Justin Bieber Desperately Bribing Hailey Baldwin To Have A Baby?

The pop star has made no secret of his deep desire to be a dad.

Justin Bieber Desperately Bribing Hailey Baldwin To Have A Baby?

Both fans and tabloids alike think that Justin and Hailey Bieber will be starting their family soon. These rumors have recently picked up considerably, leaving some wondering what’s true and what’s fiction with Justin and Hailey. Gossip Cop has all the latest Bieber pregnancy rumors lined up and ready to review. So let’s dive in! 

Were Justin And Hailey Bieber Fighting Over Starting A Family? 

Star alleged that Justin and Hailey Bieber were fighting about the right time to start a family. According to the tabloid, Justin was more than ready to begin parenting, but Hailey wasn’t quite on board. An insider close to the couple said Hailey wanted to “wait until the timing is right” and focus more on her career. 

Despite Hailey’s feelings about becoming a mother, Justin was “eyeing a mansion in Brentwood” he thought “would be the perfect home to raise kids in.” The source revealed that Justin hoped moving to a family-friendly neighborhood would “encourage Hailey to want to get pregnant.” 

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Justin Forcing Hailey To Stay Home And Have Babies?

About a year later, Star said that Justin and Hailey’s plans to have kids had intensified. The outlet reported that Justin wanted Hailey to “stay home and have babies” so their life would align with their religion’s doctrines. According to an insider, Justin believed his church’s “anti-feminist doctrine that women belong in a separate group and should have babies, stay home and let the man be in charge.”

Apparently, Hailey was on board with the plan, even if she had to put her modeling and acting career aside. The insider leaked that she told friends, “She can’t wait to be a mom and have babies.” 

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Justin Bribing Hailey To Get Pregnant? 

Although Star claimed Hailey would be happy to get pregnant, the National Enquirer told a different story. According to the magazine, Justin was having to bribe Hailey into starting a family together. An insider revealed that the singer was “doing everything he can to convince her that he’s going to be a good dad.” 

Apparently, Justin was more than ready to have kids, yet Hailey wanted to enjoy “being married for a while longer.” The same source claimed that Justin was being “super attentive” and telling Hailey that “she’s beautiful every day and pouring on the PDA,” hoping to change her mind. Even though Hailey was clear she wanted to wait to have kids, that didn’t stop “Justin from trying to woo her into doing it now!” 

Here are all the juicy details from the rumor.

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Should Friends Worry About Tori Spelling? 

We’re struggling to find a reason why Tori Spelling’s friends and family should be concerned about her new look. OK!‘s narrative is hard to believe based on its inability to stick to a single storyline. First, the tabloid portrays Spelling as someone desperate for attention, then switches the narrative to say she’s doing better than ever. Pick a lane.

It’s no secret Spelling and McDermott have been struggling with their marriage for years, and it may end in divorce any day now. However, the idea that Spelling needed a makeover to file for divorce is silly, as she can do so anytime. 

Rumors About Tori Spelling’s Health 

This isn’t the first time Gossip Cop has run into rumors about Spelling’s wellbeing. A month ago, the National Enquirer reported Spelling was struggling to cope with her failing marriage. Apparently, the stress led to Spelling losing “a ton of weight,” and friends feared she was “wasting away to nothing.” 

Star, meanwhile, said that she was having a hard time with her failing relationship. The reason Spelling hadn’t divorced McDermott, the outlet argued, was because she was too broke. “Tori’s trapped in an unhappy marriage with no way out,” one source leaked. The tabloids’ attempts to try to spin something positive in Spelling’s life like a new transformation into a new “health concern” or “divorce drama” are as confusing as they are laughable. 

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