Oertel

#6 I Can Show You The World

Image credits: Michelle Sobek

#7 What You Get When You Are Running A 90 Second Night Exposure At 2000 Iso And The Red Ass Firefly Is Attracted To Your Red Light On The Camera

Image credits: David Rennie

#8 The Magnificent Sight Of An Elephant On The Dusty Plains Of Africa Scratching Its Balls On A Termite Mound

Image credits: Mike Redding

#9 Car Camping In Idaho A Few Years Ago. Bull Elk Came Up On The Car In The Middle Of The Night And I Had My Own Jurassic Park T-Rex Experience

Image credits: Carly Muench

#10 Some Get Magestic Hawk Shots... I Get These

Image credits: Wendy Reyn

#11 Interesting Place To Coccoon....

Image credits: Carolina Wolf

#12 It's That Crazy Door To Door Salesman Again

Image credits: Mike Davis

#13 Disappointed Old Man Dove Gives You One Minute To Get The Heck Off Of His Lawn

Image credits: John Scharpen

#14 Jump With Joy

Image credits: Oliver Hornberger

#15 Best Crap Shot I've Taken!

Image credits: Michelle Schwartz

#16 I Accidentally Shot This Photo While This Little Bastard Was Attacking Me. Triggerfish Are The Best

Image credits: Martina Andrés

#17 Beautiful Brown Hyena In Namibia

Image credits: Geesche Neuburg

#18 I Can Relate

Image credits: Cedrick Louault

#19 Nessie? Is That You? (Don’t Do Panorama Photos With Animals)

Image credits: Alexandra Shyshkina‎

#20 He Caught Me

Image credits: Lizzy Lizzard

#21 I've Never Seen This Animal Before! Does Anyone Know What It's Called?

Image credits: Jenna Lindquist

#22 This Guy Pecks On Our Door Almost Daily And Brings Offerings Of Bugs Snakes And Lizards

Image credits: Justin Singleton

#23 Ineffective Means Of Deterrence

Image credits: René Biberstein

#24 Needs A Cuddle, Whatever It Is

Image credits: Viv Viv

#25 One Of The Rarest Moments I've Ever Come Across In My Entire Life. Nailed. It.

Image credits: Fräulein Hauteclocque

#26 That Time I Learned Snakes Can Climb Brick Walls

Image credits: Jennifer Wills

#27 I Tried My Best, Ok

Image credits: Sheldon Grant

#28 He’s Angry About Something

Image credits: Gregory Jahner III

#29 I Was Going For Cute, Then He Turned Around

Image credits: Kyndria Brown

#30 I Don’t Want To Talk About It

Image credits: Kevin Becker

#31 We All Have Days Like This

Image credits: Amanda Fulghum

#32 Tried To Get The Perfect Picture Of A Deer In The Rain. Instead I Get A Picture Of It Bolting, And It Looks Like It Has A Bird Nest With A Single Egg Instead Of An Ass

Image credits: Tom Cunningham

#33 Monkey Forest In Ubud, Bali. My Girlfriend Was U Sure About Monkeys Before The Photo

Image credits: Tom Packer

#34 A Snow Bunting Tries To Put More Spin To Its' Crap Story

Image credits: Daniel Cadieux

#35 When Your Subject Is Moving Far To Quickly For You To Possibly Capture It In Focus

Image credits: Deanne Poschwatta

#36 Relaxing In The Pool When This Guy Landed With A Frog In His Mouth. He Proceeded To Dunk The Frog Repeatedly In The Water... Which Made All The People In The Pool Scream. It Was Very Traumatic

Image credits: Vanessa McSwain Gallagher

#37 My New Camera Had A Night Mode And Was Trying To Get An Owl On The 4th Of July. I Think We Got Nuked Instead

Image credits: Chris Hildebrant

#38 Well... There Was A Frog Here

Image credits: Jenna Poncelet

#39 Last Year These Guys Came Up Through A Vent Into My Kitchen... The Cats And Dog Watched Calmly And Disinterestedly As I Scooped Them Up With Oven Mitts And Cursed Myself For My Single Status

Image credits: Janette Frank

#40 Not Quite Sure I Interpreted The "Crap Wildlife" Part Of The Name Of The Group Name Correctly, But One Thing Is For Sure: This Polar Bear Is Not Peeing

