Kim Kardashian Fed Up With Kanye West’s Antics, ‘Hell-Bent’ On Going Through With Divorce?

Kardashian is allegedly ready to be done with her ex-husband entirely.

Kim Kardashian Fed Up With Kanye West’s Antics, ‘Hell-Bent’ On Going Through With Divorce?

Is Kim Kardashian finally growing sick of her estranged husband Kanye West‘s “mixed signals”? According to one tabloid, the reality TV star is now “hell-bent on divorce” after West’s recent “online antics.” Gossip Cop has all the details to uncover the truth behind this story. 

‘Weary’ Kim Kardashian Ready For Divorce?

According to the National Enquirer, Kim Kardashian is fed up with Kanye West. “Kim has been trying not to react to his stunts, but she’s getting worn down because he won’t let up,” an insider close to the duo says. Apparently, every time Kardashian thinks she and West have figured out their separation, the rapper “does something stupid,” and it’s wearing Kardashian out. 

Although there were rumors about the couple reconciling after Kardashian listening party, sources claim it’s not happening. However, one thing insiders are sure about is the fact that West has been back and forth when it comes to winning Kardashian back. “She doesn’t know what to believe anymore and is sick of the pulling and pushing,” one insider says about Kardashian. The magazine wraps up the story by alleging the Kardashian family wants West totally out of the picture as the holidays approach. “Her mom and sisters want Kanye nowhere near the family on Thanksgiving or Christmas,” the tipster spills. 

What’s Going On With Kim Kardashian’s Divorce? 

This narrative by the National Enquirer contains only a fraction of reliable information. Yes, it’s true West and Kardashian and still going through a divorce. That’s no secret. However, nobody really knows whether the couple will get back together or see the divorce all the way through. At Gossip Cop, we know better than to take the word of this tabloid, though. 

The outlet describes Kardashian as “batty,” furious, and “fed up” with West, but we’re not so sure about those claims. Kardashian didn’t appear at all furious or combative as she hosted a recent Saturday Night Live episode where West was in attendance. In fact, during her monologue on the show, Kardashian described West as a “talented legit genius who gave me four incredible kids.” Does that sound like something a vengeful person would say?

An Unreliable History

Another reason to discredit this story is based on the National Enquirer‘s history of reporting fake news. This is the same outlet that claimed that Kardashian was struggling to find any dates after the divorce before contradicting itself not long after by arguing that Van Jones had been patiently waiting for some time to date her. Neither story proved to be true, and we don’t think this latest one is either.

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While Halsey chose to stay off social media during most of her pregnancy, she’s been quick to keep it real about motherhood. 

Following her performance, the singer posted a series of post-pregnancy selfies.

A post shared by halsey (@iamhalsey)

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But of course, she still looks fantastic. And there’s no doubt her take-no-crap attitude is going to raise one talented, independent kid—just like their mom.

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