Kim Jong Un ‘sent a letter to South Africa’ on Freedom Day

It would seem North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is indeed alive. But why is a brutal dictator praising South Africa for our Freedom Day?

Kim Jong Un ‘sent a letter to South Africa’ on Freedom Day

North Korea either has a Weekend At Bernie’s situation going off, or rumours of Kim Jong Un’s death have been greatly exaggerated. The leader of the brutal regime has been subject to some wild speculation over the past week, but the latest activity from his office suggests Kim is alive and well – and has South Africa in his sights.

Kim Jong Un has, apparently, written to South Africa

According to an official communications channel for North Korea, Kim sent a letter of support to Cyril Ramaphosa to mark our Freedom Day celebrations. Now, considering that the public holiday marks our first democratic vote after apartheid, it’s quite odd that a tyrant would praise our republic for rising up against an oppressive government. But this is 2020, and there really are no rules anymore…

A notice has been published, marking the activities of Kim Jong Un this week. He had previously missed two major events on the North Korean calendar, including his grandfather’s birthday. Kim Il Sung is considered the founder of the nation, and Jong Un’s absence from multiple parades has raised questions about his health.

What was in Kim Jong Un’s letter to Cyril Ramaphosa

But, it would appear, the ruler of the Hermit Kingdom is fighting fit. Although we haven’t seen the full extent of the letter sent to Ramaphosa and his colleagues, we do know the details of what was in it:

  • The message congratulated South Africa, its leaders and people for “achieving freedom” and defeating apartheid.
  • Kim Jong Un “sincerely wishes the friendly people of South Africa have greater success in promoting national unity”.
  • Furthermore, the memo expresses a belief that the traditional relationship between North Korea and SA will “grow stronger”.

North Korea and Freedom Day – an unlikely pairing

Well, isn’t that thoughtful? The message was sent just days after Cyril Ramaphosa made a phone call to the US president, discussing their responses to the global health crisis. Should this disease subside and nuclear tensions with America and North Korea return to fashion, it’s nice to know South Africa is in everyone’s good books.

  • You can see the notice of Kim’s recent activity here:
Source : The South African More