Man Utd must sell Lingard to fund swoop for Dortmund’s ‘real jewel’

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Man Utd must sell Lingard to fund swoop for Dortmund’s ‘real jewel’

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Just wondering…
Is it just me, or should Man United sell J Lingz and splash all that cash on Bellingham?  Rice will be EXPENSIVE, and Bellingham couldn’t have had a better audition than City. We’re looking at the wrong Dortmund player, tho I’d love all 3. WHU will potentially be getting an injection of funds from champions league, or want to get to it as they have seen the peak of said mountain. Either way equals the most expensive Rice ever purchased.

Dortmund would be in a VERY different financial position if we got Sancho, but we didn’t. Now, champions league cash looks lost. They need cash and we should take advantage and get their real jewel that has no Mino connection

On another note, Arsenal supporters, how important is winning the Europa league?  It would be your first major (yes, I respect it) European trophy and biggest achievement since the invincibles, no?


Everton vs Spurs
– We need to get Ndombele to the same doctor who treated poor Son for their horrific facial injuries. The poor lambs. Can you share whatever it is you use with Richarlison whilst you’re at it.

– This game looked like two talented teams bereft of confidence and therefore able to apply skill. Iwobi vs Dier was like watching a documentary of two WWF attitude era wrestlers who’ve fallen on hard times. Jake the Snake Roberts vibes. My brother asked on the family WhatsApp if Spurs are the only team mentally weaker than us.

– It’s not a pen. He’s kicked the floor. No Spurs player complains, but (and I really don’t want to sound like Jonny Sourpuss Nicholson) what is VAR doing if not correcting that obvious error.

– We ended the second half better and actually created chances. Possibly because the Spurs goal sparked us into life, possibly because Spurs were so deflated by the dodgy pen. Probably a mix of both.

– I love Ben Godfrey. JN won’t like the reference but he’s like one of those hippos in Fantasia. Big, graceful and chaotic.

– Seamus Coleman is a one of a kind. The difference in directness between Iwobi and him summed up in our 2nd goal. Helluva finish by Gylfi, too.

– Michael Keane and Mason Holgate aren’t. Keane has had a good season and had a terrible game today. Holgate I just don’t think is going to be a consistent Premiership player. Plus, he seems to be a prick which reduces sympathy and patience you have in a young player developing (as opposed to Tom Davies and DCL).

– Josh King must be shit in training. Moise Kean must be even worse

– Spurs gave the ball away so much. Against a team not on such a poor run of form as Everton they’d get properly battered. Is that what Mourinho brings? He’s done. I’ve always liked Spurs (I see parallels in Arsenal and Liverpool – and not just that the relative trophy cabinets, smart arses), and it seems so in keeping with their history that they’ve ended not just their best period in recent memory by going into a downward funk, but doing it with the highest profile manager doing the same.

– The Spurs bus ok?
Matt, EFC, London



Harry Kane…
Watching Kane vs. my Everton right now, trying to keep in mind the mailbox conversation about him earlier in the week.  I think it’s fair to say he’d stroll into any squad on the planet right now.  Any. One.  If you don’t think so, then you need to have your head checked.

Just my two cents.
TX Bill, EFC


Trying to put myself in the mind of Harry Kane. , why would he opt for United over City?

United weirdly seems the better fit, but can you really say they are a guarantee for trophies. I’d opt for City time and again. He has three or four years at his peak, this is it. Kane going to City would be bad for Premier League football, City are already too good for everyone else, but it would deliver exactly what Kane wants most of all, trophies.


Kane the week of the cup final.

I’m not sure how, but this is Jose’s fault.
Jon (meh), Lincoln


Fed up with officials…
Now I’m not an Evertonian, in fact I’m the very opposite, but watching tonight’s game (pleased with the result btw), I was absolutely disgusted with the level of officiating by “the best in the league”, Michael Oliver and by the impotence of VAR.

In the final few minutes Everton have two corners and on each occasion, Joe Rodon is marking Michael Keane and on each occasion decides that having a handful of Keane’s shirt is the best way to do this.  The pictures show Mr. Oliver to be in a position to have a very good view of this.

Rodon doesn’t particularly impede Keane, he doesn’t particularly prevent Keane from getting to the ball, however I am not aware of any part of the rule book (or “laws of the game” if you want to be pedantic) that allows one player to grab the shirt of an opponent and it not to be deemed as a foul, so why doesn’t Mr. Oliver give a penalty?

