Mad Men: The Characters' 10 Most Impractical Outfit Choices, Ranked

The period costumes on Mad Men are a joy to behold, but the characters did have some slip-ups when selecting these impractical outfits.

Mad Men: The Characters' 10 Most Impractical Outfit Choices, Ranked

Mad Men is one of the most stylish shows of all time, with the series putting together an incredible set of costumes for its characters. Being set in the 1960s, the show focuses on that time period and therefore all of the clothing that takes place within the show comes from that era.

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While some of the characters are certainly more stylish than others, everyone typically dresses for the occasion. Whether it's fancy dinners or business meetings, the characters know what they're supposed to wear, for the most part. But every now and then, the characters wore some outfits that were completely impractical.

10 Michael Ginsberg's Casual Attire

Michael Ginsberg is one of the funniest characters within Mad Men, and he never seems to quite get the memo about how he's supposed to dress in the office. While the majority of the characters turn up in suits and dresses, Ginsberg doesn't really do that.

He seems to just throw on any shirt/tie combination and doesn't really care about how it looks and while it's not about aesthetics, there is a workplace dress code that he just doesn't seem to follow. Wearing jeans is quite an impractical situation considering how everyone else dresses, which makes him stand out.

9 Roger Sterling Is Overdressed

Roger Sterling normally looks great in his sharp-dressed suits, as his job is all about charming others as he wines and dines potential clients to try and drum up business. In order to do that, Roger has to look the part, and he normally fits right in at work.

However, when his daughter runs away and adopts a hippie lifestyle, he tries to go and talk her out of it. Unlike her mother, Roger ends up sticking around to see what it is like, but he is certainly not dressed right for this type of lifestyle, even if his suit is a good one.

8 Don Draper In Hawaii

Don Draper is a very stylish man, and that is showcased throughout the series. He puts together some fantastic outfits throughout the series, but when he travels to Hawaii, that isn't really the case. Despite the fact it is incredibly hot, he opts to wear a dinner jacket at seemingly all points.

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He wears it during the evening dinner and during the wedding that he randomly gets thrown into. It's not the greatest-looking jacket, but that's not the problem. It's the fact he's in the baking heat but doesn't seem to want to accept the situation and not be sweating by just taking it off.

7 Betty Draper's Floral Dress

Much like Don, Betty Draper is typically well-dressed as well. She works hard to look as good as possible, but during the series, she ends up battling a weight issue, which is one of the weaker storylines overall for her. However, during that period, she did begin to give up on her looks.

Betty doesn't keep up to her usual standards, and that leads to her wearing this floral dress, which is certainly one of her weakest looks throughout the show. It's not a great look for Betty, but it is one that the show did on purpose to showcase the situation Betty was going through and the sharp contrast between the earlier and later seasons.

6 Sally Draper's Plastic Bag

Sally Draper is fortunate enough to grow up in a wealthy family, which means that her outfits are always nice as the Draper's can afford that. Betty has very high standards when it comes to aesthetics, so she normally makes sure her daughter looks good.

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However, children like to do whatever they want, and that apparently includes covering themselves in plastic bags. At least, that's what Sally does during Mad Men. It's a one-off look, but the potential dangers here are quite clear to see, which is why it's not a practical outfit.

5 A Clash Of Worlds

Paul Kinsey is a great character from early on in the show, but when he is no longer part of the company, it seems like he is going to be gone. However, Kinsey was brought back when Harry Crane goes to meet him, but that leads to a couple of impractical outfit moments.

Harry meets Paul at the Krishna movement, however, his decision to turn up in a full suit leaves him looking very out of place. However, the roles are then totally reversed when Paul tries to pitch a television episode, dressed in his Krishna outfit, which is then out of place for what he is doing.

4 Cleaning In Underwear

Megan Draper and Don Draper have a very hot and cold relationship, and that is never more clear than when she ends up cleaning the house in her underwear. She does it as a punishment to Don, making him just watch after how he treats her the night before.

However, there is no doubt that cleaning a house after a full party in just your underwear is a very impractical outfit. While Megan certainly proves her point to her husband, it does showcase just how strange their relationship can be.

3 An Office Accident

Freddy Rumsen is one of the most experienced members of the office when the show begins, however as the series goes on it becomes clear that he's losing control, with the focus for him being on alcohol. That leads to a very embarrassing moment for him when he drinks too much and loses control.

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Freddy ends up peeing his pants, which is ultimately the final straw for his future. However, it is also a very clear moment of an impractical outfit, and something he's incredibly embarrassed about.

2 Peggy's Back Dress

For the most part, Peggy Olson's outfits are very different from the other women who work in the office. However, during her fling with Ted, Peggy decides to purposefully dress to get his attention.

It's incredibly impractical for the office, as it's a dress that you'd expect someone to wear when going out, not for work. However, she wears it to make a point to Ted, getting his attention, which certainly does work.

1 Pete Campbell's Tennis Shorts

When it comes to the most impractical outfit of the entire show, there's no doubt that Pete Campbell turning up for a meeting in the office with his tennis shorts is the most impractical of all. While the meeting was called late, and therefore everyone was in casual clothing, Pete's outfit took things to another level.

Everyone else still managed to throw a blazer on and something reasonably sensible for work. However, Pete just doesn't look the part and it does set up a hilarious scene that makes Pete look incredibly silly in comparison to others.

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