Image credits: Vide Brandt

#41 Obviously I Have Been Featured In National Geographic

Image credits: Kate Sobraske

#42 I Stayed In Nashville And Was Told There Was A Baby Groundhog In The Garden. I Got Obsessed With Seeing It And To My Delight It Appeared On The Last Morning. I Think It Thought It Was Hidden Behind The Pole

Image credits: Felicity Cowie

#43 Last Easter, A Bee Decided He Wanted To Be In The Photograph Too. My Sister Did Not Approve

Image credits: Meredith Gardner

#44 Bought A $2,500 Camera And A $1,400 Macro Lens To Photograph Spiders. Got This

Image credits: Frederick Morris

#45 Walking Home From The Bar One Night, I Was Challenged By This Powerful Trash Panda

Image credits: Riley Sophia Penaluna

#46 Two Majestic Bald Eagles, One Photo Bombing Sea Lion... And A Crappy Auto Focus

Image credits: Roelant Siekman

#47 He Was Nicely Posing About A Second Before I Took The Pic... Arsehole!

Image credits: Liz Owen

#48 Hey Sexy

Image credits: Alex Kuier

#49 Came In Looking For A Midnight Snack, I Assume

Image credits: Ellie Els

#50 Bad Timing Created This Monstrosity

Image credits: Aline Moreira

#51 A Graceful Kudu In South Africa

Image credits: Nicole Liebenberg

#52 ‘Eagles In Speedboats’ Would Be The Name Of My Hipster Synth Electro Band

Image credits: Belle Samantha Raee

#53 The Snake Let Me Know When I Got To Close

Image credits: Zev Shoag

#54 "What Do You Mean I Can’t Eat Inside!!”

Image credits: MK Doren

#55 This Is Roberta Shaking Her Head At Me In The Garden

Image credits: Sara Williams

#56 A Horse For Kings, The Pura Raza Española, But Only Roaming Through Andalucia's Wild Plains Will Show You Their True, Unconquerable Character

Image credits: Charlotte Nies

#57 Superfrog!

Image credits: Bill Adams

#58 Guess What Animal

Image credits: Mark Casey

#59 So This Is One Of Our Great Canadian Geese In Canada. Yep He Is Alive, Upside Down In The Water... Not Sure Why?

Image credits: Laurie Moore Nybo

#60 Noticed A Carpenter Bee Following Me While I Was Doing Yard Work Today, So I Decided To Take A Picture

Image credits: Trevor St Jacques

#61 Next On The Kinky Channel

Image credits: Stoo Odom

#62 This Little Fella Decided To Hitch A Ride In My Jeep About A Month Ago, All The Way From The Foothills Of The Sierras, Then Made Itself Evident In Stockton, Calif. USA. Damn Near Soiled My Britches While Driving

Image credits: Spencer Holmes

#63 I Just Wanted A Cute Pic Of The Deer That Visited My Moms Porch. Well, This Is What I Got

Image credits: Judy Miller

#64 Ok, I’m Going!

Image credits: Sue Latimer

#65 Yes, My Timing Is Impeccable. It's Not Something That Can Be Taught, It's A Gift

Image credits: Greg Fight

#66 Only A Slightly Crappy Photo. My Doberman Started Pointing At Something And I Followed Her To See This Angry Being

Image credits: Juliana Katherine Diaz

#67 Put A Trail Cam At Floor Level By The Front Door To See The Feral Cat We Thought We Were Feeding. Will Never Go Out That Door After Dark Again

Image credits: Robin Bridgewater Tingley

#68 Not Quite The Majestic Leopard Shot I Wanted

Image credits: Jane Wolstencroft

#69 What A L(O)vely (C)ouple X

Image credits: Chloe Wyon

#70 Nah, You Go Ahead, I'm Full Now

Image credits: Emmitt Wakefield

#71 I've Been Trying To Photograph This Owl For About Six Months. Then When I Finally Saw Him, I Forgot I Had The Flash On

Image credits: David Sparkes

#72 I Wonder If My Neighbour Should Be Worried?

Image credits: Rhiannon Bryant

#73 Waited All Day To Snap A Pic Of Alfredo The Seagull Only For Her To Move At Exactly The Wrong Second. This Is All I Have

Image credits: Caroline Holland

#74 Security Camera Had Me Thinking We Either Had Demons Or Flying Frogs. Further Review Revealed... Just A Plain Old Wasp

Image credits: Melissa Rozakis

#75 Did You Know Pelicans Can Eat 4lbs Of Fish A Day?! I Didn’t.... Until Recently

Image credits: Kate Davidson

#76 So Excited To See This Fox On The Side Of The Road -- And I Loved How He/She Posed For Me So I Could Get These Razor-Sharp Photos!

