‘Land first’: DJ Sbu tells peeps to get land and connect with nature

South African musician DJ Sbu says black people should align with their culture and nature but first focus on getting land.

‘Land first’: DJ Sbu tells peeps to get land and connect with nature

South African musician turned businessman is well known for offering his thousands of followers advice. His most recent advice is directed at black people who he says should start using their mother tongues and getting back the land to connect with nature and travel freely anywhere around the world.

The tweet received a positive reaction from many of his followers

DJ Sbu wants people to fight for their right to land

The issue of equal land distribution in South Africa has been spoken about for a long period of time now and it’s one that Mo’Faya creator DJ Sbu wants people to start taking action.

Taking to his Twitter page on 20 September this year, the former radio host wrote that black people should be allowed to travel anywhere in the world. He encouraged black people to speak their home languages more frequently and get land because land feeds, clothes and shelters.

“Blacks are meant to live anywhere in the world as they wish to like our ancestors did 100s of years ago.”

“The more we are not aligned with our mother tongue and our original connection to nature, the more we are a detriment to ourselves. Our victory lies in uniting and aligning with our culture and nature. Land first. Because land feeds us, it clothes us, heals us, shelters us etc,” he said.

Here’s what Mzansi had to say:

@Lavistolee said:

“Yes, please. Our land so we can “earthed” / “grounded” back to our roots and reconnect with our true selves. Amen abuti, mina ngikuzwile!”

@LASI04341151 said:

“This Land issue must be talked about a lot because a black child continues to suffer. The land gap between blacks and whites is way too much.”

@Mbuyise50660169 said:

“100% correct Sbuda land first.”

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