‘Love is…’ – How 1 Corinthians works for dating

Love has many forms in the Bible. We know of ‘Agape’, (God’s divine love), ‘Philia’ (brotherly love), and ‘Eros’ (erotic love), for example. 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 is probably the most popular scripture reading at weddings but its instructions can be used for all of these types of love, and more. You can also turn to these verses when you are looking for a romantic relationship and apply them to dating too.

‘Love is…’ – How 1 Corinthians works for dating

God’s ways are perfect and if we hold these instructions up to high esteem then love will be a lot smoother! Here’s how that passage from 1 Corinthians could apply to dating…

Love is…Patient

This means being patient with each other in a relationship, but also being patient on the journey to meeting someone with whom a great relationship can be built. Don’t settle for anything less than God’s best, if that is what He has in store for your life. Be patient, and seek God. Don’t try to rush things, but enjoy each stage as it’s a gift from God.

Love is…Kind

Be kind when you meet new people – they may not be what you expect, what you’re hoping for, or what you think you need in a partner, but they are still loved by God and we should aim to bless them even if it doesn’t lead to anything more. Have an open mind – people can surprise us in the best ways – but, whatever happens, kindness goes a long way.

Love does not envy

Don’t resent others for their relationships, what they have, or what they appear to have. You never know the full story or what their background has been. We can all be clever at showing what we want others to see, rather than reality! Rest in the knowledge that no one has it all together! Be grateful for what God has given you and find contentment in that – even if that’s not always easy. Do not resent the other person either when dating, but instead, encourage, build up, be pleased for them.

Christian dating couple 1 Corinthians adviceLove does not boast, it is not proud

Be mindful of others. Plastering a new relationship all over social media can sometimes be inconsiderate of those who are desperate to find love. However there is a place for the right sort of pride, when you’re thrilled for another person, or when you want to express that. Enjoy and appreciate your own situation; don’t fall into a battle of comparison. Celebrate, but don’t boast. Be careful that you are honest about who you are and your hopes without boasting when getting to know each other too. Be grateful for what God has given you and find quiet contentment in that.

Love does not dishonour, it is not self-seeking

Be honourable in your search for love. If you are meeting up with someone and it appears to be going well, then be respectful each other’s expectations and boundaries. Honour the person you are seeing and give them time and effort, for however long that should be. Be careful not to be selfish in your search either; we all have to compromise in relationships. Love is about the other person and not about you. If the other person thinks the same way, then that’s when a beautiful, godly, loving relationship occurs.

Love is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs

When dating it’s important to start a new page. The past is the past (unless there are red flags and things to be aware of). We all have a past and we all have a future…but we can’t have the future unless we accept the past has happened and move on and learn from it. God doesn’t bring up forgiven sins and nor should we.

Love does not delight in evil, but rejoices in the truth

Keeping a relationship centred on God is vital. Rejoice in the gospel together, put God first. Worship, pray and read the Bible together, don’t get involved with things that are not of God. Building a new relationship it is necessary that God is at the forefront, and honesty is at the core.

Love always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres

Boundaries and expectations are important to discuss and clarify when searching for love, from initial dating and beyond. Even if the relationship does not progress beyond a first date, be reliable; someone’s past and their hopes for the future are very personal and should be respected and protected. Dating means that you’re opening up and being vulnerable with the other person as you get to know each other. You need to know that you can trust each other, protect each other’s hearts and always persevere in making the relationship the best it can be.

God’s idea of love is perfect, as God is love. Love is a gift from God, so cherish it both when searching for and also when finding it. Alongside these verses from 1 Corinthians, what other Bible passages have you found helpful?

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I’m not talking about a federation of superheroes, necessarily. Though what do I know, Batman may be personally concerned about your sex life. 

No, I’m talking about the World Health Organization, which has stated that sexual health is an important part of wellbeing and quality of life. 


So what does that mean for men who are suffering from Erectile Dysfunction, or age related ED? 

After all, with each decade of life, another ten percent of men experience this problem. So, for example, when you and your peers hit your fifties, fifty percent of you are probably struggling with age related ED. Yikes! 

That sounds like a really big drag, but it doesn’t mean you have to give up on your sex life. 

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And, if you’re already experiencing age-related sexual health problems, there are things you can do to get your mojo back! 

The truth, gentlemen, is that as soon as you’re over 35, you’re more likely to experience bedroom blues. 

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Luckily, just for you, I have five scientifically proven methods to protect your boner into the nursing home—and beyond! (Hm…) 

But seriously: first, let’s understand what causes erections to wilt like last summer’s flowers. 

Scientists attribute this problem to three things: 

  1. Narrowing of arteries and decreased circulation 
  2. Decreased sensation 
  3. Lower testosterone levels

Okay, now that we know what causes erectile problems, what are the five things you can start doing right now to prevent these issues? 

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1) Healthy eating 

This sounds obvious, gents, but we all need a reminder sometimes! 

Plus, there are specific reasons why eating a healthy diet helps your sexual health—so you can keep rocking in the bedroom long after your buddies have switched to playing chess on date night. (Boo.) 

So what foods are especially good for sexual health? 


I’m glad you asked! 

Foods containing antioxidants and nitrates are proven to slow down the aging process. You can find antioxidants in fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as raw nuts and whole grains. 

These nutrients are converted to important molecules called NO in the blood. 

NO molecules work with mitochondria, the energy powerhouses of your cells, to keep your body young and strong, especially your erections. 

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2) Exercise

This might also sound obvious. But exercise has surprising impacts on testosterone! 

Believe it or not, fat cells produce and store estrogen. 

Hm, is this why women typically have a higher body fat percentage than men, when at a healthy weight? 



So, dudes, if your testosterone is low, think about shedding some extra pounds—or, better yet, converting excess fat to muscle. 

After all, your body is not trying to prepare for a baby. (I hope.) So you can ditch the extra fat! 

Cut down on your fat = cut down on your estrogen = improve your hormone balance in favor of testosterone. 

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Exercise also improves your circulation, keeping your arteries supple, so you can keep blood flowing where you need it. Boom! 

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3) Kegel exercises

Kegels—they aren’t just for ladies. 

Maybe you associate kegels with your, um, leaky great aunt Bertha. 

But kegels are really helpful for men’s sexual health. 

Now, while exercise in general is a great way to keep your sex life in tip top shape, here’s a specific exercise you can start doing right away to prevent erection problems from creeping in as you age. 

Believe it or not, there are special muscles around the base of the penis that help keep blood in an erection. 


So, blood flow might be your problem. But also, keeping blood where it needs to be is essential to having a strong, healthy erection. 

Like all muscles, these special muscles get weaker as men age. But you can keep them strong and healthy if you use them! 

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4) Supplements

Yes, supplements can help you have better, stronger, and longer-lasting erections. 


Research shows these plants from the Amazon can help your sexual health: 

  • Ginger
  • Muira puama
  • L-citrulline

Ginger is especially great for your stamina, because it’s high in gingerol… a substance with powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

(It's also an amazing immunity-booster… something I think we could ALL use a little more of right now!)

On top of that, ginger has been scientifically proven to boost blood flow… which means when you eat more of it, you may find it’s easier to get it up… 

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AND with more free testosterone being delivered where it counts…

And best of all?

It works even if you’re quarantined at home, sitting on the couch watching Netflix all day. ????

So taking a supplement with ginger can do WONDERS for you… 

… but for best results, make sure it has these 4 other libido-and-boner-boosting ingredients in it too:


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