Image credits: Elena Bates Hooley

#77 A Few Months Back I Went To See The Japanese Snow Monkeys

Image credits: Nyssa Giangregorio

#78 All I Wanted Was A Natural “Animal In Its Habitate” Picture... Until This Monkey Started Posing For The Picture - Really?!

Image credits: Sven Kallinich

#79 Thankfully No Real Crap Was Involved In Obtaining This Photo!

Image credits: Mary Wendel

#80 Welcome To My Car, Alien Berb

Image credits: Bonnie Gray

#81 Crap Wildlife Photography

Image credits: Avi Mathur

#82 A Squirrel Falling Off Of The Roof

Image credits: Elizabeth Fazio Truett

#83 Just Your Random Bird-Fish

Image credits: Melissa Colon

#84 A Fox Crapping On My Dad’s Pool. Does This Count?

Image credits: Aeriel Miles

#85 Stink Eye Wabbit

Image credits: Jameson Wallace

#86 Trust Me, This Mama's Just Sleeping. She Gave Birth In Our Chimney To 5 Kits And Just Needs A Little Time On Her Own To Get Some Rest!!

Image credits: Jacque Hodgen

#87 A Local Park Is Combating Social Distancing By Offering People Pleasure Flights On The Back Of Tame Seagulls

Image credits: Michael Davidson

#88 It Will Go In! Greedy Cormorant

Image credits: Mark Rivers

#89 Spotted My First And Only Kiwi Bird In New Zealand. Pity It Looks Like A Bad Wig Running For Its Life

Image credits: Clare KM

#90 The Majestic Elk. I Took This With A Minolta Xg-1 35mm Film Camera W/300mm Chinar Lens And Zykkor 460 Ttl Fl At F-Stop 8 In 1986

Image credits: Wisky McEvoy

#91 My Husband Suddenly Asked Me To Stay Very Still For This Shot. Not Knowing What Was Behind Me, I Freaked When I Heard What Sounded Like A Pterodactyl. It Was A Blue Jay Guys. A Blue Jay

Image credits: Arely Lopez Rodarte

#92 Derpiest Snake In My Yard Right Now

Image credits: Lauren Tolbert Miller

#93 It’s A “Deer Post” Thought I Was Taking A Picture Of 3 Deer

Image credits: Jodi Durie

#94 Camels Can Find Their Way In The Dark By Following Their Nose. Of Course It Works Out Better For Some Than Others.

Image credits: Ned Makim

#95 This Fella Made Me Feel Like A Disney Princess

Image credits: Jedah Padawana

#96 I've Never Felt So Judged By A Fish Before

Image credits: Anna Elms

#97 Caption This Photo

Image credits: Rhea Keniston

#98 Wtf Dude

Image credits: Justin Michalik

#99 We Got Great Photos Of Wildlife While Snorkeling

Image credits: PA Smith

#100 Bird Porn... First Time I Used My Canon Last Summer

Image credits: Rhea Keniston

#101 Polarbear Stopped By The Cabin, Luckely I Managed To Get A Picture Before He Headed Off

Image credits: Karoline Baelum

#102 Cicada Shedding Its Skin... Or A Tiny Alien

Image credits: Mike Tudor

#103 That’s The Third Time I’ve Plastered That Hole. Finally Found The Culprit

Image credits: Marty Ross

#104 My Attempt To Duplicate The Scream By Edvard Munch

Image credits: Cheri Pierce

#105 Attempted Macro Photography On A Windy Day And Ended Up With A Distantly Menacing Cartoon Cat Face Instead Of A Spiny Orbweaver

Image credits: Gina Zwicky

#106 One Day At An Outdoor Antique Market

Image credits: Jennifer Kerr

#107 Panicked Photographic Response To The Giraffe Trying To Steal A Carrot Through My Car's Sunroof

Image credits: Bill Brown

#108 Mr Squirrel Was Just Catching Some Rays. 100% Thought He Was Dead So I Tried To Pick Him Up To Move Him Off The Street But He Got Up And Ran

Image credits: Rachael Mason

#109 A Majestic 5 Legged Tapir

Image credits: Martyn Hockless

#110 No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Image credits: Marrietta Partrick

#111 Why Are There So Many Turtles On This Log??? Wrong Answers Only

Image credits: Christina Moschetto

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