You can be pretty sure that if he does, Rodon will think twice before he does it on the next corner, especially if also given a yellow card.  We see the replays and it’s clear, but does the VAR recommend that Mr. Oliver take a look, no, so what is the point of it?  If Sadio Mane can be a fingernail offside, then surely a handful of shirt is equally punishable?  If Mr. Oliver had awarded a penalty, who could argue, the evidence is clear, Rodon breaks the laws.   What odds that if seen outside the box, a free kick is given, I think we all know the answer to that.

The officials have the power to improve the game but not the will, grow some balls and officiate properly or continue to be ridiculed as the weak, feeble cowards you are every week.
Howard ( I’d ban subs in added on time also!) Jones



Mikel Arteta
I just thought I might write in about Arteta. Now, it seems to me that Arteta discourages too much shooting from less advantageous areas, instead preferring his team to pass the ball around and try to create a better chance. In fact, they only took 14 shots and 7 , they absolutely dominated both matches and should have even scored more but that is were the problem comes, United are inferior to Arsenal no matter how you look at it and Slavia unlike in the first leg looked like they only wanted to keep the ball (perhaps a misguided tactic to get a goalless scoreline as a result of the away goal) of course, all teams have a way of playing and man city have sometimes seemed the same to me but they do take more long shots than arsenal and more low quality crosses than arsenal, Lucian Favre is also very similar to arsenal in this respect.

Then again you could argue that instead of taking a long shot which will most likely not end up as a goal and result in a restart, they kept passing in some instances and were rewarded for their efforts. You could also say that all teams have that thing that they do not do often which will if tried perhaps yield success such as liverpool being almost the complete opposite of arsenal at times in that dreadful home run were they just seemed interested in sending low-probability crosses into the box and having Salah shoot from 20 yards out against the unfair bus the opponents parked.

Leipzig don’t put in that many crosses and do not seem at all interested in crossing the ball against opponents that give them space to run into at times, barcelona could do with trying more swiches of play, atletico are missing out on many goals because they don’t seem at all interested in counter-pressing after they have lost the ball sometimes, but they are also more balanced teams who surprisingly are not quite liked or appreciated by the footballing world, the two main examples will be Real Madrid and Man Utd, these teams seem to just try what they want at times and look like they do not have any structured patterns on how to score a goal, so the liverpool press giving you problems?

Have Kroos pass it long, he is good at it. Granada don’t want to come out? Have Lindelof go long, he is not that bad. A team seating too deep, have Shaw or Vasquez put in a cross. A team giving you too much space? Have Fernandez or Modric start the counter. Of course, this style may lead to more mistakes than the more structured approaches but I think Arsenal really should try more than just their beautiful passing and looking for high xG chances. We can all remember that time man city were saved because Walker or Foden decided to try their luck or liverpool as a result of a phenomenal strike from Trent or Salah or Man United because Pogba or Fernandez just decided to give it a go, or Mount or Messi. These do not happen often but they are more memorable and quite often, they are the goals that turn losses into draws and draws, into wins.


The real power of finance
which talked about the sad decline of football because of how far city were away from everyone else as a result of their financial strength.

I know city fans will defend their team saying it takes more than a chequebook but only in this sense it takes using your chequebook to sign the best staff, who will then sign the best coaches.

I don’t usually by into the narrative that nobody can compete with city or Chelsea or united because they’re access to funds is far more significant than anyone else but covid has made me realise differently.

All those clubs can spend regardless of financial climate. While everyone else is restricted by reduced income, city and Chelsea in particular it doesn’t mean anything – because city and Chelsea income isn’t related to the performance of the club’s accounts…it’s in addition to thanks to wealthy benefactors who will cover bad years because it helps to rehabilitate their public image (Roman is just as bad as the qataris really, the fact nobody cares about his presence anymore only lends weight to the idea you can wash your imagine with a football club).

Sure instances like a global pandemic don’t happen often, but even when things are normal outside of those teams with benefactors it will take everyone else years to recover from this and their financial decisions will need to he very carefully measured. City and Chelsea can just be business as normal. And that’s where their real advantage lies, not in the amount of money they have but how easy it is to access at all times.


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