League Of Legends: Wild Rift: 10 Character Models That Look Better Than Lol PC

With the release of League of Legends: Wild Rift, the game has the chance to impress audiences both new and old. Here's how the characters stack up.

As one of the most dominant titles in the PC competitive gaming scene for the last 10 years, League of Legends has withstood the test of time. Maintaining a top-ranked position for so long requires a significant level of adaptability and proclivity for innovation, which League implements in its seasonal updates.

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In 2021, the game's evolution was taken to a new platform: mobile gaming. With the release of League of Legends: Wild Rift, the game has the chance to impress audiences both new and old. Aside from the gameplay updates necessary for faster-paced matches, League's aesthetic and design received an update too. The champions on the Rift look better than ever, some even receiving significant improvements over their PC counterparts.

10 A Dragon Reforged

One of League's resident shapeshifters, Shyvana the half-dragon burns bright with new life in Wild Rift. As a champion primarily featured in the jungle, Shyvana brings her fast-paced clear speeds to mobile devices in a flourish fit for a mythical dragon.

In League PC, Shyvana's facial expression is somewhat dated-looking and certainly doesn't strike fear into the hearts of enemies or inspire reverence from her allies. Wild Rift's Shyvana emanates power from her horned head to her shining armored gauntlets — a feat that is accomplished all while emphasizing her humanoid features, as well.

9 Mastering A New Look

As League of Legends has aged, the game's newer champions have consistently been released with arguably stronger, more defined designs and whether this is expressed through the fantasy they represent or their in-game kits (which can seem overloaded), it often makes their oldest designs seem unfashionable.

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Master Yi, the Wuju Bladesman, is one of these champions from yesteryear with an incredibly straightforward playstyle. Although feast or famine, the Yi that farms up and reaches the late game can cut entire teams down on his own. Wild Rift sees the master swordsman updated visually so he can "Alpha Strike" his foes in style.

8 A Foxy Appearance

Although Ahri is one of League's most recognizable champions, especially considering her prominence in the massively popular idol group, K/DA, her base model lacks flair or charm. It's true that many of her skins supplement her older design and bring it to life, but her original form doesn't provide much in the personality department. Wild Rift, however, gives the nine-tailed fox a makeover that oozes charisma.

While there are skins available in the mobile game, and true fans will undoubtedly dance on their foes with her K/DA All Out costume, new players are more likely to find themselves enchanted with her base form than they would if they discovered the dashing assassin on League's PC client.

7 Teddy Bears Are So Hot Right Now

League's roster of champions has ballooned over the years — 154 in total — and they range in difficulty, from simple to incredibly complex. Annie has always been an easy champion to play, often recommended to new players as the perfect character to learn the game with. The little girl with pyrokinesis powers throws fireballs, sprays flames from her hands, and drops a massive, snarling, firey teddy bear named Tibbers on stunned opponents.

In Wild Rift, Annie remains the straightforward oppressor she is in the PC client (though one of her skills was altered to be aimed rather than point-and-click), she's just received an update that makes her childlike glee and the nightmarish ferocity of Tibbers more visually appealing.

6 Rocks Need Polish, Too

Malphite is undoubtedly one of League's ugliest champion designs. In a game that boasts fox-girls, catfish legends, blade-legged enforcers, and shape-shifting spiders, a living rock doesn't offer must flourish and many players often mistake a protruding piece of stone for his head.

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While he's chiseled from the same block, Wild Rift's iteration of Malphite looks more defined and powerful. Rather than a slouching pile of boulders, Malphite takes on the appearance of a golem animated with age-old magic, ready to absorb attacks and unleash his "Unstoppable Force" as a prime initiation for his team.

5 New Look, Same Hook

Blitzcrank is, without a doubt, one of League's most iconic champions, particularly because of the in-game experience he provides players. His defining ability - "Rocket Grab" - sees the Great Steam Golem fire his hand at enemies, latch on, and forcefully yank them to his location. This skill, known by many players as a "hook," is used to pull priority targets to Blitzcrank's team so they may be quickly defeated, which results in a numbers advantage.

The exhilaration Blitzcrank players feel when they succeed is one they won't soon forget, and the same goes for the crushing sadness felt by those who didn't avoid the grab. As an older champion, Blitzcrank looks blocky and less refined than a majority of the roster, but Wild Rift emphasizes the golem's steampunk design in a way that brings new charm and personality to the character.

4 A Doctor's Never Out Of Fashion

Dr. Mundo, League's take on a Jekyll and Hyde character that is 100 percent all bad and murderous, doesn't look good — not only moralistically but visually. The champion hasn't aged well, and League is in the process of updating his appearance and in-game skills. Until then, he remains a blob of purple with a splash of white and a whole lot of cleaver that maniacally rushes towards players undaunted by damage.

Wild Rift brings some beauty to the madness in its stylizing of the Madman of Zaun, and some clarity to where his skin ends and his tattered shirt begins, providing a more expressive face, and installing a disturbingly blue elongated tongue. Although his update is sure to impress, players can find reprieve from League PC's Mundo in Wild Rift until his changes are implemented.

3 Remixing An Old Song

Sona fans have aired their complaints about their beloved Maven of the Strings in recent months, specifically that new champion Seraphine has a similar (but improved) kit and that the forthcoming character Gwen looks too similar in appearance. While players may agree or disagree to varying degrees on these issues, there is near-unanimous agreement that Wild Rift's Sona possesses beauty and charm that is missing from her PC counterpart.

Although somewhat basic in her playstyle — she empowers nearby allies with numerous effects — Sona's virtuoso playing is elevated to new heights with her design upgrade in the mobile game. That said, her improvements in Wild Rift may only contribute to the perceived lack of love shown towards Sona in League PC and amplify the discourse's dissonance.

2 Falling With Style

League of Legends is, at its core, a team game. Winning requires cooperation not only on the Rift, but also in the champions selected before the game even starts, and pulling off a victory without the help of teammates (or in spite of them) is nigh impossible. Within this improbability, however, lies the power fantasy of "1v9," which essentially means fighting your opponents and teammates in an effort to secure a win.

Vayne, the tumbling-tank-busting marksman, is often the first champion that springs to the minds of players regarding the ability to carry a game. Regardless of her triumphs or failures, Wild Rift instills life and personality in the Night Hunter, emphasizing her athletic and feminine build over the stiff and stick-like model that rolls around in League PC.

1 The Captain's Duds

Miss Fortune is one of League's perennial femme fatale characters: from her flashing red hair, voluptuous build, and penchant for strutting with duel-wielded hand-cannons, her deadly beauty is on full display in the game. Pivoting from the emphasis on her physicality, Wild Rift elects to bring to life the Bounty Hunter with a more gallant appearance, one that brings more consistency to her attire.

While maintaining her sex appeal, Wild Rift's Miss Fortune reflects her design as a ship-faring captain with a degree of authenticity that is missing from her PC counterpart.

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